Golden Retriever Breeders in Alabama [2023] | List of 8 Local Breeders

Golden Retrievers are lovely dogs. They have been around for centuries and are known to be great hunters. These dogs are also known as the “retriever” because they like to retrieve things. Golden Retrievers are very friendly and energetic, making them a great family pet or companion animal if you’re looking for one! Here’s a list of breeders you need to know about if you want to own a Golden Retriever in Alabama:

List of Golden Retriever Breeders in Alabama

White Sand English Golden RetrieversHeadland, Alabama(334) 790-7994
Sweethaven KennelsLafayette, Alabama(706) 594-3702
Southland GoldensTroy, Alabama Alabama(334) 372-7042
Summer Brook Acres English Golden RetrieversChelsea, AlabamaN/A
Kathy’s Golden RetrieversJones, Alabama(507) 220-3412
The Golden CourtMadison, Alabama(305) 607-9579  
The Golden LifeOhatchee, Alabama(256) 454-7238 N/AN/A
Allday Golden RetrieversSelma, Alabama(036) 702-1287

White Sand English Golden Retrievers

In the United States, Golden Retrievers of the AKC English type are bred. They are also referred to as English Golden Retrievers and White Golden Retrievers. They are commonly known as English Cream Golden Retrievers and British Golden Retrievers. Despite all being Golden Retrievers. They intend to breed puppies with excellent temperaments, health, and structure.

They have spent much time examining pedigrees to acquire puppies from the best European lineages. They import all Golden Retrievers of English type from respected European kennels. They go and interact at dog exhibitions. It develops professional links with domestic champion breeders and big dog shows. It promotes a robust community. It increases confidence in their breeding program. Please visit their website for additional details. Only those with an appointment are permitted access. 

Location: Kelly Spivey, Headland, Alabama
(334) 790-7994

Sweethaven Kennels

Sweethaven The breeders of Goldendoodles, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers are reputable. They have stunning Goldendoodles, Poodles, and Golden Retrievers that are healthy. The southern community of Sweethaven is set among undulating farmland and pine trees.

The mission of this dog-loving family is to improve households “one puppy at a time.

There are Sweethaven puppies all across the United States. You’ve discovered a magnificent pet with a great temperament and exceptional bloodlines! They guarantee the health of every puppy they make. Their Sweethaven Families are provided with lifelong breeder care.

At Sweethaven, puppies get vaccinated. They receive a complete veterinary exam. They feature microchips and a Health Guarantee. Additionally, they offer inexpensive Flight Nannies. It is valid for in-cabin delivery or ground transportation in the United States.

Location: Lafayette, Alabama
(706) 594-3702

Southland Goldens

Since 2012, Southland Goldens has bred English Cream Golden Retrievers professionally. They possess the best pedigrees, temperaments, and health certifications of any Retrievers. A tiny family-run kennel that treats all its canines like family members. Their mission is to offer each family content and healthy dog.

They will brand each child with a collar of a particular hue. They distribute weekly videos so that you may observe the puppies’ development after their birth. The selection process begins after six weeks. It is determined by the sequence in which your deposit is received. At eight weeks of age, puppies will be ready for their forever homes.

Location: Troy, Alabama Alabama
(334) 372-7042  

Summer Brook Acres English Golden Retrievers

The Summer Brook Farms Puppies of English Golden Retrievers have European ancestry. They are additionally referred to as English Cream Golden Retrievers. They breed and train their Golden Retrievers from England.

They concentrate on locating exceptional English Golden Retriever puppies. For families seeking a healthy, trainable, and aesthetically pleasing companion. Their beautiful dogs are health-tested and have titles, excellent temperaments, and good pedigrees.

Summer Brook Acres is a premier breeder and trainer of English Golden Retrievers. Nevertheless, they have a more significant objective than offering English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale. They are focused on matching families with exceptional English Cream Golden Retriever puppies.

Some refer to them as “English Cream Golden Retriever Breeders.” When discussing the dogs we breed, the adjective “cream” is avoided. Even if they choose lighter hues, color is not the focus of their program. On their website, Summer Brook, their family, and their breeding program are all highlighted.

All of their breeding dogs have proven temperamental stability. At a minimum, they are all CGC-certified. This is the initial step toward becoming a therapy animal or a competitive obedience dog. All dogs hold obedience titles more advanced than fifty percent of them. 

Location: Chelsea, Alabama

Kathy’s Golden Retrievers

Champion is the family of Kathy’s Golden Retrievers. Jones, Alabama, is located around 35 minutes north of Prattville. Their family pets are Golden Retrievers and they reside on a 6-acre property.

All of their puppies have matured, and their puppies have interacted with their grandchildren since birth. They were captivated by the Goldens’ beautiful eyes and gentle disposition. They are the ideal family pet. They desire all of the wonderful families to adopt their infants.

The parents of both puppies are Golden Retrievers. They cherish their individuality. They are kind and loyal to one another. 

Breed Owner: Charlie and Bama 
Jones, Alabama 
(507) 220-3412 

The Golden Court

The Golden Court is found in the northern Alabama Appalachian region. They began their breeding effort to expand the brilliance of the Retriever breed.

Their litters are exclusive. Because they mix the best English and Golden bloodlines, they are eager to learn and pay close attention, gentle by nature, with silky coats and cheerful spirits.

Their goal is to create healthy Retriever puppies that meet all breed standards. Both the Judge and Jury were selected to be certified, well-trained service dogs. Consequently, they each have a unique personality. It establishes their genetic makeup.

Location: Madison, Alabama
(305) 607-9579

The Golden Life

The Golden Life is a small, family-owned breeding program in Ohatchee, Alabama. They are incredibly loyal to the breed and aim to spread their passion for golden retrievers. They are determined to produce healthy, attractive, and well-adjusted puppies socially.

All of their Golden Retrievers are purebred and AKC-recognized. All puppies are provided with limited AKC registration documents. They provide complete registration for an additional fee. There are three to four litters per year. All of their dog parents have been assessed for health.

At 7-8 weeks of age, the puppies are given to their new families. Before you take your puppy home, it will have had age-appropriate deworming treatments and coccidia prophylaxis. They will deliver their initial vaccinations and a health evaluation from their competent veterinarian.

All puppies are provided with a take-home package. It includes dog food, a blanket, and toys that smell like their mother and siblings. In addition, they will supply a medical record, free pet insurance for 30 days, and more.

Location: Ohatchee, Alabama
(256) 454-7238 

Allday Golden Retrievers

The current location of Allday Golden Retrievers is in Selma, Alabama, along the Alabama River. They pay an additional price to have a puppy airlifted to their new family (through Delta Pet Services).

They will call you within a few weeks of receiving your deposit to schedule a weekend pickup appointment for the puppy. The initial contact will tell you which weekend to reserve.

The second call will set up an appointment for one hour. They will email precise GPS coordinates and driving directions one week before the weekend of puppy pickup. There will be no difficulty in discovering them.

Every Golden Retriever puppy that leaves here will bring years of happiness to a family, and vice versa, which makes both parties happy. They have witnessed many smiles and happy families throughout the years. They have produced many long-lasting friends as a result.

Breed Owner: Homebuilder Alabama
Selma, Alabama
(036) 702-1287

Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Pets?

You will love having a Golden Retriever as a pet. They are very loyal and make excellent pets for children, who can learn how to be responsible owners. Golden Retrievers are also good with other dogs, cats, and even animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs!

Golden retriever in Alabama


The Alabama Retriever breed is a trendy choice for the family pet. These dogs have a lot of fun playing with their owners and are great companions. They are good with children but need to be trained early to know when they should be gentle or aggressive toward them.

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