Do Weimaraners Howl? [8 Reasons]

do Weimaraners howl

Are you a proud owner of a Weimaraner and wondering if they howl? Well, wonder no more, dear friends! As a fellow Weimaraner lover, I’ve received many questions about this topic, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

So, do Weimaraners howl?

The answer is yes, they do. In fact, Weimaraners have a high vocal range and are known to howl for various reasons. These reasons can include reacting to high tones, seeking attention, warning of danger, separation anxiety, making contact with other dogs, medical issues, showing an injury, or expressing sexual desire.

As a responsible owner, it’s crucial to be aware of your furry friend’s howling behavior and understand the underlying reasons behind it. With the right knowledge and approach, you can help your Weimaraner feel safe, happy, and comfortable. So, let’s explore the world of Weimaraners and howling, and discover some possible solutions that you can apply to your furry friend.

Weimaraners howl to react to high tones: #1

One of the reasons why I love Weimaraners is their howling. But I’m not talking about their continuous troublesome barking.

Sometimes their howl is so funny. Mostly when I stay home, I use my whistle to make a high pitch noise. Then I can enjoy a beautiful canine opera.

To be honest, now, when I’m writing this, my neighbor’s dog howling at a high pitch sound of a bun vehicle. But the common problem is Weimaraners’ howling or screaming can be slightly annoying to you and your neighborhood.

Even though Weimaraners have a high vocal range, it’s not better than what the Huskies have. But Their vocal range is a bit similar to the Husky.

Some of the certain sounds, noises can make Weimaraners howl. Typically, dogs tend to howl as they hear sirens. I mean, those sounds can be of an ambulance, firefighters, or police. 

Maybe those triggers are some kind of music coming from your TV or stereo. But the fact of the matter is the Weimaraners usually howl when that trigger stops and starts.

see talking weimaraner

I know it is annoying most of the time. But it’s kind of natural behavior of the Weimaraners or simply dogs since the time of their ancestors.

Although Weimamraners’ howl funny or annoying to people, we need to understand what makes them for howling. So it will help you to understand to avoid it. 

So if your Weimaraner howl at high pitch noises, don’t worry. You cannot do anything. it’s a natural trait. But you can turn off the trigger.

Weimaraners howl when they feel danger: #2

Even though Weimaraners’ screaming can be annoying in some cases, it can be so beneficial too. If an intruder enters your garden in the middle of the night, obviously, he will attack.

But let’s say someone walking along the road at midnight. The only choice the Weimaraners have is to scream. Weimaraners used to howl when need to send a signal to other unknown dogs. That signal something like “be ready guys.”

As I mentioned above, this can happen when a stranger walks down the street at midnight. Otherwise, when a new car park in front of the yard.

If he sleeps with you in the house, how does it feel when they scream? It will be so bothersome, and you will get even angry.

I mean, Weimaraners are talented and so much alert breed. So they tend to bark at even small sounds while we are sleeping. Believe me, it’s very frustrating.

But you can train your Weimaraner to keep from howling at night. Go through the article, I’m going to give you some awesome tips and tricks to solve such problems.

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When they need attention: #3

Sometimes Weimaraners used to howl as they need to grab your attention toward them. How intelligent there are, isn’t it?

I mean, their howl manages to get our attention. Sometimes Weimaraners tend to howl as they feel bored, need to play with you. Moreover, It can happen even if they feel hungry.

Let’s say you are sitting on the couch and watching TV. If your Weimaraner wanna grab your attention, he will come to you and paw on you or rub his head.

What happens when you get home a few hours later? Your Weimaraner will howl and dance in front of you. This means he welcomes you, and you should give him some attention. Cuddle him and say, “good boy, I’m back.”

Sometimes you may feel something like “Are Weimaraners dump?” Because they have some unique behaviors which are unusual.

Since many Weimaraners used to scream or howl with the aim of gaining attention, You don’t wanna worry too much about it.

But, try to give some extra attention if you are a really busy person. Give exercises on a daily basis. Because you cannot adopt a Weimaraner if you aren’t passionate about exercise.

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Weimaraners tend to howl as the owner away from home and Separation anxiety: #4

Mostly your Weimaraners can howl because of separation anxiety or loneliness. Their howl can be increased at night more than during the day.

We can realize the reasons for this when we think of their ancestors. Their ancestors are wolves. They use to howl if one of them suddenly missed their pack.

So in this case, you are one of the members of his pack. That’s why most Weimaraners used to howl as their owners away from home. But it can be due to separation anxiety too.

Weimaraners howl

You can understand if your Weimaraner has separation anxiety by doing a simple activity. When you going for a late-night movie or dinner, stay for a while in front of your house.

Then listen carefully. If your dog suffering from separation anxiety, you will hear small whining from your Weimaraner. What happens here is your dog missed you and he trying to call you back as their ancestors did.

If Weimaraners have separation anxiety, they usually howl, whine, bark sometimes dig until their owner arrives back home.

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Weimaraners howl to make contact with other dogs: #5

When we consider the origin of your dog, it was about 15000 years ago. But they are wolves. That genes have to your Weimaraner as well as other dogs.

Typically Weimaraners howl when they feel lonely or bored. Then they communicate with other nearby dogs and howl until someone stops them. 

Suppose you have a big farm or a significant area for your home. In that case, your Weimaraner will howl provide the location to your other dogs. It’s like a telephone call between your dogs.

Suddenly, they get an answering scream from one of his nearby friends. They will not stop until someone intervenes and makes them quiet.

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Due to sexual desire: #6

Usually, male Weimaraners howl to get some attraction to female dogs. To be honest, It’s not a unique trait only for this breed. It’s typical behavior among dogs.

I mean, he will start to look at you and scream to show you the injury. They are smart enough to understand that they can take medicines by showing the injury to their owners.

Weimaraners howl as they want to show an injury: #7

Normally human behavior is crying when they hurt. It’s no difference when we consider dogs. Weimaraners also howl to release their pain.

I mean he will start to look at you and scream to show you the injury. They are smart enough to understand that they can take medicines by showing the injury to their owners.

Due to medical issues: #8

If your dog howl or act unusually, probably they need medical attention. As other dogs do Weimaraners also howl and cry when they feel pain when sickness or injury situations. 

So if you notice your dog howling continuously and unusually, check your dog for any visible wounds or injuries. However, you should bring him to consult a veterinarian.

Weimaraners react to the whistle

How to train your Weimaraners to stop to howl?

As we discussed above, the Weimaraners tend to howl for the above reasons. But it can be too annoying to you and your neighbors as well. So it’s necessary to train them to stop howling. 

But we shouldn’t hurt them to stop them from howling. If your Weimaraners howl without medical issue or any reason, absolutely, we need to find a way to stop it. 

  • You need to understand whether your dog has separation anxiety or not. Stay and spend time with your dog when he brings your home. Separation anxiety is not an easy thing. It’s a tough thing to deal with. So keep some toys and chewing things to your Weimaraners. 
  • Don’t ignore them. Give your attention to them as much as you can. It’s better to have another dog in your home. It will help to avoid Weimaraners’ howl when you are away from your home. 
  • If he gets used to howling every time, try to get their attention whenever they howl. Simply you can do it by showing his favorite toy when they howl. Keep practicing the “Quiet” command to him. 
  • Show a delicious puppy treats and say the “Quiet” command. If he quite, say “good boy” or “good girl” and reward him. Don’t give puppy treats when they howling. They cannot realize what they need to do to get treats from you. So continue that exercise. You will able to stop your Weimaraners’ howl with the time. 


Most people love Weimaraners. But what people don’t like is their howling. So it’s fair to have a problem like “Do Weimaraners howl?”. This entire article is an in-depth review of it. You can see a quick overview below. 

  • Introduction
  • Why do they howl? 
  • How to train your dog to stop to howl?

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