Cockapoo Breeders in Illinois [2024] | List of 7 Local Breeders

You’ve decided to add a Cockapoo to your family, but you’re unsure how to get one. Fear not! We’re here to help you with a list of perfect Cockapoo breeders in Illinois.

List of Cockapoo Breeders in Illinois

Creekside Puppy AdoptionsArcola, Illinois(217) 549-6555
Fox River CockapoosTrevor, Illinois(262) 716-4002[email protected]
Kathy’s Kountry KennelPrarie Grown, Illinois(847)338-3018
No-shed DogsRichmond, Illinois(847) 630-7387[email protected]
Patty’s Pups IllinoisGurnee, Illinois(847) 271-7965[email protected]
Pet LandPetland Bolingbrook, Illinois(630) 791-5538
Gardner Lane PuppiesPeoria Heights, Illinois(309) 321-9044

[email protected]

Creekside Puppy Adoptions

The Cockapoo breeder is a family of dog breeders specializing in doodles, including the Cockapoo. They are one of our favorite breeders due to their dedication to enhancing the health of their Cockapoos with each generation. All of their Cockapoo puppies for sale in Illinois come with a two-year health guarantee, as they genuinely care about the well-being of their canines. Their puppies are socialized from birth by being exposed to various sights, noises, and human touch. At five weeks of age, their Cockapoos puppies are microchipped so that you will be able to identify your dog in the event of an emergency. Before being placed in a permanent home, each Cockapoo is examined by a veterinarian and vaccinated.

To get a Cockapoo from Creekside Puppy Adoptions, a nominal $200 deposit is required. You can arrange delivery to your Illinois residence or pick up your new puppy at their facilities. In addition to focusing on healthy puppies, they strongly emphasize offering excellent customer service. Additional doodle breeds are available if the Cockapoo doesn’t suit your personality.

Location: Arcola, Illinois
Website: Creekside Puppy Adoptions
Phone: (217) 549-6555
Facebook Page: Creekside Puppy Adoptions Facebook Page  

Fox River Cockapoos

Fox River Cockapoos began as a way for Glen and Kim, a married couple, to recapture the feeling of having children running around the house. Due to this breed’s cute and energetic nature, they were able to bring back the youthful unrest that used to fill their home with puppies.

These breeders provide gorgeous and healthy Cockapoos for your home. They are a family-owned kennel, so you may expect puppies who have received great affection.

Fox River Cockapoos are highly knowledgeable about their breed, and the health of their puppies is a top priority. As their Cockapoo puppies are nurtured at home, they can guarantee the temperament and health of each puppy. Fox River Cockapoos assures you that it will be an excellent addition to your family, as they have spent many years producing the best and highest-quality Cockapoos.

Location: Trevor, Illinois
Website: Fox River Cockapoos
Phone: (262) 716-4002
Email: [email protected]

Kathy’s Kountry Kennel

Kathy’s Kountry Kennel is owned by Kathy, a hobby breeder specializing in Cockapoo puppies and numerous other dog breeds. With over 16 years of expertise breeding dogs, she understands precisely which Cockapoo will be an excellent addition to a family.

Even though Cockapoos tend to be highly variable, Kathy breeds based on personality; regardless of the color markings or temperament you want, Kathy has them for you. Before leaving for their forever homes, Cockapoo puppies are taken to the veterinarian between 3 and 5 days after birth to have their tails docked, dewclaws removed and wormed.

Location: Prarie Grown, Illinois
Website: Kathys Kountry Kennel Illinois
Phone: (847)338-3018

No-shed Dogs

These Cockapoo breeders are advocates for animal rescue and adoption. They are a home kennel that will provide you with all the support you need to get your next fluffy family member.

In Illinois, No-shed Dogs breed hypoallergenic and social Cockapoo puppies. You can acquire a gorgeous Cockapoo ideal for your household with their assistance. All puppies are nurtured in households with children and other animals, and the breeders attest to their disposition.

Location: Richmond, Illinois
Website: No-shed Dogs
Phone: (847) 630-7387
Email: [email protected]

Patty’s Pups Illinois

Based in Illinois’s northern Lake County, Patty has introduced Cockapoo puppies to numerous lovely families. They have found homes for many puppies across the United States. Patty has spent most of her adult life in the medical field caring for Cockapoos through Patty’s Pups. Patty ensures that both the Cockapoo puppy and the family are content by providing that the family is aware of every minor detail. Due to the puppies’ home-based kennel, they are familiar with other animals and children. They receive an abundance of affection and know precisely how to return it.

Location: Gurnee, Illinois
Website: Patty’s Pup Illinois
Phone: (847) 271-7965
Email: [email protected]

Pet Land

They are a local pet store that has been operating for over ten years and offers a hands-on approach to assist families in interacting and engaging with their dogs. This facilitates families’ comprehension of a pet’s requirements and needs. The company also offers a knowledgeable team that assists families in acquiring the greatest Cockapoo. They aid folks in interacting with the animals and inform families of several essential characteristics.

Location: Petland Bolingbrook, Illinois
Website: Pet Land Puppies Illinois
Phone: (630) 791-5538

Gardner Lane Puppies

Gardner Lane Puppies are hobby breeders with years of expertise who breed several types of dogs, including Cockapoos. These canines are a fantastic addition to households because they were born and reared in a home. The breeders are highly knowledgeable about Cockapoos and provide prospective adopting families with a wealth of information. An excellent site to acquire Cockapoos, as they select the best dogs for each family based on their unique characteristics.

Location: Peoria Heights, Illinois
Website: Gardner Lane Puppies Illinois
Facebook Page: Gardner Lane Puppies Facebook Page
Phone: (309) 321-9044
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Cockapoo Breeder

  • Ask for references. You should be able to ask the breeder for the names and phone numbers of other people who have purchased puppies from them. This will give you an idea of how well their dogs are cared for and their temperament and health.
  • Check out your puppy’s parents. Visit the breeder’s kennel, talk with their staff, and check out the puppies in general—you want to ensure they’re being appropriately raised before committing yourself financially or emotionally!
  • Find out about their background: Do they have any bad reviews online? Do they have any experience raising other animals before getting into dog breeding? How long ago did they start this endeavor (and what were some challenges along the way)?
  • Check out their facilities: Are the dogs well-kept, healthy, and happy? Do they have adequate space to move around in? Do they have clean water and food available at all times? How much interaction do the puppies receive from human beings—both adults and children?

Short History of the Cockapoo Breed

The Cockapoo breed was created in England in the early 20th century. The first cockapoos were a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, but today, many different combinations of breeds make up this hybrid dog. The Cockapoo is an adorable dog with a long tail and curly coat. They look like a miniature version of their parent breed: the Cocker Spaniel has feathered legs, pointy ears, and a larger body than other spaniels, while poodles have long bodies with round faces and floppy ears that stand upright when they’re excited or alerting you to something nearby (a trait shared by most dogs).

Cockapoo puppy enjoying being in Illinois
Cockapoo puppy enjoying being in Illinois

How Much Does a Cockapoo Cost?

The cost of a Cockapoo puppy varies depending on the breeder you choose, but an average price is $1000-$1500. The cost will be higher in cities and lower in rural areas. The summer months are more expensive than the winter months, which makes sense, considering how hot it gets there!

Do Cockapoos Make Good Pets?

As the name implies, Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. This means they have all the best characteristics of both breeds but with some added benefits. Cockapoos make great family pets who enjoy being around their owners and other people (they are not aggressive or destructive). They are playful and energetic; these dogs will keep you on your toes all day long. The breed’s temperament makes them good with children of all ages. They’re very affectionate toward their family members and pets, such as cats or small dogs like Chihuahuas or Yorkies.


Cockapoos are a fun and playful breed that can quickly adapt to your lifestyle. They make great companions for people who want a fun dog that is easy to care for but still wants their attention.

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