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So Many Dog Breeds, So Many Choices ~ Whats Yours?

There are SO MANY breeds of dog out there, each with their own personality, their own breeding and heritage, and their own needs.

How can you know which is the right dog breed for you?

It's not easy to know . .

  BUT this website can help!

Dogs make wonderful companions--they offer companionship,

perhaps keep us warm at night, help us work, protect and warn us of dangers. 

But with over 400 dog breeds, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

Choosing the right breed for you can lead to a happier experience for both you and your new four legged friend.

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Curious About Other Features?

Maybe Your Curiosity Leads You to...

Dogs to Avoid Unless You're an Expert

These are some of the ways by which people choose the breed they wish to have. Do you see yourself in any of these options?

  • They find it locally either with a breeder or at a shelter/rescue.
  • They accept a dog from a neighbor, friend or family member because it is either free or low cost.
  • They choose the breed of dog they had as a child.
  • They choose the breed of a dog featured in a movie, YouTube video, or television show.
  • They meet a dog at a friend's home or community park and decide they like the breed and must own one.

All of these are legitimate ways that people make that all important decision, but one thing is missing from each: Research

Without knowing a breed inside and out before you obtain that special forever friend, you may find yourself perplexed by strange canine behaviors, unprepared to meet the dog's grooming needs or simply incompatible with his energy requirements?

This happens frequently when people decide to purchase a puppy. 

Puppies, no matter what breed are high-energy, high-maintenance, and require a tremendous amount of time and work. 

When the puppy's natural energy far exceeds yours, then that cute little pup becomes overwhelming.

Research helps you determine if the dog breed of your dreams will fit within your lifestyle.

Don't make the mistake of getting a dog because it is fluffy, cute, free, cheap, big, little, or has some other characteristic that you can't resist. 

Learn what's best for you, your family, and your life circumstance. 

There's more to choosing the perfect breed.  With so many to choose from, where do you start?

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