Maltipoo Breeders in Michigan [2024] | List of 6 Local Breeders

If you’re looking for a Maltipoo breeder in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got everything you need to get started on your search. Many factors go into picking a breeder and finding one right for your family. Here we have listed the top Maltipoo Breeders in Michigan so that you can make an informed decision when choosing one.

List of Maltipoo Breeders in Michigan

Great Lakes PupsMiller Road, Michigan(740) 809-3074[email protected]
Woof Woof PuppiesSouthfield, Michigan(248) 420-1246[email protected]
Little Happy TailsBelding, Michigan(616) 794-3194[email protected]
Buttercup PuppiesNear Imlay City, Michigan(810) 346-3431[email protected]
Melnick’s Prancing Toy PoodlesPontiac, Michigan(248) 330-1956[email protected]
Michigan Puppy MaltipoosHershey, Michigan(989) 424-1449[email protected]

Great Lakes Pups

Great Lake Pups is an online retailer of Maltipoo pups and other breeds. Their additional care distinguishes Great Lakes Pups from other breeders. Each puppy born at The Great Lakes Pups receives optimal care. It guarantees that the Maltipoo puppies are the healthiest possible and socialized from birth. A healthy and well-socialized puppy makes the dog parent’s job much more straightforward.

Location: Miller Road, Michigan
(740) 809-3074
Email: [email protected]
 Great Lakes Pups

Woof Woof Puppies

Woof woof puppies is a location filled with the woofs of numerous puppies. The Maltipoo breed is readily available at Woof woof pups. Not only are the puppies in this location the healthiest, but they also receive the necessary training. It consists of potty training, diaper training, and vaccinations.

Woof wood training facilitates the training of your dog. Consider Woof Woof pups if you are busy and do not have much time to devote to training your new Maltipoo.

Location: Southfield, Michigan
(248) 420-1246
 [email protected]
 Woof Woof Puppies

Little Happy Tails

As the name implies, the pups at Little Happy Tails are content and healthy. Little Happy Tails has the healthiest Maltipoo puppies for you and your family. The breeder specializes in little dog varieties. If you cannot find Maltipoo puppies from other breeders, you should try Little Happy Tails because you will undoubtedly find the companion you have been searching for to complete your life.

Location: Belding, Michigan
Phone: (616) 794-3194
Email: [email protected]
Website: Little Happy Tails

Buttercup Puppies

Buttercup Puppies has thirty years of experience as a holistic dog breeder. The breeder specializes in producing the healthiest puppies by using holistic methods to ensure the babies’ general well-being. A meat-heavy diet promotes good health.

At Buttercup Puppies, you may find puppies of numerous dog breeds, including Maltipoos. Since dog shedding is a common concern, Buttercup Puppies is renowned for their non-shedding canines.

Location: Near Imlay City, Michigan
(810) 346-3431
[email protected]
 Buttercup Puppies

Melnick’s Prancing Toy Poodles

Melnick’s Prancing Toy Poodles specializes in breeding little canines, specifically poodles. At this breeder, the Maltipoo is readily available. Melnick’s Prancing Toy Poodles provides Maltipoo in numerous hues. There are chocolate, red, and black Maltipoos present. If you are interested in the color of your dog, this breeder has a wide selection.

Location: Pontiac, Michigan
Phone: (248) 330-1956
Email: [email protected]
Website: Melmack’S Prancing Toy Poodles

Michigan Puppy Maltipoos

Since 2004, Michigan Puppy Maltipoos has specialized primarily in breeding Maltipoo puppies. You have the opportunity to reserve a puppy from the breeder. It assures that the paw companion you choose is exclusive to you. In addition to providing delivery services to its clients, the breeder provides additional convenience. Michigan Puppy Maltipoos have a breeding license and are routinely inspected by the USDA and several other organizations. Being dependable with Michigan Puppy Maltipoos guarantees you will receive the finest Maltipoo.

Location: Hershey, Michigan
Phone: (989) 424-1449
Email: [email protected]
Website: Michigan Puppy Maltipoos

Tips When Choosing a Maltipoo Breeder

When looking for a Maltipoo breeder, you must do your research first. There are several things that you should consider when choosing a dog breeder:

  • Ensure their dogs have been certified by American Kennel Club and tested before being bred. The AKC also has requirements for health testing, certification and licensing of breeding dogs, and other rules to ensure quality control over all Maltipoo breeding practices.
  • Ask questions about the parents of your puppy so you can see if they look healthy or not; ask about any health issues the family had or whether there was any accident during pregnancy; ask about how many litters were produced by this particular owner before getting pregnant herself because this could indicate whether she has good instincts when it comes time for her litter.

Look for a breeder willing to be transparent about their breeding practices. If you feel like they are hiding something from you or not answering your questions, they may be selling sick puppies that have been bred too early, which can cause health problems later on down the line.

How Much Does a Maltipoo Cost?

The cost of a Maltipoo will vary depending on the breeder and the quality of your puppy. A good breeder can charge anywhere from $400 to $2,000 for puppies. The cost also depends on what kind of dog you’re getting, its age and size, and if it’s a purebred or mixed breed.

Cute Maltipoo puppy in Michigan
Cute Maltipoo puppy in Michigan

Do Maltipoo Make Good Pets?

Maltipoos make great pets for people who want to enjoy a sweet and playful dog’s companionship but don’t have the space or resources to keep one. They are very affectionate and love being around their owners all day long. Maltipoos also make great first-time pet owners because they are easygoing, patient and forgiving when training them.

Maltipoos are highly adaptable creatures that can live in an apartment or small home by having their kennel outside where they have plenty of room to run around without being confined inside one area where there may be too much traffic going through at once (like when someone is home). They also enjoy being outside on sunny days as much as possible!


We hope you’re inspired by what we’ve discussed here and that you consider adding a Maltipoo to your family. The Maltipoo is an excellent dog for families looking for an active but gentle companion.

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