Why Are Weimaraners So Clingy? [The Surprising Truth]

Why are Weimaraners so clingy?

Have you ever wondered why Weimaraners are so attached to their families? It’s a common trait for this breed, but what causes it? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Weimaraners and their clinginess.

Naturally, Weimaraners are very clingy to their families and require a lot of attention. This behavior can stem from anxiety or an attempt to dominate their owners. However, there are solutions to this problem, such as providing basic obedience training, daily exercise, and implementing proven tactics.

While Weimaraners’ unusual behaviors can pose challenges, being aware of them is crucial to address and overcome these traits. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll delve deeper into the causes of Weimaraners’ clinginess and provide practical tips for managing this behavior. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation!

Characteristics of clingy Weimaraners

One of my friends has a 2 years old so clingy Weimaraner. He used to follow my friend “Christy” everywhere. Even when Cristy goes to the bathroom, Ruby (the dog) wants to just stay in front of the door until he comes out.

People love these dog breeds because they are extremely attached to their families. So It is a wonderful characteristic of this breed. See the characteristics below and imagine if you had any similar experiences.

Weimaraners are good family dogs. They like to be with you all day long. My friend Christie can’t even sit on their couch freely. Because then the Ruby comes from somewhere and sits on the couch as close to Cristy as possible without actually sitting on him. Then he likes to put his face on Cristy’s shoulder. 

Since the Weimaraners are so clingy to the people, they need tons of attention from us. Even Weimaraners are such an intelligent breed, Weimaraners do dumb things to grab our attention. 

Weimaraners come to you several times per day to get hugs and cuddles. 

The funny thing is Weimaraners don’t like to sleep alone. No matter you are married or not. No matter your privacy. Weimaraners always need to sleep with you. That’s not all, you have to share your blanket as well. They are so talented to lift the blanket with his face and go into it. 

clingy Weimaraner

Weimaraners are jealous and don’t want anyone to come to you. They don’t want to be alone at home, and they usually wait sadly for you. Some Weimaraners howl continuously when they are alone.  

It’s a very unbelievable characteristic for a hunting dog. Weimaraners are so strong, smart, and active like an athlete. But the problem is we cannot expect this kind of unusual characteristic from a hunting dog.

So my friend Christy asked me about that on the phone. He consulted from a professional dog trainer. 

So I would like to share that experience with you in order to remove their unusual characteristics. It cannot happen as they love you. There are several reasons for that.

Why are Weimaraners so clingy?

do Weimaraners howl

No wonder if you think this trait is probably due to their love. But you have to take action. Otherwise, it can be very serious. 

If you are married, you have experienced both of you while bed, Weimaraners tend to jump in between you pull both of you apart. When both you are in bed, probably Weimaraners wait until both you are asleep then plops right in between. My friend told me when they lock him out of their room, the Ruby claws and whines like crazy.

The reason I have shared these experiences with you, then you can understand your Weimaraners’ situation.

So If you have read this so far, you can understand whether your Weimaraners are clingy or not. It can be because of anxiety. Sometimes he may be a dominance issue or Jealousy. 

So let’s understand how to solve this.

If Weimaraners are so clingy, how to solve it?

As I mentioned above, there are several reasons for this,

  • Because of anxiety.
  • Dominance issue
  • Jealousy
  • He needs a friend

If we can solve these problems, The Weimaraners will no longer be so clingy.

Weimaraners clingy

If your Weimaraners have anxiety.

Even Weimaraners are excellent hunting dogs, most of them are suffering from separation anxiety. One of the main indications can be he will start to follow you throughout the house.

Assume your Weimaraner follows you everywhere in the house. How can you stop him? You cannot do it suddenly. It must be a step-by-step process.

Let’s say if he jumps between both of you (wife and husband) when trying to get close. That is a sign of clingy Weimaraners. You need to do a small thing in order to solve it.

Both of you have to stand up and turn your back toward him until he comes to a calm submissive state. Probably he will leave then. But if he still remains there the same as before as you get into the bed, repeat again and again.

Dominance issue

Sometimes Weimaraners can show clingy characteristics because of the dominance issue. You need to solve it before get it serious. 

You should keep him off in furniture. Let’s say you sit down on the couch, if he tries to get close, as I mentioned above, get him off the couch. But I don’t mean to blame them or bully them. You can simply do it with puppy treats.

Let them feel if he gets off the couch, he gets rewards. Teach him not to go around you. Because of this Dominance issue, Weimaraners are trying to owning you. You have to make them realize he’s not the top dog. Then he will not only love you but will respect your space too. Then Weimaraners clingy traits will pass away.

It doesn’t matter your Weimaraners are rescued dogs or puppies. Basic obedience training is a must, and it will help you solve those problems.


Sometimes you can see clingy traits from Weimaraners because of Jealousy. He doesn’t need anyone else near you. Sometimes you may have experienced those problems. 

If you are married and if he is very clingy to one of you, he doesn’t like to give you some privacy. As I mentioned above, he needs to sleep between both of you. So in order to solve this, both of you have to give the same amount of attention to him. 

If you take him out for a walk today, let your partner take him out tomorrow. Repeat this process every time. Then Weimaraners Jealousy traits will pass away.

He needs a friend

Sometimes Weimaraners can show clingy traits when they need a friend for playing. As I mentioned before they are super playful and high energetic dogs.

If you think to bring another friend to him, I do not recommend a cat as his friend. Because these dogs are likely to hunt any moving creature. 

If you can bring another Weimaraner, it will be better. Then they can look after each other, they won’t feel anxious when you are away.


Many people love Weimaraners dogs. But there is a common problem among Weimaraners lovers. “Why are Weimaraners so clingy?”. Well, this whole article about it. You can see a little overview below.

  • Introduction
  • Characteristics of clingy Weimaraners
  • Why are Weimaraners so clingy?
  • If your Weimaraners are so clingy, how to solve it? 

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