German Shepherd Breeders in Nova Scotia | List Of 4 Local Breeders

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in Canada. This is due to their loyal and loving nature, intelligence, and athleticism. German Shepherds are excellent guard dogs as well as capable family pets. Below is a list of our current German shepherd breeders in Nova Scotia:

List of German Shepherd Breeders in Nova Scotia

GSM KennelsNova Scotia N/A[email protected]
Troyan Schloss German ShepherdsWest Earltown, Nova Scotia(902) 657-1138[email protected]
Micurs German ShepherdsCape Breton, Nova Scotia(902) 849-4458[email protected]
Mowatt German ShepherdUpper Brookside, Nova Scotia(902) 843 3647[email protected]

GSM Kennels

GSM Kennels is a breeder of German Shepherd Dogs for police work, as working dogs, and as pets. This breeder of German Shepherds specializes in working dogs; all of their dogs strive for titles. Trainers of the finest caliber cherish their puppies because they breed for the dogs with the drive, power, and correctness that the breed has to offer.

To ensure that only the healthiest dogs are bred, GSM Kennels performs genetic testing on all of its dogs. The website details the thorough training and selection procedure and the titles and disciplines in which its breeding animals excel. This world-class breeding enterprise develops working dogs with high levels of drive.

To obtain a German Shepherd puppy from this breeder, send an email to the above email address and request an application. After the application has been accepted, they proceed to the next round of the procedure. Telephone interviews are conducted with prospective purchasers to match them with the ideal dog for their needs.

As the puppies mature, GSM trainers work with them weekly on scent and bite work, luring, obedience, etiquette, and sensitivity training. There is no information about pricing or making arrangements to reserve a puppy on the website. This must be performed separately via the website’s procedure.

Location:  Nova Scotia
Website:  GSM Kennels
Email: [email protected]

Troyan Schloss German Shepherds

Troyan Schloss German Shepherds is a small breeder of German Shepherd puppies of international caliber. These multitalented, high-drive working dogs are purebred, titled, and health-tested for multiple generations. The German Shepherd puppies from Troyan Schloss are nurtured in a family atmosphere and discouraged from interacting with dogs outside their group.

Their dogs are trained for search-and-rescue missions and as therapy animals. They sell their dogs with CKC registration and under a contract prohibiting breeding. To ensure that their dogs are used for the purpose they were developed, they wish to discourage anyone except the most ardent GSD fans.

This German Shepherd breeder does not maintain a waiting list for upcoming litters. Deposits are not accepted until the litter is born. The deposit to reserve a German Shepherd puppy is $750, and their previous litter was sold for $3,000, according to their website. CA.

Puppies are sent home at eight weeks of age with hip and elbow health certifications, having been nurtured and socialized at home, and are ready to be trained in any discipline. German Shepherd puppies are exceptionally clever animals that make excellent, dependable friends.

Location:  West Earltown, Nova Scotia
Website: Troyan Schloss German Shepherds
Phone: (902) 657-1138
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Troyan Schloss German Shepherds Facebook Page

Micurs German Shepherds

Micurs German Shepherds is a tiny breeder in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton region. They maintain the purity of their lineages by importing dogs with the finest German Shepherd bloodlines in the world. Their dogs are among the greatest in the region, with titles in obedience and Schutzhund training, among others.

This German Shepherd breeder is a founding member of the German Shepherd Club of Nova Scotia and the Canadian Kennel Club. This German Shepherd breeder’s website lacks information about obtaining a dog. There is an inquiry form on the website’s Contact page.

This website features German Shepherd puppies from Micurs. It contains a wealth of information on the breedings they have conducted, their breeding animals, and an entire page devoted to the breed standard so prospective buyers can determine how closely Micur’s dogs match the ideal German Shepherd breed standard. This is why Micur’s dogs have performed so well in the ring.

They endeavor to breed German Shepherd puppies that improve existing bloodlines and produce healthy, contented dogs. In addition, they have a tab that displays the many breeding dogs with live links to their bloodlines and pedigrees, allowing you to research the various lineages and select a German Shepherd from your favorite pedigree.

In addition, numerous photographs of puppies and older dogs demonstrate the correctness and beauty of Micur’s canines. No wonder they are winning titles in the show ring across Canada. Please get in touch with the breeder for more information on reserving a Micurs German Shepherd puppy.

Location: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Website: Micurs German Shepherds
Phone: (902) 849-4458
Email: [email protected]

Mowatt German Shepherd

Little Moe’s K9 Academy is linked with Mowatt German Shepherds in Upper Brookside, Nova Scotia. Avoid confusion when you arrive at the training website. Additionally, there is a tab for Mowatt German Shepherds.

This is a modest breeder of German Shepherd puppies suitable for working dogs, show dogs, or household pets. The website’s gallery displays dogs in training for various disciplines, and future breedings are planned. This German Shepherd breeder has a waiting list for puppy reservations.

Contact them using the website’s contact form for information on how to be placed on the waiting list for a Mowatt German Shepherd puppy. There is no information on the initial deposit required to reserve a puppy or the total cost of the animal.

All the dogs displayed in the gallery have links to their bloodlines and pedigrees, as well as indications that they have all been examined and found to be free of hip and elbow abnormalities typical of the German Shepherd. Contact the breeder for pricing information and planned future breedings.

Location: Upper Brookside, Nova Scotia
Website: Mowatt German Shepherd
Phone: (902) 843 3647
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: Mowatt German Shepherd Facebook Page

How Much Does a German Shepherd Cost?

A German Shepherd’s cost depends on age, gender, and health. The average price is $1,000 to $1,500; however, some dogs can cost much more than this. Suppose you’re looking for a healthy puppy or adult dog that has never had problems with their health before but needs some work on obedience training or other activities like agility or tracking (which are both more expensive than other breeds). In that case, you may spend more money on your new pet than most people pay for their pets.

Cute German shepherd dog in Nova Scotia
Cute German shepherd dog in Nova Scotia


We hope that you have found this helpful information. We know how important it is to make the right decision when looking for a new pet, so please get in touch with these German Shepherd breeders in Nova Scotia.

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