Golden Retriever Breeders in Georgia [2024] | List of 8 Local Breeders

Georgia is a beautiful state that offers many different dog breeds to choose from. The Georgia dog breeders listed below have been hand-selected for their love of dogs and ability to care for your best friend. Each breeder will offer you the best advice on choosing your new family member, whether they are looking for purebred puppies or adults.

List of Golden Retriever Breeders in Georgia

Syrah GoldensJefferson, Georgia

(678) 863-7591[email protected]
Long May You Run KennelsCumming, Georgia(404) 543-5474[email protected]
Dreaming Tree GoldensAtlanta, GeorgiaN/A[email protected]  
Coach’s GoldensAlpharetta, Georgia

(404) 915-2078[email protected]
Golden Honey KennelDuluth, Georgia

(770) 757-3409[email protected]
Charming GoldensCarrollton, Georgia(770) 856-6888[email protected]  
Bella Notte PuppiesMcDonough, Georgia(916) 613-3270[email protected]  
Loveline Golden RetrieversDouglasville, Georgia


Syrah Goldens

They are not your usual commercial dog breeder who breeds Golden Retrievers. They are members of The Golden Retriever Club of America, which breeds for quality rather than quantity. Their objective for the past 15 years has been to maintain the Golden Retriever breed standard by creating healthy dogs with excellent conformation and temperaments. In addition to creating exceptional examples of this attractive dog breed, they ensure that all their breeding dogs undergo the appropriate eye, joint, and heart health testing.

They provide a health guarantee, AKC (American Kennel Club) registration, microchipping, and current vaccinations with every puppy they sell. What else could a responsible dog owner possibly require? Their purebred sires and dams are imported from reputable breeders in Russia, Hungary, and Scotland, where the Golden Retriever breed originated.

Syrah Goldens works with new owners to educate them on various pet care subjects, including responsible pet management, the significance of socialization, and the Golden Retriever breed’s specific needs. Remember that a deposit will be required to reserve a puppy from one of their subsequent litters if they do not presently have any puppies available.

Location: Jefferson, Georgia
Phone: (678) 863-7591
Email: [email protected]

Long May You Run Kennels

They are a tiny hobby breeder specializing in producing superior English Cream Golden Retrievers. As hobby breeders, they raise Golden Retrievers for the love of the breed, not for financial gain. They try to enhance the breed with each generation, producing top-quality, pedigreed puppies with the distinctive laid-back demeanor of the Golden Retriever.

Their Golden Retrievers are not confined in unclean kennels; they are born and reared in the family home. Thus, they ensure that each puppy receives ample lap time, socialization, and love from an early age.

Before adoption, all of their English Cream Golden Retriever puppies are inspected by a professional veterinarian for potential genetic diseases and given all essential immunizations and deworming. They believe sufficient diet and early neurological stimulation are vital to a puppy’s development. They endeavor to breed Golden retrievers with placid demeanors that will bring years of happiness and satisfaction as ideal family pets.

Location: Cumming, Georgia
Phone: (404) 543-5474
Email: [email protected]

Dreaming Tree Goldens

They are a small, ethical, family-owned breeder with over 11 years of expertise that breed and trains Golden Retrievers of the highest quality in their own house. Dreaming Tree Goldens is committed to producing Golden Retrievers with near-perfect health clearances from great European lineages.

Their primary objective is to breed Golden Retriever puppies with lovely personalities and temperaments while also doing all essential deworming, vaccines, and socialization procedures. However, this is not their only objective; they want to produce calm, content, and healthy puppies.

Dreaming Tree Goldens also provides high-quality training for all puppies in their kennel so that even when you bring one home, your new puppy will be ready to accept directions while retaining its naturally happy personality.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Email: [email protected]

Coach’s Goldens

The objective of Golden Retrievers by Coach Strickland, a retired baseball coach with over 25 years of experience breeding and rearing Golden Retrievers, is to improve the breed with each litter while delivering high-quality family pets.

Coach’s Goldens adhere to the most stringent breeding standards for Golden Retrievers and always take extra care of their puppies. Any puppy you get from them will have been fully socialized, vaccinated, dewormed, and health tested for potential health problems, so you won’t have to worry about its health and longevity. In addition to offering shipping services for their pups, many of their puppies have been adopted by families throughout the United States.

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Phone: (404) 915-2078
Email: [email protected]

Golden Honey Kennel

In 2005, they began breeding Labrador Retrievers at their tiny, family-owned kennel. Golden Honey Kennel currently specializes in breeding Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers of the highest quality, utilizing their knowledge and experience through dealing with Labradors.

They prioritize flawless conformation, a calm demeanor, and kindness while breeding. Therefore, their Golden Honey puppies succeed equally as show dogs and home pets.

Golden Honey Kennels does regular health checks, vaccines, dewormings, and microchipping on all of its puppies to guarantee that they mature into healthy adult dogs. In addition, their puppies are housebroken and adequately socialized from a young age, so they behave nicely in their new homes. If you purchase one of their Golden Honey puppies, you will receive a wallet with a two-year health guarantee, health documents, and AKC registration paperwork.

Location: Duluth, Georgia
Phone: (770) 757-3409
Email: [email protected]

Charming Goldens

Ed and Karen Harman, a married couple, are responsible Golden Retriever breeders located on a 170-acre farm where their dogs are free to roam. Charming Goldens conform entirely to the GRCA Code of Ethics, producing AKC champion pups.

Each of their adorable Golden Retriever puppies is screened for potential health problems, immunized, dewormed, and microchipped. With over 30 years of expertise in the breeding and raising of premium Golden Retrievers, they are familiar with all the unique characteristics of this lovely dog breed.

In addition to breeding Golden Retrievers and providing stud services, they also serve as a rescue facility for homeless Golden Retrievers. Charming Goldens is the best option among all the reputable Georgia Golden Retriever breeders.

Location: Carrollton, Georgia
Phone: (770) 856-6888
Email: [email protected]

Bella Notte Puppies

They are not a kennel where dogs are confined. Therefore the Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles, and Poodles at Bella Notte have sufficient space and freedom to develop happily and healthily.

All of their Golden Retriever puppies and parents undergo DNA and health tests, immunizations, deworming and microchipping as they meticulously adhere to protocol regarding their breeding programs.

Due to the importance of early socialization in producing well-adjusted puppies, their dogs are socialized with humans and other animals from a young age so that the puppies they make may fit into any loving home.

Location: McDonough, Georgia
Phone: (916) 613-3270
Email: [email protected]

Loveline Golden Retrievers

They are a modest, ethical hobby breeder with over two decades of experience with Golden Retrievers. Loveline Golden Retrievers is committed to respecting the breeding standards established by the Golden Retriever Club of America and the American Kennel Club for the Golden Retriever breed.

Their ultimate objective is to create healthy, high-quality Golden Retrievers that excel as working, hunting, service, and therapy dogs. They engage in early socializing and administer the required genetic health screenings, immunizations, deworming, and microchipping.

Location: Douglasville, Georgia

Tips When Choosing a Golden Retriever Breeder

  • Check the breeder’s references. You can ask for a list of previous dogs or puppies purchased from the same breeder and how they were treated.
  • Ask about health guarantees. A good breeder will offer you a health guarantee. Still, you should ensure that it covers every aspect of your puppy’s life (including vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, and heartworm testing/combination vaccine). If there are any gaps in coverage or if it doesn’t include certain diseases like parvovirus or coronavirus (check with your vet), this is not an appropriate guarantee for you to purchase from this particular kennel!
  • Ask about their experience with Golden Retrievers before bringing one home into their family (or not). For example: What has been their experience raising Golden Retrievers? How long have they had these dogs around them? Have any problems happened during training sessions with these dogs before now?

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

The Golden Retriever is an amiable and loving dog, which makes it a great family dog. They are also excellent with children because they have a gentle nature that makes them perfect for playtime with your children. Golden Retrievers make excellent guard dogs as well. They bark when they sense something unfamiliar or aggressive approaching them, but they don’t bite unless necessary to protect their owners or home from harm.

Beautiful Golden Retriever – find your own from a breeder in Georgia


Georgia is home to many great breeders dedicated to caring for dogs and preserving their unique characteristics. This article was written to help you find a breeder to get you off on the right foot when it comes time to adopt your new pup.

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