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Dog Breeds List F

Dog Breeds List F contains all the dog breeds with names beginning with the letter F. Let us know if we have missed a breed out!

Dog Breeds List F

Field Spaniel

Dog breeds list FField Spaniel

Origins:  England
Size: Large
Grooming: Average
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI Group 8 ,  AKC Sporting,  ANKC Gundogs,  CKC Sporting Dogs ,  KC (UK) Gundog ,  NZKC Gundog,  UKC Gun Dog

Fila Brasileiro

Dog breeds list FFila Brasileiro

Origins:  Brazil
Size: Giant
Grooming: Minimal
Training: Time Consuming
Recognition:  FCI Group 2 ,  CKC Miscellaneous ,  NZKC Utility

Finnish Hound
(a.k.a. Finnish Bracke)

Dog breeds list FFinnish Hound (a.k.a. Finnish Bracke)

Origins:  Finland
Size: Large
Grooming:  Minimal
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI Group 6,  UKC Scenthound Group

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Finnish Lapphund

Dog breeds list FFinnish Lapphund

Origins:  Finland
Size: Medium to Large
Grooming: Average
Training: Easy
Recognition:  FCI Group 5 ,  AKC FSS,  ANKC Working Dogs ,  CKC Herding,  KC (UK) Pastoral,  NZKC Working ,  UKC Northern Breeds

Finnish Spitz

Dog breeds list FFinnish Spitz

Origins:  Finland
Size: Medium to Large
Grooming: Average
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI Group 5,  AKC Non-sporting,  ANKC  Hounds,  CKC  Hounds,  KC (UK) Hound,  NZKC Hounds,  UKC Northern Breed

Flat Coated Retriever

Dog breeds list FFlat Coated Retriever

Origins:  United Kingdom
Size: Large to Giant
Grooming:  Average
Training:  Easy
Recognition,  FCI Group 8 ,  AKC Sporting,  ANKC  Gundogs,  CKC  Sporting,  KC (UK) Gundog,  NZKC  Gundog,  UKC  Gundog

Formosan Mountain Dog
(a.k.a. Taiwanese Dog)

Dog breeds list FFormosan Mountain Dog (a.k.a. Taiwanese Dog)

Origins:  Taiwan
Size:  Large
Grooming: Minimal
Training:  Average
Recognition:  FCI  Group 5

Fox Terrier, Smooth
(a.k.a. Toy Fox Terrier)

Dog breeds list FToy Fox Terrier (Smooth Fox Terrier)

Origins:  England
Size:  Small
Grooming: Minimal
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI Group 3,   AKC: Terrier,  ANKC: Terrier,  CKC Terriers,  KC (UK) Terrier,  NZKC: Terrier ,  UKC: Terriers

Fox Terrier, Wire

Dog breeds list FFox Terrier, Wire

Origins:  England
Size: Small
Grooming: Average
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI Group 3 ,  AKC (Terriers),  ANKC (Terriers) ,  CKC (Terriers),  KC (UK) (Terriers),  NZKC (Terriers),   UKC (Terriers)

French Bulldog

Origins:  England
Size: Small to Medium
Grooming:  Minimal
Training:  Time Consuming
Recognition:  FCI Group 9,   AKC Non-sporting,  ANKC  Non-Sporting,  CKC  Non-Sporting,  KC (UK) Utility,  NZKC Non-sporting,  UKC Companion

Dog breeds list F

French Spaniel
(AKA Epagneul Francais)

Dog breeds list FFrench Spaniel (AKA Epagneul Francais)

Origins:  France and Canada
Size: Medium to Large
Grooming: Easy
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI:  Group 7,   AKC:  FSS,   CKC:  Sporting,   UKC:  Gundog

Frisian Water Dog
a.k.a. Wetterhoun

Dog breeds list FFrisian Water Dog a.k.a. Wetterhoun

Origins:  The Netherlands
Size: Medium Size
Grooming: Average
Training: Time Consuming
Recognition:  FCI:  Group 8,   UKC:  Gundogs

Abbreviations for the Dog Registries Listed on this Dog Breeds List F and others in this series include the following.

AKC:  American Kennel Club
ANKC:  Australian National Kennel Club
CKC:  Canadian Kennel Club
FCI:  Fédération Cynologique Internationale
KC:  The Kennel Club (Located in England
NZKC:  New Zealand Kennel Club
UKC:  United Kennel Club (Located in the United States)

There are many more kennel clubs in the world, but the ones listed on these pages are the most well-known and respected in the English speaking world.

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Did We Forget Something on this Dog Breeds List F?

There are many dog breeds in the world and many of these wonderful dogs go by different names depending on where you are located in the world.  I try to provide alternate names where ever possible, but what is normally missing is the translation of breeds into many languages.

If you know of another breed that begins with the letter F and I have neglected to add it to this list, please help us out.  Use the contact form below to alert me to my omission and I will add it the next time the page is updated.  Thanks for helping out.

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