Are Weimaraners Dumb? [The Surprising Truth]

are weimaraners dumb

Are you a fan of the Weimaraner breed? Despite their popularity, some people may consider these dogs to be dumb due to their unique behavior. In this informative article, we’ll explore whether Weimaraners are actually dumb dogs and provide you with tips for understanding and training your furry friend.

Contrary to popular belief, Weimaraners are not dumb dogs. They may appear to be stubborn and impulsive, making it difficult to train them to be obedient. However, these characteristics tend to disappear as they mature. Weimaraners are intelligent and can be trained with the right methods to overcome their stubbornness.

It’s important to understand that these unusual traits can occur due to both normal and abnormal circumstances. As a responsible owner, it’s essential to be aware of these characteristics and take steps to address them through proper training and positive reinforcement.

In our upcoming article, we’ll explore the different factors that contribute to Weimaraners’ unique behavior and provide you with tips for training and understanding your furry friend. Don’t miss out on this informative read that can help you better understand your dog’s unique needs and characteristics.

Why do people think Weimaraners are dumb dogs?

The Weimaraners were originally bred in Germany and were used as big-game hunters for deer, bears, wolves, birds, rabbits, and foxes. What does this mean? Weimaraners are intelligent, courageous, speed, good scenting ability, and stamina breed. 

Since people are busy or lazy enough, most Weimaraners’ not receiving enough exercise. So these Weimaraners do some stupid, dumb things to release their energy.

You will read here loads of dumb things that Weimaraners do. But we need to understand this. They are hunters, and hunting is the best thing they can possibly do. 

funny Weimaraner

Sometimes it can be because of anxiety problems. But anxiety has nothing to do with intelligence. Moreover, people left these dogs alone for long hours, and it can lead to prone separation anxiety.

I mean, the Weimaraners are high-energy dogs and they require loads of strenuous exercises on a daily basis. When people left them alone for a long time, and If they did not get any kind of exercise, they cannot release their energy.

That’s the main reason why Weimaraners are not recommending an apartment life. If you have a large backyard and are active enough, the Weimaraners can be the most suitable dog.

But if we are unable to fulfill their requirements, Weimaraners often do so many dumb things. Okay, next, let’s look at some of the stupid and funny things the Weimaraners do. Check if you also have the same experiences.

I’m gonna give you some tips and tricks to avoid that behavior at the end of this article. So read to the end.

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Dumb and nuts things that Weimaraners do.

When playing with the ball

Most Weimaraners are not so happy with a ball. If you point his ball toward somewhere, maybe he can run in the other direction. But I think they are not super involved with those kinds of sports.

Try to remember things as you read this. These experiences are so funny.

Sometimes Weimaraners can be easily distracted as they run toward certain things. I mean, they often do this when we play fetch with them.

But I would say this is a typical characteristic of intelligence breeds.

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Sometimes they run circles.

Sometimes Weimaraners run around and go into a wall completely out of nowhere. Most of them run around in circles continuously. I mean, without any reason whatsoever.

That may make you feel like Weimaraners as dumb dogs.

Chew rocks

Some Weimaraners tend to chew rocks then break their teeth. It’s not due to any kind of illness or something else. Sometimes they will pick a small rock by his mouth while running or playing with their owners. Then they chew it.

Sometimes they may feel not to do anything.

Sometimes they may feel not to do anything. At that movement, they will ignore your commands. If you got food with your hands, Weimaraners would definitely do anything that you want. It’s not a dumb thing. It is a matter of intelligence.

Weimaraners want to share your blanket too!

To be honest, Weimaraners don’t like to sleep alone. But, Not only he wants to sleep with you. You have to share your blanket as well. They are talented to lift the blanket with his face. Then he will come inside to the blanket.

So I can mention hundreds of dumb things that Weimaraners used to do.

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The things Weimaraners do as they feel hungry

One of my friends has a 2 years old Weimaraner. When he feels hungry, he used to open the doorknob with his mouth and bring the food bowl toward my friend. 

Ironically, he is an expert on counter stealing food. But he knows that he is not supposed to steal foods off from the counter. So after the robbery of food, he knows how to stay sneaky without any change. That’s the power of Weimaraners’ intelligence. 

They are usually like humans. Some Weimaraners can be smarter than other dogs while that same dog is more destructive than another dog. 

How to avoid Weimaraners’ dumb things?

To be honest, this is a kind of common problem among Weimaraner owners. Because most Weimaraners act like dumb or crazy. It’s so much annoying, and it’s so crucial to get rid of this trait.

Here onward, let’s understand what you can possibly do to avoid their crazy things.

Give basic Obedience training.

As I mentioned above, they are not dumb, they are just a little bit stubborn. So we must train them to practice basic obedience. Then the next training must be continued.

Let’s say you get a Weimaraner from a rescued group. Obliviously you don’t know anything about his former life. Maybe they have basic obedience training. Sometimes, they may never have.

Somehow Weimaraners have to be trained in obedience, then it will help to get rid of their dumb things.

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Give regular strenuous exercises.

Since they are high energic dogs, you need to dedicate some time regularly to exercise with them. To be honest, some strenuous exercises are a must on a daily basis.

Some possible exercises are,

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Long walks
  • Hiking.

By sticking with a regular exercise routine, Weimaraners’ dumb and stupid things will automatically disappear up to some degree.

Weimaraners are high intelligence dogs, and they are not dumb. So you can teach them anything. If you are so much busy person, don’t even think to adopt a Weimaraner.

I mean, they require loads of things. Obviously, you have to be an active person, and you must have some additional time to spend with him.

The Weimaraners must be trained to get rid of some specific behavioral problems.

Keep in mind, you need to be his pack leader. I mean, you must make him feel you are the leader of him. You can do it very easily.

Let’s say you’re at a dog park with your Weimaraner, and you both roam freely here and there. ( The dog must be leashed.) Don’t just walk in directions that your dog wants.

I mean, if he is going to be distracted, don’t let it happen. However, you need to make them feel you as his leader. Otherwise, Weimaraners tend to do more and more stupid and dumb things.

Dogs need to be trained to avoid behavior problems such as

  • Stubbornness
  • Willfulness
  • Boredom
  • Hyperactivity

So by focusing primarily on their obedience training, you can avoid many negative behaviors. Especially you need to practice it every day.

As I mentioned above, give them proper exercise. They especially need your attention so much. So Weimaraners can do dumb, stupid things to grab your attention.

Furthermore, most dogs are suffering from separation anxiety. So you need to take action to avoid it.


Most people love Weimarance dogs. People love them, but they think of these dogs as dumb dogs. Actually, Are Weimaraners dumb?. Well, this whole article about it. You can see a little overview below.

  • Introduction
  • Weimaraners’ dumb and nuts things
  • Why do people think Weimaraners are dumb dogs?
  • How to avoid Weimaraners’ dumb things? 

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