Golden Retriever Breeders in Nova Scotia [2024] | List of 4 Local Breeders

The Golden Retriever is a popular breed of dog. It’s a large dog that was initially bred for hunting but has since become an excellent family pet. If you are looking for a Golden Retriever breeder in Nova Scotia, this guide will help you choose the right ones.

List of Golden Retriever Breeders in Nova Scotia

Northern Cross Golden RetrieverCape Breton Island, Nova ScotiaN/A[email protected]
Starlings Golden RetrieversTruro Nova Scotia(705) 689-3083[email protected]
Graystone KennelsItaly Cross, Nova Scotia(902) 541-0576[email protected]
Forevergold Reg’d Golden RetrieversKentville, Nova ScotiaN/A[email protected]

Northern Cross Golden Retriever

Northern Cross has been passionate about and active with Golden Retrievers for twenty years. Our foundation female came from my great friend Teresa Mauro’s “sister” kennel, Southern Cross, in Tamworth, New Hampshire. We are a small-scale, family-owned hobby breeder spanning three generations. Northern Cross is not a kennel for profit. Our dogs are born and reared in our home and rest on our beds and furniture. They are raised alongside children, cats, and dogs. We have put puppies on farms and in households for therapy dog training. All of our dogs and their offspring are CKC-registered.

We are located on the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. “Southern Cross Tangled Up in Blue,” Bobbie earned her Canadian Championship in September 2018, following only three weekends of competition. She is also Canine Good Neighbor certified. Bobbie is a gorgeous light golden who had her first litter in July 2019 with Hillock’s Jack Daniels and her second in August 2020 with Harmony’s 24K Chrome.

Northern Cross gives CKC registration papers for your dog, as well as confirmation of hip and elbow clearance, as well as normal OFA heart and eye results for both parents. We guarantee the genetic health of every puppy we sell. We provide a two-year health guarantee and breeder support for life. We encourage all puppy families to remain in contact for the whole of their dog’s life. We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club, Golden Retriever Club of Canada, Maritime Golden Retriever Club, Cape Breton Kennel Club, and Pictou County Kennel Club.

Location: Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
Email: [email protected]

Starlings Golden Retrievers

We are a tiny Golden Retriever and Miniature Long-haired Dachshund breeder situated just outside Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club, The Golden Retriever Club of Canada, and The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto, we participate in CKC conformation and field competitions. Our whole breeding stock has been granted medical clearance.

Location: Truro, Nova Scotia
Phone: (705) 689-3083
Email: [email protected]

Graystone Kennels

Graystone Kennels is a small dog breeding facility managed by a family near Italy Cross, Nova Scotia. Since 1998, JoAnne and Trevor Sardy have been breeding dogs. We produce CKC-registered golden retriever and golden-Irish (golden retriever x Irish setter) puppies of superior quality. Our objective is to breed for health, temperament, and beauty. Most of our breeding dogs reside in permanent foster homes and are returned to us for breeding. Click on their names to the left to view our pets’ web pages. Images are updated periodically.

Location: Italy Cross, Nova Scotia
Phone: (902) 541-0576
[email protected]

Forever gold Reg’d Golden Retrievers

We are a tiny hobby kennel in Nova Scotia, Canada’s Annapolis Valley. I am in excellent standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and Golden Retriever Club. My dogs are reared as part of the family, reside in our house, and are our primary companions! Our dogs participate in confirmation events around the Maritimes and occasionally go to a few shows in Quebec, Ontario, or the United States.

All canines in my breeding program must possess the necessary health certifications (hip, elbow, eye, and heart). A qualified ophthalmologist conducts annual eye (CERF) exams. On request, copies of all health approvals are accessible.

We breed between 0 and 2 litters every year with extreme care. Our breedings are meticulously orchestrated, and pedigrees are meticulously investigated!! Our puppies are exclusively put in authorized homes; we meticulously screen all possible adopters to guarantee they will go to wonderful families! Puppies are sold under CKC non-breeding agreements in addition to our non-breeding agreement, which includes a written three-year health guarantee and a spay/neuter provision. We provide lifelong assistance and urge everyone to stay in touch.

Location: Kentville, Nova Scotia
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Golden Retriever Breeder

  • Check the breeder’s credentials.
  • Ask the breeder to show you the parents and puppies.
  • Ask the breeder for references.
  • Ask about his breeding program, including how many litters he has produced in the past, how long he has been breeding dogs, whether he is a member of any dog clubs or associations, etc.
  • If possible, visit other Golden Retriever breeders in your area before choosing one. Take time to see if they are running their business according to best practices for responsible pet ownership (e.g., vaccinations, spaying/neutering).

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

If you’re looking for a family dog, the Golden Retriever is one of the most energetic and playful breeds. They are also excellent for families with children because they are very loyal dogs who bond closely with their owners.

Golden Retrievers were originally bred as working dogs (hunting and retrieving), but they’ve become more popular as pets over the years due to their friendly nature and good temperament. These dogs can get along well with other pets, whether with another dog, cat, or bird! The only problem this breed may have is if there aren’t enough walks available during wintertime; otherwise, they’ll keep themselves indoors playing games like fetching balls through tunnels until spring arrives again!

Beautiful puppies of golden retrievers in Nova Scotia

Short History of the Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden Retriever is a dog bred for centuries as a hunting companion and family pet. The dogs were initially bred for their intelligence, loyalty and eagerness to please their human companions. They are friendly, loyal, and eager to please people who train them well.

The Golden Retriever was initially used as a retriever of the game from water, such as ducks or other birds in the fields while hunting with its owner but also used as a guard dog protecting property against thieves who would try to steal things from its owner property while they were away at work (or school).

Today these dogs make excellent family pets because they are known for their intelligence & temperament, making them easy-going around other people, even children!


The Golden Retriever is a beautiful and versatile breed that can be trained to do many things. This breed may be perfect if you want a loving, loyal companion.

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