Why Do Weimaraners Nook? [Is It Bad + How To Avoid]

Why do Weimaraners nook?

Have you ever seen a Weimaraner nook like a little toddler sucking their thumb? It’s just about the cutest thing in the world, right? But have you ever wondered why they do it? Well, we’ve done some research and we’re here to share our findings with you!

First of all, it’s important to note that nooking is a breed-specific behavior of Weimaraners. Many believe that this trait is caused by early separation from the mother, but every Weimaraner has some tendency to nook due to boredom, anxiety, or just before falling asleep. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good snuggle before bed?

But fear not, because there are plenty of things you can do to lessen this behavior in your furry friend. Adequate exercise and mental stimulation can go a long way in keeping your Weimaraner happy, healthy, and less likely to nook excessively.

As responsible Weimaraner owners, it’s important to be aware of this trait and what it can indicate. If your pup is nooking excessively, it could be a sign that they’re feeling anxious or bored, and may need some extra attention and stimulation. So, keep an eye out for this behavior and don’t be afraid to take action if needed!

Overall, nooking is just one of the many adorable quirks that make Weimaraners such wonderful furry companions. So, embrace it, snuggle up with your pup, and enjoy all the love and affection they have to offer!

Weimaraners tend to nook for a variety of psychological and physical reasons

I have a nice friend named Christy who owns a male Weimaraner. So this dog used to nook the kneading behavior of beds, blankets, toys, and soft items as other Weimaraners do.

But as my understanding, that dog hasn’t any kind of psychological or physical problems. He is a happier and healthier dog since his puppyhood.

That is why I mentioned this trait as a breed-specific behavior.

But this trait is kind of strange behavior for this breed because Weimaraners are Energetic, Stubborn, powerful hunting dogs.

I have met about 12 Weimaraner owners and many of them mentioned that sometimes this behavior is kind of annoying for them. But they don’t care much about it.

In fact, It’s actually like a nibble. It is not precisely like sucking. Furthermore, it’s like a suckle on soft toys or blankets as a way of dealing with self-comfort or frustration.

 Weimaraners nook

In the same way, you have several kinds of needs and wants in your life, Dogs also have such needs and wants.

If you can provide a soft thing like a blanket, Weimaraner will be so Satisfactory and they can nook. 

Let me explain the possible reasons for this strange trait.

When They Are About To Sleep

Often we can see this behavior when they are about to sleep. We can expect it from pretty much all the Weimaraners. They will appreciate you if you provide soft things that they can nook.

Due To Early Separation From Their Mother

Many people tend to do these ruthless things. A puppy should be at least 8 weeks old before separate from the mother.

Happy to say many countries have enacted appropriate legislation to prevent such activities.

So, when this happens most Weimaraners tend to nook by using blankets, soft toys. It may feel like breastfeeding them. Although most of them are mature, this habit cannot be overcome.

Weimaraners Nook When They Feel Bored

As both of us know Weimaraners are highly energetic dogs. They are more likely to be bored unless they receive enough strenuous exercise.

They are more likely to be bored unless they receive enough strenuous exercises.

Dog Breeds Experts

Here are some strenuous exercises that you can give.

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Long walks
  • Swimming
  • Running

So plan your days and weeks then set aside a portion of your time to give exercises to your Weimaraner. It’s so beneficial to both you and your dog.

Try to give some exercises in the morning. So they will never get bored throughout the day.

Due To Feeling Anxious

Not just Weimaraners but many other dog breeds are suffering from anxiety because of human activities. So the Weimaraners are more like to nook as they suffer from anxiety.

The Weimaraners can be suffering from separation anxiety quickly when compared to other dog breeds. Their behavior, endless energy, and a lot of factors cause that.

As the majority of people are busy with their 9-5 job, they have less time to spend with their families and dogs.

So many people used to keep their Weimaraners home alone for long hours.

So remember if you are lazy enough or so busy, Weimaraner are not a suitable dog for you.

At what time do Weimaraners nook?

bored weimaraner

Mostly I have noticed Weimaraners tend to nook when they are trying to fall asleep. But for some Weimaraners, there is no specific time for this. 

As I mentioned above, Mostly when they feel bored, anxious, they may be kneaded with their front paws and suck on their favorite toy or blanket.

But the specialty here is that the Weimaraners are quite relaxed and calm when they nook.

But as I mentioned above, Weimaraners tend to nook before bedtime. It’s like reading a fantastic book before bedtime.

So they love to use a blanket or favorite toy for nooking. It obviously makes them so relax. 

See how Weimaraners nook

Maybe the Weimaraners will come to your bed, and he will nook your blanket too. So you can feel Weimaraners are so clingy. Anyhow this trait is a comfort-seeking behavior. 

Do even mature Weimaraners tend to nook?

Absolutely yes. I know the sound is a bit crazy, right? Because Weimaraners are good family dogs and protectors, high energetic, and good hunters. So can we see such traits even in mature dogs? Yes, they do. 

As I mentioned above, it may be a kind of comforting behavior. As human babies grow, they tend to abandon their thumb-sucking behavior.

But the Weimaraners are used to nook during their entire lives. 

Honestly say, I also have seen even bulldogs used to nooking. But it’s not a common thing among Bulldogs. What I mean is, this behavior can happen in any breed.

But mostly this trait can be general among working dog breeds such as,

Often, Weimaraners suffer from anxiety. No matter puppy or young or mature, Any Weimaraner may be suffering from anxiety. So even mature Weimaraners tend to nook alone. 

Is nooking a bad trait?

This is a common problem among all the Weimaraners owners. My friend Cristy’s dog used to nook his blankets too. I know there is a lot of fun with this dog.

But sometimes Weimaraners’ these kinds of strange traits can be annoying. 

 Weimaraners nook

So we have discussed possible reasons for this unusual trait. But whatever the reason, sucking or nooking or nursing on objects isn’t a bad thing. 

But it’s essential to avoid this trait if he destroys whatever the thing they nook.

Important: Nooking is not the same as chewing. Some people think the two are the same. Weimaraners are known as chewing dogs.

So some Weimaraners tend to chew toys and swallow. It’s too dangerous. 

Nooking is not the same as chewing. Some people think the two are the same. Weimaraners are known as chewing dogs. So some Weimaraners tend to chew toys and swallow. It’s too dangerous. 

Dog Breeds Experts

Actually, Weimaraners chewing toys usually last only a few minutes. They can even chew on permanently packaged toys. Weimaraners’ strong jaws can destroy any kind of chew toys within minutes. 

So you have to be mindful when they spend type with toys. You can be mistaken for their chewing as nooking. 

How to avoid this trait

Although these dogs require a lot of attention from you, sometimes you may be too busy at some point in your life. So you have less time to stay with him, and In the meantime, They don’t receive attention as before.

So this can lead to an anxious situation, even mature Weimaraners. Due to that negative mindset, Weimaraners tend to nook more and more.

 Weimaraners nook

Maybe they can nook the blanket first. But after they may be destroying it. So this can be so bothersome in most cases. Due to anxious most Weimaraners howl continuously.

So you can do the following things to avoid Weimaraners’ nook your objects.

  • Give daily hardened exercise. This will help them keep their mind and body healthy.
  • Pay attention to them. Do not reduce it. In some cases, you can be a little bit busy, so possibly one of your family members can do the same job for you. 
  • You can keep safe your stuff from being nooked by giving to your dog a blanket and soft toys. Weimaraners can continue to nook for hours. It’s a handy trick to keep them calmly because this dog is one of the most active breeds.


Most people love Weimaraners. Because this breed is one of the most powerful dog breeds and good hunting dogs, in the meantime, we can see some strange as well through this breed. So there is a common problem among Weimaraners lovers. “Why do Weimaraners nook?”. Well, this article is all about it. You can find a small overview of this article.

  • Introduction
  • Weimaraners tend to nook for a variety of psychological and physical reasons.
  • At what time do they nook? 
  • Do even mature dogs tend to nook?
  • Is nooking a bad trait?
  • How to avoid this trait?

How old is your Weimaraner? Share your funny experiences about Weimaraners with us in the comment section. 

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  1. I love Weimaraners! They’re so cute and cuddly! I don’t think it’s bad at all to nook. It’s just a way to keep them warm and comfortable.

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