Maltipoo Breeders in Louisiana | List of 4 Local Breeders

Are you looking for Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana? Your search ends here. Discovering a reputable Maltipoo breeder can be daunting, but we’re here to simplify it. Our comprehensive directory presents a curated list of Maltipoo breeders across Louisiana, ensuring you find the perfect furry companion. From their adorable appearance to their affectionate demeanor, Maltipoos are cherished pets. Let us assist you in finding a trustworthy breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of these delightful dogs.

List of Maltipoo Breeders in Louisiana

Princess PuppiesLena, Louisiana

(318) 613-2898[email protected]
Little Paws KennelWinnsboro, Louisiana

(318) 498-1965[email protected]
The Poodle PlaceSchriever, Louisiana

(985) 855-3903[email protected]
Crockett DoodlesLouisiana

N/A[email protected]

Princess Puppies

Princess Puppies

Princess Dogs is a licensed breeder in Louisiana who sells great Maltipoo dogs. Since 15 years ago, they have worked hard to make beautiful, healthy, and well-adjusted pups. They are proud of the quality of their dogs and work hard to make their services better all the time.

All of their babies are regularly checked for diseases that could be passed down from their parents. Princess Puppies gives a health guarantee for life for ten years after the dog is born. At adoption, they also give you a health certificate that has been checked. This has information and proof about all the medical tests done on the dog.

Families can only take puppies home from Princess Puppies when they are at least eight weeks old. This time frame may change, though, depending on the health needs of each dog. Sometimes, Princess Puppies will keep a puppy longer until they think it is healthy enough to go to its new home.

Before they go on sale, all of the dogs are dewormed and given up-to-date vaccinations that are right for their age. Princess Dogs, on the other hand, says that people should keep deworming their dogs even after they bring them home.

They say the puppy should be dewormed every few weeks until it is 16 weeks old. To reserve a puppy from this Pet Breeder in Louisiana, you must pay a $500 payment you can’t get back. Follow the link below to see the puppies they have for sale, or use the information below to contact them.

Location: Lena, Louisiana
Website: Princess Puppies
Phone: (318) 613-2898
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Princess Puppies Facebook Page

Little Paws Kennel

Little Paws Kennel

Little Paws Kennel is a licensed place for breeding dogs. They have a good breeding program and choose their parent dogs carefully. These dogs are healthy and tested for health issues. They are approved by the American Kennel Club and the Continental Kennel Club to breed pets.

Little Paws Kennel has been breeding dogs for 19 years and follows the rules of these organizations. Many veterinarians recommend them, both locally and from other places. If you want to check their references, you can do that anytime.

They ensure their parent dogs and puppies are free from common Maltipoo breed diseases. When you take a puppy from Little Paws Kennel, they guarantee its health for one year. Before going to their new homes, all puppies get vaccinations and treatment for worms.

They also provide microchipping services upon request. You can click the link below for the available puppies and their prices. You can contact them directly with the information provided if you have more questions.

Location: Winnsboro, Louisiana
Website: Little Paws Kennel
Phone: (318) 498-1965
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Little Paws Kennels Facebook Page

The Poodle Place

The Poodle Place

“The Poodle Place” is renowned for its dedicated puppy care, focusing on enhancing their appearance and well-being. Their dogs boast impressive pedigrees and affectionate nature. Puppies are nurtured within a familial environment, employing positive reinforcement to foster socialization and good manners.

Before adoption, all kittens receive vaccinations and multiple worm treatments. Purchased puppies come with vaccination proof and health records. Reserving a puppy requires a non-refundable $200 deposit, which can be credited to a different litter in case of issues with the initial choice.

Each puppy sale involves a contractual agreement prohibiting breeding. Owners must spay or neuter their puppy at an appropriate age. The Poodle Place continues to support families post-purchase, offering 24/7 assistance for their puppy’s well-being. Refer to the provided details for comprehensive information on The Poodle Place and the purchasing process.

Location: Schriever, Louisiana
Website: The Poodle Place
Phone: (985) 855-3903
Email: [email protected]

Crockett Doodles

Crockett Doodles is the preferred choice in Louisiana for those seeking a Maltipoo puppy. Renowned for prioritizing canine health, this breeder is committed to continuously enhancing their dogs’ well-being.

Crockett Doodles treats their pups as part of their own family. This approach enables the puppies to interact with numerous individuals, fostering a friendly demeanor. Transparent and equitable pricing is another hallmark, with the option for deposit refunds if necessary.

Comprehensive vaccination records accompany each purchase, detailing vaccine proof and administration dates. Neopar and Nobivac Canine 1-DAPPv shots are standard for all puppies. Additionally, Crockett Doodles conducts DNA tests on their dogs to identify potential genetic health issues.

A one-year Health Guarantee is included, extendable to three years if owners feed their puppy TLC Pet Food as advised. A commitment to not breed the dog is necessary, necessitating spaying or neutering at an appropriate age. Waiting until the puppy reaches six months is recommended to avoid growth interference.

For more information and to explore available dogs, visit the Crockett Doodles website via the provided link.

Location: Louisiana
Website: Crockett Doodles
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Pages: Crockett Doodles Facebook Page 

How Much Does a Maltipoo Cost?

The cost of a Maltipoo can vary widely depending on factors like breeder reputation, lineage, and location. On average, Maltipoo puppies can range from $1,000 to $3,000. Remember that while the initial cost may seem high, it’s an investment in a lifelong companion. Additionally, consider ongoing expenses such as food, grooming, veterinary care, and training. Research thoroughly and make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and preferences.

Beautiful Maltipoo dog playing in Louisiana

Tips When Choosing a Maltipoo Breeder

  • Research and Reputability: Research reputable breeders in Louisiana. Choose positive reviews, testimonials, and an online presence solid enough to support their names like Pedigrees Kennel.
  • Check the Facility: A visit also allows you to check the living conditions maintained regarding dogs and puppies within that place. Cleanliness and proper maintenance point towards responsible practices on breeding.
  • Meet the Parents: Meeting puppy parents may tell of what looks for personalities along with behavioral traits they exhibit. Puppies from well-socialized along with friendly dog parents often present accordingly, too.
  • Health Screening: It is essential to investigate health screening for breeding dogs. Good breeders carry out genetic and health tests to reduce chances of hereditary health problems coming from puppies.
  • Ask Questions: Prepare good questions for the breeder. Seek information on puppy history, vaccinations, deworming or any other possible concern. A knowledgeable breeder should be open and willing to share.
  • Socialization: Good breeders expose their puppies to many stimuli at a young age, hence good socialization. Puppies exposed to different surroundings, people and sounds adapt more quickly to new home places than those not used to that environment earlier at birth or during growth.
  • Contract and Guarantees: Read through contracts or agreements provided by the breeder. It should outline responsibilities on the part of both parties, as well as guarantees concerning health.
  • Ethical Breeding Practices: Good breeders focus more on their puppies’ welfare than on making a profit. They limit litters, care for them correctly, and see that each pup is placed into an appropriate home situation.


Finding trustworthy Maltipoo breeders in Louisiana is crucial to welcoming a joyful and loyal companion into your life. By following the tips mentioned, you can ensure a seamless journey in selecting a reputable breeder who prioritizes the well-being of their dogs. With the right breeder, you’ll be on your way to creating cherished memories with your Maltipoo, forming an unbreakable bond that will last for years.

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