Golden Retriever Breeders in New York [2024] | List of 10 Local Breeders

You’ve found the perfect breed in the Golden Retriever, but you’re unsure where to start. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list of the best breeders in New York so that you can find the perfect match for your dog.

List of Golden Retriever Breeders in New York 

Gotta Be GoldensOntario, New York(585) 729-7200[email protected]
Famn Damily FarmTrumansburg, New York(607) 387-5012[email protected]
Golden Beauties Driven To DoodlesHilton, New York(646) 600-9014[email protected]
Buck Family FarmWarsaw, New York(585) 689-4369[email protected] 
White Stone GoldensUtica, New York(315) 941-2292[email protected]
River Valley GoldensNorwich, New York(607) 244-2621[email protected]
Corbec FarmNineveh, New York(607) 693-2682
Adirondac Golden RetrieversMexico, New York(315) 963-8403[email protected] 
Moonlit Meadows Golden RetrieversRushville, New York(585) 554-4424
Life Is GoldenBath, New YorkN/A[email protected] 

Gotta Be Goldens

Since 1999, Gotta Be Goldens has been a member of the GRCA. Golden Retrievers are not reared within the household. The breeders provide daily 24-hour care and do not work away from home.

The parent dogs are OFA-registered and genetically tested for hips and elbows. Annually, board-certified specialists examine the canines for eye and cardiac concerns. CERF examines eye reports and certifies they are free of congenital heart disease.

The puppies are dewormed every two weeks and vaccinated when they are eight weeks old. Before you bring the puppy home, the veterinarian issues a health certificate and a written guarantee with a spay/neuter provision. After paying the non-refundable $500 reservation fee, you will be scheduled for an interview with Kathy and her Golden puppies.

Location: Ontario, New York
Phone: (585) 729-7200
Email: [email protected]

Famn Damily Farm

Famn Damily Farm is an AKC-certified breeder raising happy, loving Golden Retrievers for the past 17 years. The farm provides a two-and-a-half-acre area for the dogs to play in. Family Damily never kennels the puppies; the entire family plays with them.

The puppies and their parents receive a thorough physical examination from their trusted veterinarian. After 8 weeks, a litter is dewormed and vaccinated. You receive their health certificate upon purchasing.

You can also acquire a copy of the parent dogs’ pedigree and health certificate upon request. The dogs have no anal gland drainage needs and no hot patches.

Location: Trumansburg, New York
Phone: (607) 387-5012
Email: [email protected]

Golden Beauties Driven To Doodles

Golden Beauties Driven to Doodles is New York’s sole breeder specializing in therapy dogs. Stacy Albahari, the company’s founder, is a breeder, trainer, and behavior expert. The puppies are dewormed approximately two to three weeks after birth. Stacy ensures a comprehensive examination to prevent 160 genetic disorders from 16 distinct categories. After 5 to 6 weeks, the first vaccination is administered, followed by the second 2 weeks later.

The canines are provided with DNA profiling, microchipping, and current immunizations. You will not find another breeder who offers a six-year health guarantee. The litters are both AKC and CKC registered. You must pay a $500 application reservation fee and a balance of $1,080 plus sales tax. Golden Beauties charges $0.75 per mile for delivery.

Location: Hilton, New York
Phone: (585) 392-5995
Email: [email protected]
Website: Golden Beauties Driven To Doodles
Facebook: Golden Beauties Driven To Doodles Facebook

Buck Family Farm

Buck family Farm raises Golden Retrievers with the same care and attention as their family members on a 20-acre farm. Parental sires and dams undergo OFA and PennHip and genetic testing.

You will obtain copies of the health clearance for the parents. Breeders administer the initial vaccinations and deworm the newborns. In addition to a one-year health guarantee, puppies travel to their forever homes with a certificate from a veterinarian. A $25 deposit must be placed on the waiting list for AKC-registered puppies. As soon as the litter is born, you must provide a deposit of $400. After five weeks, you may visit the farm to view your puppies.

Location: Warsaw, New York
Phone: (585) 689-4369
Email: [email protected]

White Stone Goldens

The most excellent English Cream is White Stone Goldens. Golden Retrievers have OFA certification for their hearts, hips, elbows, and eyes. Since birth, all puppies receive ENS while their owner, Anna, plays with and handles them.

To be placed on the waiting list, a $300 payment is required, refundable until the puppies are 4 weeks old.

You may choose your puppy at 6 weeks, but you will not receive it until 8 weeks. The air shipping price is $450. Or you can schedule a meeting at the breeder’s location.

You will receive AKC registration papers, a health record with a current vaccination and deworming plan, a health certificate from the veterinarian, copies of all parents’ health clearances and championship titles, and a contract with a health guarantee.

Location: Utica, New York
Phone: (315) 941-2292
Email: [email protected]

River Valley Goldens

River Valley Goldens is a tiny breeder with five healthy English Cream Golden Retrievers and a gorgeous 17-acre home.

$250 is required to be placed on the waiting list. Your initial River Valley puppy will be AKC-registered. After confirmation, you must pay fifty percent of the balance and the remaining fifty percent after six weeks.

Breeders typically do not deliver the puppies unless you have made prior arrangements. You are responsible for collection. River Valley Goldens offers care for $350 per week in the event of late pickup.

Location: Norwich, New York
Phone: (607) 244-2621
Email: [email protected]

Corbec Farm

Corbec Farm is one of the best breeders of goldie puppies within a three-and-a-half-hour trip from the New York metropolitan area. The Walsh couple adores Golden Retrievers as much as they adore their hilltop horse property. They are members for the life of the GSGR, GRC, and CNGRCA. In the 25 years of breeding, no dog has been diagnosed with an inherited ailment. The Walshs raise their dogs at home and not in a kennel.

  • Health Certificate
  • 5 Generation Pedigree
  • AKC Registration form
  • Health Certificate
  • Shot and Worming Record

Location: Nineveh, New York
Phone: (607) 693-2682

Adirondac Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers from the Adirondacks are specially trained to be enthusiastic hunters, drug sniffers, friends, and service animals. The proprietor Carol M. Lantiegne has a stellar reputation. She has been breeding Golden Retrievers for over 30 years and is committed to producing the finest specimens.

Every puppy is sold with a restricted AKC registration. Adirondack distributes the puppies with copies of the AKC registration, the health certificates of the parents, and the pedigree. Additionally, you will receive a health certificate, and the infant will be dewormed. Genetic illnesses are evaluated and guaranteed. To be placed on the waiting list, a $100 (refundable) fee is required, followed by a $400 deposit upon the birth of the litter. Prices typically begin between $3,000 and $3,500.

Location: Mexico, New York
Phone: (315) 963-8403
Email: [email protected] 

Moonlit Meadows Golden Retrievers

Since thirty years ago, Moonlit Meadows has been breeding healthy, high-quality Golden Retrievers. The OFA-tested and certified parent canines can produce vivacious offspring.

Hips, elbows, the heart, and the eyes are examined in addition to genetic testing for inherited disease. A non-refundable $300 fee is required to reserve a spot on the waiting list.

Location: Rushville, New York
Phone: (585) 554-4424

Life Is Golden 

Life is Golden is a modest breeder in Bath, New York, with three lovely females and one male. Their consumers are delighted with the furry companions’ quality, so you need not worry.

The recent litter is fully reserved. You can get on their waiting list by contacting them. You will be informed when a dam is expected. $1800 is the price for both male and female puppies.

Location: Bath, New York
Email: [email protected] 

Short History of the Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden Retriever is a sports dog breed established in Scotland in the nineteenth century as a gundog and water retriever to help hunters retrieve game birds. It reaches 21.5 to 24 inches (55 to 61 cm) at the withers and weighs 55 to 75 pounds. It is typically a robust, all-purpose dog and an outstanding swimmer (25 to 34 kg). Its thick, golden brown coat is long on the neck, thighs, tail, and back of the legs and can be any shade. First exhibited in England in 1908, the Golden Retriever was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1925. Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The breed is known for its friendliness, gentleness, and willingness to work, making it an ideal family companion. Golden Retrievers are frequently trained as guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Beautiful Golden Retriever dog in New York


We hope that this article has been helpful to you in your search for the perfect Golden Retriever breeder. There are many things to consider when choosing a breeder, but hopefully, we’ve given you some ideas about how to go about it! The most important thing is that you find someone who cares about their dogs as much as they care about yours and who will train them well, so they are ready for adoption or re-homing at no extra cost.

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  1. I had an excellent experience with Stacy at Golden Beauties Driven to doodles ( and her breeding program. She trained for basic manners and potty while my puppy stayed with her, Lucy is now getting her CGC and hopefully soon will be my new service dog as well, She has helped me immensely. My disabilities had prevented me from taking part in a lot of activities and now with Lucy’s help and most importantly because of Stacy and her program and amazing dogs I am able to live my life again. I can not thank her enough!

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