Are Weimaraners Good Family Dogs? [Explained For Beginners]

Are Weimaraners good family dogs?

Many love this highly energetic hunting dog breed. But, the matter is people curious to know if Weimaraners are good family dogs. So, I interviewed 9 Weimaraner owners and crafted helpful content just for you.

Here is whether Weimaraners are good family dogs.

A Weimaraner can become a good family dog. However it depends on the both owner’s and dog’s personality, age, health status, past experience, exercise amount, & attention. They are perfectly suited for a family that loves stubborn, Intelligent, aloof, powerful, fast, steady, alert, energetic breed.

But being aware of their temperament is not sufficient. There are so many facts and problems that you need to be aware of before adopting a Weimaraner. I’m so excited to share all the information with you. So, let’s dive right in.

The temperament of Weimaraners and the family nature they can adopt

So here’s a quick overview to help you determine if Weimaraner dogs are right for your family.

If you like a dog that has these characteristics.

  • High energetic, engaging with strenuous exercise and athletic activities.
  • Has a smooth, low maintenance coat.
  • Has a huge body, powerfully muscular, athletic dog.
  • He Can engage with hunting all day long.
  • Full alert watchdog and guard dog. 
  • Very loyal

Weimaraner dogs will fit in with your family.

living with Weimaraners

If you don’t like a dog that has these characteristics

  • Strenuous exercise requirements
  • Aggressive towards other creatures.
  • He needs a good leader. 
  • Weimaraners quickly become bored and howl when they are alone.
  • Rough. Too much jumping. They can jump 4 feet walls easily.

Weimaraner dogs won’t fit in with your family.

What is the best fit for a family among adult Weimaraners and puppies?

Weimaraners are high-energy dogs and you need to think a lot before you get him as a family dog. Weimaraners will be somewhat calmer after about 5 years of age.

For an adult Weimaraner:

  • Choosing an adult dog can help you avoid some negative traits. Because the negative traits of the Weimaraners disappear as they mature. 
  • You can find grown Weimaraners dogs for your family from an animal shelter or rescue team.
  • Training can be a little bit harder rather than a new puppy. 
  • Suddenly you have to change your lifestyle to fit the dog.
    • They need more exercise. So you need at least daily long walks.
    • Since the Weimaraners fit in with an active family, you need to set aside some time each day for him.
    • Train your kids on how to behave around a dog.
  • If your family has a small baby, I wouldn’t recommend Weimaraners for you.
  • Professional obedience training is essential.

For Weimaraner puppy:

  • You need to find the right breeder and the right puppy to avoid their negative traits.
  • But the problem is that we can’t understand their temperament and health problems until they grow up.
  • You don’t have to change your lifestyle suddenly.
    • You can let them play alone until they get tired.
    • Long distances jogging will not need Weimaraners puppy. Because it can be bad for their joints. 
    • Training can be easy. Even you can do it.

Common characteristics:

They need attention.

Here I wanna emphasize that if you are kind of a busy person or family, obviously you cannot fulfill all the needs and wants that the Weimaraners need. That means, either adult Weimaraner or puppy won’t be suited to your family.

Because they seek attention and need someone to spend time with. If no one stays at home during the day, they are more likely to be distracted and get bored.

But, if you own a business or work from home, in most cases, I can recommend this dog for your family.

Weimaraners are extremely vocal.

This fact is quite funny. There are numerous reasons why do Weimaraners howl. But generally, they tend to howl as they feel bored and it can be so annoying for your neighbors.

Weimaraners have a high prey drive

If you love to adopt small pets like cats, rabbits, Weimaraners will not be the well-suited dog for your family. Because they tend to chase anything that moves.

But, with precise training, Weimaraners can get used to living with cats. Although this breed is quite stubborn, they can learn anything because they are so smart.

Weimaraners are good guard dogs

Weimaraners are good guard dogs and they will sleep with one eye open. Suppose your neighbors’ cat gone into the garden at the night, obviously he will bark till you wake up and calm your Weimaraner down.

Also, these dogs are excellent watchdogs and it would be so beneficial to your family. But, be aware that Weimaraners have a few health issues

Weimaraners are scape artists

Weimaraners are known as escape artists. So it’s necessary to have a securely fenced and gated yard.

Weimaraners are like to cuddle and so affectionate to their family. 

Weimaraners are friendly dogs and they need lots of interactions with humans. If properly socialized, Weimaraners will tolerate other dogs.

Weimaraners are so affectionate and like to cuddle. Without exception, Weimaraners dogs like to be close to their family. They will touch your heart. 

As I mentioned above Weimaraners are vocal. When they are hungry, they will use a special howling technique or pawing at you. Weimaraners are almost comical. 

Weimaraners good family dogs

If there is food on the counter or table, don’t turn your back for a second. They are counter surfers.

Weimaraners want attention, so they will come every time to get hugs and cuddles.

They have a short coat and they may feel cold. Therefore they love to stay under your blanket. They will use your bed, couch, or chairs to take a small nap. Unless Weimaraners are not shed, you no need to worry. But when we consider the Great Pyrenees shedding, that’s too much. 

Do Weimaraners good with babies/childs in your family?

Yes, they are. If your kid is familiar with dogs, this dog will be the perfect companion. We know kids love to play all day. Weimaraners also need to play all day because they have a lot of energy. 

But they may chase small children who are running. Overall, this dog can be a perfect companion for a child over 6 years old. 

Your children need to be taught to behave properly around Weimaraners. Strongly advise to not to do,

  • Pulling their ear or tail
  • Approach to the dog while he is eating.
  • Approach to the dog while he is sleeping.
  • Taking Weimaraners goods away.

Weimaraners can hurt your child in such instances and you don’t need it. When your child runs, the dog will run with him, too. Sometimes they chase your child and end up crossing their path. 

Keep in mind:

Before you bring a dog or puppy into your home, you should teach your children a set of rules to follow. There are a number of things you should consider before buying a new dog. 

Be careful when you offer something to him. Because they can bite your toes without their knowledge.
you need to train your Weimaraners to off leash walking. Otherwise, this large dog can drag your child.

If you live in an apartment, will Weimaraners suit your family?

Obviously, Weimaraners dogs are not suitable for your family if you are living in an apartment. But you can match them with your family. 

Weimaraners require a lot of exercise. We need to keep them mentally stimulated. But we can’t do that without giving them proper exercise. 

So if you are living in an apartment you don’t have a yard too. So plan long walks or jogs every day in order to release their energy keep them healthy physically and mentally. 

If you don’t give them daily exercise, Weimaraners can easily become destructive. Then when you are away from home they will destroy and chew your furniture and everything.


Most people love these high energic Weimaraners dogs. So people like to own them. But the problem is “Are Weimaraners good family dogs?”.  Well, this article is an in-depth guide which is addressing that problem.

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