Maltipoo Breeders in Maryland | List Of 2 Local Breeders

A Maltipoo may be the perfect fit if you’re searching for a cute, cuddly, and hypoallergenic puppy! These adorable hybrids cross between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, combining the best traits of both breeds. However, finding a reputable Maltipoo breeder in Maryland can be daunting. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Maltipoo breeders in Maryland, including what to look for in a breeder, where to find them, and how to choose the right Maltipoo puppy for you.

List of Maltipoo Breeders in Maryland

Koedam KennelsMaryland(712) 203-1638[email protected]
PuppystarsMaryland(641) 895-0483[email protected]

Koedam Kennels

Koedam Kennels is a well-known breeder of Maltipoo puppies. These adorable puppies are the perfect companion for those looking for a loyal, loving friend. They are gentle, cheerful, and excellent therapy dogs for people with special needs. Koedam puppies are lively, playful, and can be slightly assertive. They enjoy spending time outdoors, taking long walks, and snuggling with their owners. They are highly attuned to their owner’s needs and are easy to train. Koedam Kennels offers a comprehensive health guarantee upon purchase, ensuring that all vaccinations, shots, and wormers are administered correctly. The parents are inspected thoroughly to ensure that all puppies are free of defects from birth.

Before the puppies are shipped, a licensed veterinarian performs a screening exam within ten days of travel to ensure that the puppies are healthy. Koedam Kennel requires a non-refundable $200 deposit to show commitment. This deposit fee applies to the total cost of the Maltipoo, but it is only refundable in some cases where a vet detects health problems. The puppies may experience stress during transportation, leading to health complications such as diarrhea. In such instances, a veterinarian should be contacted for further evaluation.

After picking up the Maltipoo, you must have them evaluated by a vet of your choice within seven days. Emailing the results to Koedam Kennel is mandatory, as failing to do so will render the health guarantee null and void. If you cannot pick up your puppy, Koedam Kennel can ship the puppy to you at a non-refundable shipping fee of $375. The shipping fee includes an airline ticket, airport delivery, health certification, and a pet taxi. If you fail to arrange to pick up your puppy immediately, the health guarantee will be null and void. Puppies can be shipped once they are eight weeks old or older. If younger, they will remain in the kennel until the appropriate age for travel.

Location: Maryland
Phone: (712) 203-1638
WebsiteKoedam Kennels
Email[email protected]


Puppystars is a family-owned business in Maryland that has been breeding Maltipoo puppies for over 19 years. They breed puppies because they enjoy allowing families to add a cute and cuddly companion to their household. While Puppystars only has a few litters each year, they have sent puppies to homes throughout the United States. Their kennel is located on a 55-acre property that is clean and quiet, ensuring that the dogs are healthy and happy.

The kennel is licensed by the state and has been inspected and approved by the AKC and veterinarians. All puppies are vaccinated and dewormed and come with a health guarantee. Puppystars also offers congenital health assurance, ensuring each puppy is well-loved and cared for before being sold. If, for any reason, you cannot keep your Maltipoo, Puppystars will gladly take them back.

You must complete an application form to purchase a puppy from Puppystars. This helps them screen prospective owners and ensure their puppies go to good homes. A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy, which will be deducted from the total cost. Once the puppy is old enough, Puppystars will ship it to you. Payment in full is required before the puppy is considered sold.

Location: Maryland
Phone: (641) 895-0483
Email[email protected]

Short History of the Maltipoo Breed

The Maltipoo breed has a relatively short history compared to other dog breeds. They were first developed in the United States in the 1990s as a cross between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. The goal of creating this hybrid was to produce a cute, cuddly, and hypoallergenic companion dog. Maltipoos quickly gained popularity due to their friendly and affectionate nature and their low-shedding coat. They are now popular worldwide and are often referred to as “designer dogs” due to their mixed breeding. Despite their short history, Maltipoos have become a beloved breed among dog owners, bringing joy to many families and individuals.

Beautiful Maltipoo dog resting on green grass in Maryland
Beautiful Maltipoo dog resting on green grass in Maryland

Tips When Choosing a Maltipoo Breeder

Choosing a reputable Maltipoo breeder is crucial to ensure that you get a healthy and well-bred puppy. Here are some tips to help you choose a Maltipoo breeder:

  • Research – Do your research and find breeders who have a good reputation. Look for online reviews, ask for referrals from other Maltipoo owners, and check with the AKC or other relevant breed organizations.
  • Visit the Breeder – Visit the breeder’s facility in person and observe the conditions in which the puppies are kept. Make sure the puppies are clean, well-fed, and socialized.
  • Health Guarantee – Ensure the breeder offers a health guarantee for the puppies they sell. A reputable breeder will guarantee any genetic health issues that may arise.
  • Breeding Practices – Ask the breeder about their breeding practices and ensure they follow ethical breeding standards. They should be willing to share information about the parent’s dogs’ health and temperament.
  • Puppy Socialization – A reputable breeder should prioritize puppy socialization and expose the puppies to various sights, sounds, and experiences to ensure they grow into well-adjusted adults.

Following these tips, you can find a reputable Maltipoo breeder and bring home a healthy and happy puppy.


There are several Maltipoo breeders located in Maryland that offer a variety of Maltipoo puppies for sale. These breeders have different breeding programs, facilities, and pricing options, so it’s important to research before choosing a breeder.

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