Spoodle Breeders in Victoria [2024] | List Of 4 Local Breeders

Spoodles are among the most popular Doodles in the world because they are friendly, cheerful, and excellent family pets. Additionally, these dogs possess extraordinary genetic characteristics that make them hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

This breed’s resemblance to small teddy bears is why many people adore it. If you are searching for the finest locations to purchase Spoodles in Victoria, you should find a breeder who breeds and nurtures puppies with the breed’s authentic qualities and appearance.

List of Spoodle Breeders in Victoria

Spoodle Fur BabiesYarraville, Victoria(408) 314-757https://spoodle.com.au/[email protected]
Billabong Creek KennelsWillung South, Victoria(351) 942-374https://billabongcreekfarm.com.au/N/A
Amey’s PuppiesBonn, Victoria(425) 812-602https://www.ameyspuppies.com.au/[email protected]
Rovers Run PuppiesPearcedale, Victoria(419) 407-698https://roversrunpuppies.com.au/[email protected]

Spoodle Fur Babies

Spoodle Fur Babies is one of the few Spoodle breeders in Victoria that provides free consultation services. If you wish to learn more about this dog breed from a person with direct knowledge, they are always willing and able to answer your inquiries. You are not required to purchase a puppy from them before asking inquiries. Spoodle Fur Babies is a renowned breeder with many years of expertise in Yarraville, Victoria. This Melbourne Spoodle breeder occasionally has puppies for sale.

You should join the following waiting list to acquire a well-bred Spoodle puppy, as their puppies are swiftly adopted. All their breeding dogs are treated as family members and receive preferential treatment. Some of their breeding females live with guardian families in a family setting, experiencing an eternal family’s unconditional love and devotion. The retired dogs continue to receive all the affection, care, and attention they need.

Before acceptance into the program, all sires and dams must pass a battery of health exams, as health is one of their top priorities. Before they are released to their new families, their puppies are examined by a veterinarian and tested for various health concerns to guarantee that they are genetically sound.

Spoodle Fur Babies provides a limited three-year health warranty on all puppies. The warranty is contingent on your puppy receiving all vaccines and being under your family veterinarian’s care. This health guarantee protects you in the unlikely event that your puppy develops an ailment or disease that can be traced back to the breeder or if your dog’s health deteriorates. After ensuring that you match their criteria, they will issue a full refund if you exercise their guarantee. Another wonderful aspect of this breeder is that they provide lifetime support for its pups.

Location: Yarraville, Victoria
Website: Spoodle Fur Babies
Phone: (408) 314-757
Email: [email protected]

Billabong Creek Kennels

Billabong Creek Kennels is an ethical breeder of Spoodles and Cavoodles based in Victoria, Australia. Since 1993, they have bred and raised exceptional puppies from health-tested parents. This family has about three decades of experience in breeding puppies with remarkable characteristics, temperament, and health. All their puppies are bred from the healthiest and best-tempered parents at Billabong Kennels.

Orivets does DNA tests on all sires. The dams are permanently retired after producing five litters or reaching age six. After retirement, the mothers are spayed and placed in caring guardian homes. Billabong encourages prospective purchasers to visit the farm and interact with the puppies. However, visits are only permitted when the puppies are at least four weeks old and by appointment only. You can view the parents of the puppies and the breeder’s contemporary breeding facility, which provides ample space for the animals to wander and play.

Their breeding program prioritizes health, temperament, and hybrid vigor, which is ideal for people and families. With their purpose-bred dams, they ensure that temperament and professional service are their highest priorities. They also choose and breed their dams based on their sociability. In addition, each puppy is microchipped, vaccinated, vet-checked, and accompanied by a three-year genetic health guarantee. This breeder is also distinguished by the fact that they update their webpage regularly.

The website contains current information regarding available puppies, breeders, health results of sires and dams, and upcoming litters. They also sell puppies to customers outside Victoria, as they ship and deliver them nationally.

They utilize Departure Pets to transport their pets across state lines. In addition, they accept various payment methods, including bank and personal checks, online fund transfers, cash, HandyPay, and postal orders. Billabong Creek is registered in Victoria and inspected at random to verify compliance with industry standards. Additionally, they are registered with numerous breeding organizations and comply with their breeding principles and standards.

Location: Willing South, Victoria
Website: Billabong Creek Kennels
Phone: (351) 942-374

Amey’s Puppies

Ameys Puppies is an approved Victorian Domestic Animal Business (DAB) by the Department of Agriculture. The breeder focuses on producing healthy, happy, and high-quality puppies ideal for everyday companions. Since 2011, this breeding program has been managed with transparency and care. The breeder’s state-of-the-art breeding facilities guarantee that your new pet comes from specialists who adhere to the highest ethical standards.

Ameys Puppies complies with the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDP) breeding standards, of which it is a full member. Their local authorities conduct frequent audits to verify that they comply with every part of the state’s Code of Practice. You can also visit the breeding facility to observe the parents of your puppy and their world-class breeding facilities. However, only individuals who have reserved a puppy or are in the process of doing so are permitted to enter the facility.

Additionally, all guests needed to phone in advance. Ameys Puppies spares no effort regarding animal welfare and authenticity, as evidenced by the properly constructed facilities where they shelter their dogs and puppies. The nurseries are equipped to manage cold and hot weather to ensure that the puppies grow regardless of the climate. This ensures that the puppies are constantly comfortable during the winter and summer.

Priority is always given to the health and safety of their puppies and adult dogs. Orivet Genetics does complete breed profile DNA testing on their breeding stock. Genetic health testing aids in selecting the dams and sires of a litter and assures that your new pet was produced responsibly and is healthy.

This breeder offers a three-year genetic health guarantee on all puppies placed in permanent homes. When breeding dogs are no longer needed, they are spayed or neutered and rehomed to families who can meet their needs. Their adults and puppies are nurtured with exceptional care and socialization. They are socialized with children, adults, and other dogs, facilitating a transition into their new homes.

Location: Bonn, Victoria
Website: Amey’s Puppies
Phone: (425) 812-602
Email: [email protected]

Rovers Run Puppies

Rovers Run produces some of Melbourne’s most adorable and well-mannered Spoodle and Cavoodle puppies. It is one of Victoria’s newest boutique breeders but has extensive breeding experience. This breeder is located within one hour from Melbourne’s central business district on a 10-acre property in Pearcedale.

They have sufficient space for the dogs to exercise, play, and roam freely. Rovers Run’s ultimate objective is to create adorable puppies that bring individuals and families years of love, happiness, and laughter. Rover Run lives on the happiness and health of their puppies and dogs, ensuring that they are acclimated to daily life so that they are healthy, confident, and content before joining their new family.

They seek to provide the ideal addition to your house by allowing you to visit their beautiful facility to play and spend time with the puppy to ensure that it is compatible with your lifestyle and family. They invest much in health testing the sires and dams to ensure you receive the healthiest possible puppies. In addition, all of their puppies are vet-checked, health-tested, immunized and dewormed before being adopted. In addition, all puppies are sold with a two-year health warranty against genetic problems.

Location: Pearcedale, Victoria
Website: Rovers Run Puppies
Phone: (419) 407-698
Email: [email protected]

Do Spoodle Make Good Pets?

Spoodles are an excellent choice for families that want a small, active dog. They are friendly, outgoing, and playful. Spoodles don’t require much time to train–they need only basic obedience lessons and some basic house training before they can be left alone in the house with their owners.

Spoodles make great companions for adults or children who like to play fetch games or run around outside with them on leashes. If you have plenty of space at home and your kids enjoy playing with dogs that are energetic enough to keep up with them, then this breed may be right up your alley!

Spoodle don laying down in Victoria
Spoodle don laying down in Victoria.


In conclusion, while spoodles are a popular dog breed, they may not fit every family. This breed may do the trick if you’re looking for a dog to spend time with and love unconditionally!

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