Read This If You Don’t Have Time For Your Dog

Are you upset about not having time for your cute little pooch? You might look for solutions to this dilemma. This issue is no longer a dilemma. We are here to overcome it.

You can keep your dog with your family, close friends, dog care center, or hire a professional. You can take your dog for the morning walk and exercise. So you can save your time, and at the same time, you spend time with the dog. Try to allocate playtime with the puppy to be more interactive.

For sure, the above solutions are really helpful. But I believe knowing the basic points is not enough to better indicate, so let’s learn about this deeply. I’m sure it will be beneficial.

Don’t have time for your dog?

You can still become a good dog owner, although you don’t have enough time for your dog. Do you doubt you cannot be a good father or mother to your little pooch?

You know that every dark cloud has a silver lining. So do you believe you can’t become responsible for your dog? If you say yes, that point is absolutely incorrect.

Let’s be positive. You may miss your dog because of your engaged life. That’s true. Nowadays everyone is very engaged with their monotonous life and this time becomes tough for you.

It doesn’t mean you can adopt a dog without paying much time and attention, so please don’t misunderstand.

I’m telling you how to manage and balance your life when you have a cute little dog and what you should do if you don’t have enough time for your dog. Let’s break the leg.

1. Get help from your family or close friend

We all have tough days and really busy hours. So, like what you have to do, you can keep your dog with your family member or close friend because the dog also knows them.

Moreover, your dog is very familiar with them. Your dog will never feel lonely when he/she is with your family or your close friend.

2. Doggy care center

This is not unfamiliar to us. If you have a super busy day or you have to go out for work, your dog must have a good protector. You can keep your dog in a doggy care center, and your dog will probably love it too.

Because dogs are also curious to know the atmosphere. A doggy care center will become the best place for your dog, especially since your dog can get a chance to hang out with the other dogs.

3. Hire someone.

It doesn’t matter how much you work or are busy a day. You have to keep in touch with your dog’s needs too. At a time like that, it will become kinda disturbed for you.

And the most important thing is that if you are not working from home, you must keep your dog home alone. So the good thing is to hire someone who likes to look after your dog.

And then he or she will be able to look after your dog under your own roof. He/she can be a dog walker or a pet sitter.

4. Go for trips with your lovely buddy.

If you can go for a trip with your pooch at least once a week, it will be good for your and your dog’s mental stimulation. Both of you guys can have a great time together.

5. Daily routine.

Make a schedule for you and allocate a few houses for your lovely dog from that. During that, you must train your dog, exercise, and also you have to feed your dog. It will become a vital period.

6. You have to consider your dog’s basic needs.

It’s ok if you don’t have enough time for your dog. The problem is when you don’t have time for at least your dog’s basic needs. Lemme explain what the basic needs are.

Training, grooming, exercising, meeting veterinarian, giving vitamins and minerals, and such. You won’t become a responsible dog owner if you can’t do at least the above things. It’s better to not consider raising a dog if you don’t have time for those basic needs.

7. Allocate some time to engage with your dog.

Dude, you can’t keep ignoring your dog. They are also living beings, and they have feelings too. It looks like you hurt your dog’s feelings. Lemme suggest it to you.

Take some time and go to your dog. Cuddle a while and give your affection. And talk to your dog and ask hey buddy, what’s up, boy, etc… Let your dog feel you. It’s worth it if you can fix the time for hanging out with your pooch.

8. Don’t ignore the training.

The most important thing is training because, at that time, you and your dog have time to take care of each other. You have to grab the first chance to hang out with your dog.

Finding a proper time to be with your puppy will be difficult because you have a busy schedule. It is suitable for you to break the monotonous of your and your dog’s life.

9. Find a playmate for your dog.

This will become really helpful in this situation. Loneliness can directly affect your dog’s mentality. Because dogs are very sensitive and innocent, as a result, they can get sick too.

So one good solution is to find a playmate for your dog. It doesn’t mean that you are free from your dog’s responsibilities. Do you know what I mean?

Your dog’s playmate will play an extremely important part in his/her life. Thanks to these solutions, you will never be in a pickle.

How long should you set aside for your dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot introduce an exact period for that issue because it depends on various reasons. Most professionals have experimented with the above matter. Before learning it, let’s talk about why this topic is dependent.

The first thing is the dog breed. Yes, it can decide how much time you should set aside for your dog. For example, suppose you have very sensitive and innocent dog breeds such as Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Shih Tzu. In that case, you have to pay more attention to them.

The second thing is your dog’s past experience and character. This is very vital. I think you understand the deepest meaning of this.

The third one is the number of pets you have. Just because you have to allocate time for each other. It will help you to manage your time.

If you want to sustain a good bond with your poor dog, you must allocate one to two hours. This time has been experimented with by professionals.

But during the first year of your dog, they need sufficient time from you. When they become senior dogs, they like to live alone. Don’t worry, buddy, that’s their nature.

You can feed, groom, play, train, and exercise with your dog during the above time. These activities will make a powerful bond between you and your dog.

What happens if you don’t have sufficient time for your dog?

Any idea about this question? I’ll give a simple answer. What happens if you don’t have enough time for a child? The same answer can relate to dogs.

If you don’t care for him/her,  look after and guide them, can you imagine the final result? Yes, your thought is right. The child grows up inappropriately.

The dogs also carry the same Destiny as well as that child. It is horrible, isn’t it? That’s why you should know what the consequences of the above matter are.

If you don’t have sufficient time for your dog,

1. Both of you may become depressed.

Dogs are living beings as humans; therefore, they, too, need time, attention, affection, love, care, and happiness. When you adopt a dog, basically, the dog becomes a part of your family.

It’s not a secret that dogs always need attention, just like you give to your family members. What happens if he/she doesn’t get enough time from his/her owner?

Yes, they feel loneliness, and depression can occur. Depression leads to much more illness. Keep in mind that it affects you too.

2. Your dog becomes aggressive.

The reason is loneliness. Your dog does whatever he/she wants if you don’t have enough time for your poor pooch. The main point is that no one can teach him kindness, happiness, and affection towards others.

So the only thing your dog learns is violence. Violence happens because of stress and depression. Your dog may act out problematically. 

3. Risk of losing your pet

Like I said before, if you don’t have sufficient time for your poor dog, he/she will be taken away from your area. It means your dog will go far away from you.

Not physically, I mean mentally. It will be really painful for you. At the end of the day definitely, you will regret yourself.

4. Your dog will get sick.

How can he/she get sick when you don’t have sufficient time for your dog? Lemme explain. Because of the above reason, your dog will suffer from depression sooner or later.

As a result of depression, it will not be able to eat, exercise, and train well. Now what? Automatically your dog becomes weak.

5. You will not be able to keep your dog under your control

Like I said before, your dog could be acting out inappropriately. As a result, your dog may pee everywhere, including in your house, on the bed, sofa, carpet, etc. Moreover, he/she may chew on too. Sometimes dogs behave badly when they want attention. It will really disturb you. Before it happens, take action. Now you know what you should deal with.

Things to be aware of

  1. Punishment doesn’t work
  2. you can meet your vet and get guidance
  3. Be patient when you are dealing with your innocent buddy.
  4. Your dog is your bosom friend, don’t even think of replacing him/her until the end.
  5. Meet the councilors and ask for advice on your current situation. It might be your issue and not your dog’s.
  6. Make a timetable
  7. Don’t forget to go out with your dog to get good exercise and fresh air at least twice a week.
  8. Don’t scream at your dog because of your unstable mentality. Don’t take revenge on your innocent dog.
  9. Show a happy face to your dog.
  10. Don’t think of rehoming your dog; try your best to make everything fine.
  11. If you have already given up on this or are really hard on raising this dog, or else if you wanna get rid of this buddy, give someone to raise him. That innocent soul deserves more.


This article discussed how to react if you don’t have enough or sufficient time for your dog. Moreover, we have discussed why you don’t have enough time for your dog.

As a matter of fact, this is a very vital topic and a sensitive one. Because this problem affects your dog directly. You already know the consequences of this issue.

I beg you to pay attention to your dog; otherwise, don’t even consider adopting a dog. I hope you will get essential information about the above topic. 


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