Top Golden Retriever Breeders in UK [2024] | List of 8 Local Breeders

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. They are friendly, easy to train, and make good watchdogs. They can also be a little neurotic due to their high intelligence, which can be overcome with regular exercise. If you want to own a Golden Retriever, below is the list of the top breeders in the UK.

Top Golden Retriever Breeders in the UK

Bonsaviour RetrieversStaffordshire, UK(7736) 673-783
Fallowfen Training KennelsNottinghamshire, UK(1636) 821-600
Harmony Golden RetrieverBirkenhead, UK(7441) 416-824
Haydengold Golden RetrieversLeicestershire, UK(1530) 830-604[email protected]
GaytonwoodNorthampton, UK(1604) 832-094[email protected]
CatcombeWiltshire, UK(7951) 144-996[email protected]
Little Close KennelsNottinghamshire, UK(7773) 101-849[email protected]
Lovissa Golden RetrieversWest Midland, UK(1215) 209-957[email protected]

Bonsaviour Retrievers

Bonsaviour Retrievers is proud to be the breeder of purebred Golden Retrievers. Not only are all dogs members of the breeder’s family, but they also receive the highest level of care. Puppies are socialized with the household’s youngsters and raised in a loving and nurturing atmosphere.

Bonsaviour Retrievers is located in the picturesque tiny town of Whinston, and parents produce all puppies with long-established, confirmed bloodlines. Bonsaivour Retrievers only have three to four litters yearly and are fed a raw meat and vegetable diet with extra vitamins.

As pups are carefully planned and reared in the home, it is advisable to reserve a puppy from a planned litter. A deposit of 300 pounds is required to reserve a puppy, and each Golden Retriever puppy now costs 3,000 pounds.

Location: Staffordshire, UK
Website: Bonsaviour Retrievers
Phone: (7736) 673-783

Fallowfen Training Kennels

Their specialty is the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers bred by Fallowfen Training Kennels. Additionally, they provide Gundog Training Courses, Pet Obedience, and Pet Obedience Training.

All of their stud dogs and Kennel Club-accredited breeders are documented. Before being placed in their new homes, all puppies are thoroughly socialized and screened for health.

In addition, the puppies are microchipped, dewormed, accompanied by a puppy pack, and come with six weeks of complimentary insurance. If you’re new to bringing a puppy into your house, you’ll be pleased to know that the puppies come with 24/7 aftercare support and service for as long as you own them.

Location: Nottinghamshire, UK
Website: Fallowfen
Phone Number: (1636) 821-600

Harmony Golden Retriever

Harmony Golden Retriever takes pleasure in breeding Golden Retrievers ethically. Not only are all pups socialized before going to their new homes, but you also receive a comprehensive health guarantee and, if necessary, puppy transportation.

All pups sold by Harmony Golden Retriever include an ISO microchip, a health guarantee, playthings and snacks, and much more. Also included is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On their website, they list the Golden Retriever pups, and there are also owner testimonials. If you’re interested in learning more about how they grow their puppies, they have a section on their website that describes everything they do from week one to week eight.

Location: Birkenhead, UK
Website: Harmony Golden Retriever
Phone: (7441) 416-824

Haydengold Golden Retrievers

Haydengold Golden Retrievers has access to some of the most significant lines from the United Kingdom and Australia while being a very small breeder. They breed Golden Retrievers seldom and strive to create dogs true to kind.

Before breeding, all dogs are screened for genetic disorders, and the website has information on both male and female dogs.

If you are interested in purchasing one of their Golden Retrievers, you must do it as soon as possible. You may also see picture albums and puppy albums on their website and information on their show results.

Location: Leicestershire, UK
Website: Haydengold
Phone: (1530) 830-604
Email: [email protected]


Gaytonwood maintains a small kennel consisting primarily of Golden Retrievers and has always sought to raise obedient canines. All dogs are screened for hip, elbow, and eye issues, and they breed sometimes. While Gaytonwood has temporarily suspended training, they generally provide programs for many breeds of dogs, including puppy obedience, basic obedience, and more. In addition, they carry food and health supplements to ensure your puppy receives the proper nutrients.

Location: Northampton, UK
Website: Gayton Wood
Phone: (1604) 832-094
Email: [email protected]


At Catcombe, they are kennel club-accredited breeders that seek to create healthy and content Golden Retrievers. Approximately nine Golden Retriever dogs presently live at the Wiltshire, England, cottage.

All dogs can wander the area, and their eyes, hips, and elbows have been examined. Dogs are also subjected to DNA testing, and the website highlights their two primary breeding strains, the working strain, and the show strain.

It is essential to have a clear concept of which strain you like. Catcombe does not frequently breed pups, but when they do, you can rest confident that they are of the most excellent quality.

Location: Wiltshire, UK
Website: Catcombe
Phone: (7951) 144-996
Email: [email protected]

Little Close Kennels

They breed Golden Retrievers, Chocolate Labradors, and Nova Scotia duck-tolling retrievers at Little Close Kennels. Not only are they a council-licensed family-run breeder, but their dogs are also family members.

While there is not a great deal of material on their website, they provide a solid summary of the breed of Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are a fantastic choice for families due to their calm temperaments.

They are easily trained, eager to please, and naturally gregarious. Little Close Kennels also offers a newsletter you may sign up for if you want additional information.

Location: Nottinghamshire, UK
Website: Little Close Kennels
Phone: (7773) 101-849
Email: [email protected]

Lovissa Golden Retrievers

The last breeder of Golden Retrievers in the United Kingdom is “Lovissa Golden Retrievers.” The tiny breeders of Lovissa Golden Retrievers are located in West Midland. All their dogs reside with the breeders and their children at home.

Although they breed very seldom, you can rest confident that when they do, the puppies undergo rigorous health screening and are bred from only healthy dogs. They provide information about their male and female canines and upcoming litters and pups on their website.

Their news section highlights the competitions and shows in which their Golden Retrievers participate. There are also photographs and a guestbook if you like to write remarks.

Location: West Midland, UK
Website: Lovissa Golden Retrievers
Phone: (1215) 209-957
Email: [email protected]

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

Golden Retrievers are very loyal, affectionate, playful, and intelligent dogs. They can learn new tricks quickly and make great pets for families with children. Unlike other breeds of dogs, golden retrievers are not aggressive or destructive; they are too busy playing all day long to bother anyone else. Golden Retrievers are not the breed that will bark at strangers on their walks through town; instead, they will stay close by your side while you enjoy your time together as a family unit.

Golden Retrievers are very popular in the UK


Golden Retriever is an ideal dog for almost everyone. This calm, docile and playful dog is also pretty intelligent. They will be your best friend if you get one as a pet. This dog loves to play and can live in apartments and houses with you and your family. They are incredibly playful dogs, so they need a lot of exercises.

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