Best Spoodle Breeders in Australia [2024] | List of 7 Local Breeders

Best Spoodle Breeders in Australia

Spoodles are a fun-loving breed of dog that has been around for a long time. They come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. This breed features floppy ears and intelligent nature. Spoodles are known as Cockapoos in most of the world and are a mix of cocker spaniels and poodles.. They can be found in most states across Australia, with some concentration in Sydney and New South Wales.

List of best Spoodle breeders in Australia

Bespoke SpoodlesBrisbane, Queensland, Australia(412) 044- 103[email protected]
Springbank SpoodlesAustraliaN/A
Puppies DownunderAustralia(499) 912-709[email protected]
Rubyleigh Designer DogsGoulburn NSW, Australia(411) 561-331
Urban PuppiesMelbourne CBD, Australia(435) 991-144
Western Sydney oodlesEmu Plains, New South Wales, Australia(414) 407-766[email protected]
Cottage Canines AustraliaSydney, NSW, Australia(411) 846-474[email protected]

Bespoke Spoodles

Bespoke Spoodles

Bespoke Spoodles are registered boutique breeders, and are a true family affair. Yes, raising exceptional, well-adjusted social pups, takes lots of time and a true commitment to detail, protocols, ethics and morals. Make no mistake, Bespoke Spoodles are fastidious in all they do. This is the difference between a Bespoke Spoodle and any other.

This exceptional, friendly and well-regarded Australian Breeder runs a highly efficient, curriculum-based breeding program, under the world-class “BadAss Empowered Breeder” banner, which begins when the pups are 3 days old. They relish in empowering their puppies to believe in their own abilities, and to ensure their puppies get the family they deserve, and families get the puppy they need. 

The Bespoke Program’s core objective is focussed on providing healthy, resilient, happy and confident pups, that are ethically bred, DNA tested to the highest standards, and with the most beautiful temperaments.

Bespoke Spoodles are located in sunny Queensland, on the north side of Brisbane, in the leafy quiet suburb of Eatons Hill. They only breed a few litters each year, so we highly recommend that you contact them as soon as possible, to ensure your placement on their wait list for one of their highly sought after Spoodles.

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Owners: Kymberly and Emily Stark
Phone: (412) 044-103
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Springbank Spoodles

Springbank Spoodles is a family-run kennel located in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. Our kennel is located in a rural area and is equipped with professional facilities. Our dogs and pups are an integral part of our family, and we enjoy a laid-back existence on the farm, swimming in the dams and frolicking in the grassy fields.

Standard and miniature F1 and F2 Spoodle puppies are our specialties. Our kennel was founded almost a decade ago. Our Springer Spaniel mothers are bright, friendly, and affectionate household companions. Our poodle fathers have been carefully chosen based on temperament and color to produce gorgeous and well-balanced puppies. Our puppies are socialized with youngsters and farm animals before going to their new homes.

Location:  Australia

Puppies Downunder

Experts with over 45 years of experience in the breeding of puppies. Groodles, Labradoodles, Cavoodles, Spoodles, and Bordoodles are bred to produce certain traits that improve temperament, health, and intellect.

Location: Australia
Phone: (499) 912-709
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Rubyleigh Designer Dogs

We are breeders of Groodles, Spoodles, and Cavoodles, and we enjoy breeding these gorgeous family dogs. We have been dog breeders for many years and have developed a deep affection for these lovely puppy breeds: Groodle, Spoodle, and Cavoodle Puppies. Rubyleigh puppies have been adopted by great Australian families and are arguably among the best family dogs.

Our goal is to give you a happy, healthy, low-shedding puppy that meets your family, personal, and lifestyle requirements. All Rubyleigh Stud pups are subjected to a full breed profile genetic screening to verify that your puppy is not in danger of inheriting genetic diseases. Puppies’ parentage will be determined.

Location: Goulburn NSW, Australia
Phone: (411) 561-331

Urban Puppies

Dog breeding is an enormous responsibility, and you can rest assured that we do not take it lightly. Not only do we aim to produce contented and healthy puppies, but we also ensure that all of our mothers have only the finest qualities. Being a relatively small breeder enables us to provide our mothers with the necessary care. Walks, dog parks, regular veterinary checkups, and the occasional train excursion into Melbourne ensure that our girls are well-adjusted and enjoy the entirety of our lovely city.

This exposure and attention have contributed to our girls’ outgoing and friendly personalities. We believe this trait is carried on to their puppies, who quickly adapt to their new environments. We endeavor to breed only the healthiest puppies at Urban Puppies. DNA testing allows us to reduce the likelihood that our puppies will inherit a variety of disorders. Reducing the risk of genetic illnesses will benefit your new family member not just now but for the rest of their lives. It will prevent costly vet visits and the stress and suffering that accompany them.

Location: Melbourne CBD, Australia
(435) 991-144

Western Sydney oodles

We are AAPDB Beeder, a Sydney, Australia-based company. We are based in the western Sydney neighborhood of Penrith. Oodle Breeds are prevalent due to their affectionate natures and fleece, non-shedding coats. We have years of experience in the dog breeding industry. Groodles, Mini Spoodles, and Mini Cavoodles are our specialized dog breeds. This guarantees that our puppies are healthy, content, and suitable for families and therapy work.

To make the transition from our loving home to yours as smooth as possible, we strive to breed the best possible dogs, educate their new owners, and ensure that these precious animals receive the care they deserve.

Location: Emu Plains, New South Wales, Australia
Facebook Page:
Phone: (414) 407-766  
Email: [email protected]

Cottage Canines Australia

Together, registered breeders strive to improve household pets’ quality, health, and temperament. We are veterinary-approved and audited breeders whose canines are also our pets. We initiate early socialization, and the dogs and puppies are family members.

Available for counselling and aftercare, offering families continuous guidance and support. This is a service in which we take great delight and pleasure. Services include puppies, rehoming, kitten adoptions, hand-raised birds, and more. We are pleased to assist families in making the best choices, which may not involve a dog from our kennel. However, we will point you toward the most suited companion.

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone: (411) 846-474
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the spoodle Breed

The spoodle is a cross between a poodle and a spitz. It was first bred in the United States but has become very popular in Australia.

The history of the Spoodle breed dates back to the early 1900s when a Cocker Spaniel (English or American) and Poodle were crossed with each other. Their descendants were then bred together to make new types of dogs that would suit different environments better than either parent would alone. The result was an adorable little dog with long legs and ears (the most apparent trait), which are called “Spoodles” in Australia but Cockapoos in the rest of the world!

A studio photo of a spoodle
Spoodles have lots of energy!

Tips When Choosing a spoodle Breeder

  • Ask to see the parents. This can be an excellent way to get a feel for whether your spoodle will be healthy and well-adjusted.
  • Ask if they have a health guarantee. A health guarantee is important because it means that your new puppy will be born with all its instincts intact and won’t have any genetic problems in its genes or DNA, which could cause serious health issues later in life (or even death).
  • Ask if they have any spoodle puppies available for sale at this time. It’s always better to see what kind of personality they’re bred from first-hand rather than just reading about them online!
  • Ask how long they’ve been breeding spoodles before selling them as pets; this is especially important since many people assume that every breeder has been around longer than they are–and that could lead them to make poor decisions about which type of dog would suit their needs best!

Do spoodle Make Good Pets?

Spoodles are friendly and outgoing, but they can be a bit hyperactive. They love to play, so it’s essential to keep them busy with lots of exercises. Spoodles make good pets for children and other animals because they won’t bite unless threatened or angry at something.

Spoodles also need attention from their owners—especially when you first get one! The best way to train your spoodle is by playing games like hide-and-seek or fetching toys until you teach him how to behave around people without being scolded for misbehavior like eating dirt on the floor or chewing up shoes.


The Spoodle is a great breed to have as your companion. They are very friendly and playful, making them great pets for people who have kids. The best part about them is that they don’t require much maintenance, so you can leave your pet in the care of someone else while still having complete control over its food and grooming needs!

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