Spoodle Breeders in New South Wales (NSW) [2024] | List Of 2 Local Breeders

Spoodles not only resemble adorable teddy bears in appearance but also in behavior. The kind and gentle disposition of the Cockapoo makes it the ideal dog for families with children. In addition, this breed is ideal for persons with pet allergies who need a non-shedding dog. If you are looking for Spoodle Breeders in New South Wales, check out the below list Spoodle Breeders in New South Wales:

List of Spoodle Breeders in New South Wales

Pineway PuppiesNew South Wales(412) 304 105N/AN/A
Western Sydney OodlesNew South Wales(414) 407 766https://westernsydneyoodles.com/[email protected]

Pineway Puppies

Seeking healthy Spoodle puppies in New South Wales? An experienced breeder breeds Spoodles and Cavoodles at Pineway Puppies. The Oodle puppies are bred using standard breeding techniques.

Before joining their forever families, their puppies are well-adjusted and well-socialized from when they are born in their house with children. All of their breeding parents are DNA-tested while a veterinarian examines the puppies.

Each Pineway puppy comes with a collar, leash, food, food bowl, toys, and treatment for ticks and worms. If you seek ethical Spoodle breeders in New South Wales near New Castle and Sydney, you should choose Pineway Puppies.

Location: New South Wales
Facebook Page: Pineway Puppies Facebook Page
Phone: (412) 304 105

Western Sydney Oodles

They are an experienced Oodle breeder with expertise in breeding Mini Spoodles, Mini Cavoodles, and Groodles. They are located in Western Sydney. Their puppies are an outstanding option for therapy dogs. Western Sydney Oodles strives to breed the best possible dogs for New South Wales homes. Therefore, all of their canines are DNA-tested and are free of any genetic diseases that can be detected.

They have also sent several of their puppies to other regions of Australia and offer a nationwide Express Service. Therefore, they may be the best option if you are searching for Mini Spoodle pups for sale in New South Wales or elsewhere in Australia.

Location: New South Wales
Western Sydney Oodles
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (414) 407 766

Short History of the Spoodle Breed

The history of the doodles we know and love today is identical. In the latter half of the 20th century, dog enthusiasts went crazy, crossing the beloved Poodle with numerous other dog breeds. This was done partly to make the most popular dog breeds of the time more hypoallergenic, as the Poodle’s curly coat is typically free of allergens. In addition, Poodles exist in various sizes, making them perfect candidates for numerous hybrid breeds.

And while most hybrids were created in the 1990s, the Spoodle was the original designer dog. As early as the 1960s, Cocker Spaniels and Poodles were crossed. Furthermore, their success indeed led the way for future doodle hybrids.

Due to Spoodle’s charming temperament, he has become a popular choice for service work, but he is typically found in family households. The Spoodle, like all doodles, is not a recognized breed. However, this does not prevent them from becoming one of the most popular dogs in the area!

How Much Does a Spoodle Cost?

A breeder will charge between $2,500 and $5,500 for a spoodle puppy. Having the puppy brought to you may incur additional fees, especially if it must travel by plane. Spoodles are in high demand, so that most breeders will request a deposit and a place on a waiting list.

Conduct extensive research on breeders and select a registered one. Ask them numerous questions, visit the home where the puppies reside, and rely on your intuition. Only purchase from breeders who properly care for their dogs. Most breeders sell their puppies between 8 and 12 weeks of age. They should have seen a veterinarian and received their first immunizations before then.

Beautiful Spoodle dog in New South Wales (NSW)
Beautiful Spoodle dog in New South Wales (NSW)

Tips When choosing a Spoodle Breeder

When choosing a Spoodle Breeder, it’s essential to look for one who has been breeding spoodles for a long time. You must also seek a breeder who cares for their dogs and trains them properly. You can find information about how many dogs are in the program and their temperament by visiting the breed club website or breed registry.

If you’re interested in getting your puppy from this breeder, ask if they have any recommendations on what kind of training they do with their puppies at home before deciding whether or not they’ll be right for you!

Do Spoodle Make Good Pets?

Spoodles are popular and easy to look after as a breed. They make good pets for families with children because they are not too hyper or high-energy and can adapt well to living in an apartment. They also make good family dogs as they get along well with other pets or animals around your home.

The Spoodle is an excellent choice if you live alone because it’s not so demanding of attention as some other breeds will be. The Spoodle has many different personalities depending upon their parents – some may be more outgoing than others – but all will love having company!


With their unique appearance and personality, spoodles are a trendy breed. They make excellent pets for families who want loyal, intelligent, and fun dogs. Spoodles are also easy to train with their unique personalities. If you are interested in getting a spoodle puppy from the breeder listed above, contact them today!

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