Golden Retriever Breeders in Ottawa [2024] | List of 5 Local Breeders

It’s no secret that Golden Retrievers have become popular over the past few years. They’re adorable, energetic and loving dogs with a lot of love to give. But when you start thinking about getting one for yourself or your family, knowing where to begin the search for a good breeder can be challenging. To help, we’ve put together this list of helpful breeders in Ottawa for finding the perfect Golden Retriever.

List of Golden Retriever Breeders in Ottawa

Audeo Golden RetrieversSouth of OttawaN/A[email protected]
Ambertru GoldensPembroke, OttawaN/A[email protected]
GoldenWoodsBearhill Road, Ottawa(613) 407-9893
Glenbern Golden RetrieversPerth, OttawaN/A
Eden KennelsTrout Creek, Ottawa(705) 723-1604[email protected]

Audeo Golden Retrievers

Audeo Golden Retrievers are established Golden Retriever breeders in Ottawa. They are compact, home-based kennels with multiple functions. Audeo is a Latin term that means to venture, be brave, and move on with courage.

The breeding centre began as a hobby and has developed into a big enterprise. They believe in breeding structurally sound and practical hunting Golden Retrievers. However, they also believe that they should be nice and easily trainable.

Early on, their puppies are taught socializing skills and cerebral stimulation. The owners are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, the American Golden Retriever Club, and the Canadian Golden Retriever Club.

Location: South of Ottawa
Email: [email protected]

Ambertru Goldens

In Ottawa, Ambertru Goldens is an established breeder of Golden Retrievers. Because they’ve been in business since 1986, their name will be up whenever you search for Golden Retrievers. They are located in Pembroke, Ontario, in the middle of the Ottawa Valley. They breed dogs for confirmation obedience competitions and take them on hunting expeditions with their owners. All of their puppies are examined for the following conditions:

  • Heart Clear
  • OFA
  • Hip & Elbow
  • Eye Screening
  • DNA test for PRA 1, PRA 2, and NCL.

Every puppy is spayed or neutered and comes with a lifetime guarantee. You must complete the application if you are interested in purchasing a puppy.

Due to COVID-19, the demand for pups has skyrocketed. Their website instructs applicants to reapply if they have not heard from them by 2022.

Due to the enormous response, Ambertru may have missed some of the submitted applications; thus, it would be prudent to contact them at the email address listed below if you have not received a response.

Location: Pembroke, Ottawa
Email: [email protected]


GoldenWoods are registered Dark Golden Retriever breeders in the Ottawa region. They are members of the Canadian Kennel Club and are committed to socializing their puppies. Dark Golden Retrievers have slightly different bodies than their lighter counterparts.

It features a more compact build and thicker back skin. They are utilized chiefly as hunting dogs and have dense, glossy coats. This Ottawa puppy breeder is not now accepting applications. However, it is a good idea to bookmark them because they may begin shortly.

Location: Bearhill Road, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 407-9893 
Facebook Page:

Glenbern Golden Retrievers

Glenberg Golden Retrievers are renowned Golden Retriever breeders in Ottawa. They are located near Perth, roughly one hour from Ottawa. They breed Golden Retrievers of English and British types that are registered with the Canada Kennel Club.

The owner is well-versed in Golden Retrievers, having owned them for the past 30 years. The Glenberg Golden Retrievers breed their babies by keeping them in the house from a young age. The birthing room is adjacent to the kitchen, where the newborns remain with their mothers for four weeks.

Location: Perth, Ottawa

Eden Kennels

“Eden Kennels” is the last on the list of the most excellent Golden Retriever breeders in Ottawa. Eden Kennels is a home-based Golden Retriever breeder certified with the Canadian Kennel Club. The breeder is located in the Parry Sound district, half an hour south of North Bay.

They believe Golden Retrievers were originally bred for hunting and continue to train their dogs for conformation, obedience, hunt tests, and tracking excursions. The breeder is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and The Golden Retriever Club, as is the owner.

At Eden Kennels, considerable care is taken to ensure that the puppies’ parents are temperamentally and physically sound. They do not breed Retrievers of a single color on purpose. Therefore there is a range of tints from light to dark gold.

Location: Trout Creek, Ottawa
Phone: (705) 723-1604 
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Golden Retriever Breeder

When choosing a Golden Retriever breeder, you should:

  • Check the breeder’s credentials. Do they have a good reputation in the community? Is their facility clean and well-lit? What does the environment look like?
  • Ask for references from other families who’ve bought puppies from that same person. If possible, call them and ask if it was easy to get their dogs (and how long it took). You want someone who can answer all of these questions honestly and accurately for us!
  • Check out facilities where prospective breeders keep their dogs before considering buying one from them—and ensure they’re up-to-date with everything from vaccinations schedule to any health problems currently being treated to ensure proper care throughout the life span of each animal purchased.”

Short History of the Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden Retriever breed is known for its intelligence, gentle temperament and love of water. The Golden Retriever was developed in the 19th century by a man named Earl of Tweedale, who was looking for a companion dog to hunt rabbits and other small games. He created the breed based on his experiences with dogs he owned while growing up on his family’s estate in Scotland.

The Golden Retriever has been used as a hunting dog since its creation, but it also became popular with fishermen because it could pull nets from boats easier than most other breeds at sea. The breed’s tenacity led them to become very good at retrieving objects from water, even though they disliked being wet!

Adorable golden retriever puppy in Ottawa

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

Golden Retrievers make good pets. They’re friendly and affectionate but can also be reserved with strangers. Golden Retrievers are good with children, other dogs and cats (if introduced early), and small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs, but not big ones like horses or sheep. You should never leave your pet unattended in a car when you’re travelling on short trips—they may get loose if someone tries to steal them, or they may fall out while driving away from home!


The Golden Retriever breed is one of the most popular dogs on the planet. They are intelligent and friendly, and they love to play with children. These beautiful dogs also make great pets for families who want a companion at home.

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