When Do Weimaraners Calm Down? [Owner’s Guide]

When do Weimaraners calm down?

Weimaraners are highly energetic, active, stubborn, and can be slightly unmanageable dogs. As a result, owners are curious to know when Weimaraners calm down. That’s why I’ve decided to write this great article just for you.

When do Weimaraners calm down? Typically, Weimaraners calm down as they mature. Most of them take about 5 years, while others may remain hyper even after 5 years. Giving them strenuous exercise, basic obedience training, and proper socialization are possible solutions to keep them calm and mentally stimulated.

Although keeping Weimaraners calm can be somewhat difficult, it’s crucial to have an enjoyable life with your Weimaraner. So, let’s dive right in and explore this topic further.

Weimaraners will calm down as they mature

As you know, Weimaraners were originally bred for hunting purposes. So they are really high-energy dogs, and they require loads of exercise.

Moreover, they have the ability to hunt even all day. So can you imagine how much energy the Weimaraners have?

Generally, Weimaraners lose some of their energy as they mature. I mean, we can see some degree of calmness from mature Weimaraners.

To be honest, it can be various on the individual. I personally know that some Weimaraners are 8 years old but have not calmed down yet, and they are so much hyper.

I have mentioned my mango friend called “Cristy” in one of the previous articles.

Cristy also has a male Weimaraner, and he just turned 2.5 old. I love what Cristy did with his dog, he did an excellent job for his dog. I mean, Now his dog is so calm, and I can see much difference than before.

see, a Weimaraner running with a quadbike

Before the end of this article, I gonna share with you some tips and tricks to make your Weimaraner calm down.

Tips and warnings for calming a Weimaraner

Here find some basic tips and tricks that will help you to calm down your Weimaraner.

  1. Set a daily routine
  2. Do not yell
  3. Use treats
  4. Know that their high energy has an end
  5. Don’t let them feel the crate as a crutch in order to calm your Weimaraner

1. Set a daily routine

To be honest, one of the most essential things possibly you can do for your Weimaraner to stay calm and happy is setting a suitable daily routine. As my experience goes, Weimaraners love to stick with a schedule.

I mean, it will give their minds some kind of pleasure because they can understand when and where something is happening. So Weimaraners tend to be calm down when they feel that they are on a routine.

2. Do not yell at them

If they are misbehaving, yelling to discipline more likely only hype your Weimaraner up even more. To be honest, yelling isn’t a suitable method of doing anything when you live with your Weimaraner.

So do not yell at them. Instead, the most appropriate method to get their focus and attention toward you and show to Weimaraners that you wanna them to calm down is to ignore them.

When you don’t give some attention to them, they will do something else to get your attention.

3. Use treats

To be honest, this method won’t give you any level of calmness from your Weimaraner. But this would be a possible solution on emergency occasions.

Use some tasty treats to your Weimaraner when they have massive energy. This will help to hold Weimaraners’ focus for some extensive time, and it would give them a chance to calm down.

4. Know that their high energy has an end

We know that Weimaraners are highly energetic dogs. But it doesn’t mean that their energy level is endless. So, It’s so crucial to be extremely careful when it comes to choosing suitable exercises for them.

Overall we would say that Weimaraners require strenuous exercises in order to make calm them down. But you need to be aware that their energy levels can be varied according to their age.

In fact, we cannot give hard exercises for Weimaraner puppies. Because we can not say for sure if their skeletal structure is fully grown.

So, no matter how old your Weimaraner is, get instruction from a Vet or dog trainer before providing exercises.

5. Don’t let them feel the crate as a crutch in order to calm your Weimaraner

Some people have misunderstood what a dog crate is for. Most times, people think that sending their Weimaraners to the crates can make them calm down.

To be honest, that’s is not the truth. Weimaraners require loads of exercise, and crating them up all day is only gonna grow their energy even more.

So the crate should be a comfortable place for them to sleep calmly and peacefully. If you use it as a form of punishment, especially as a result of something he did with high energy, they will refuse to go to their crates.

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Why do Weimaraners stay hyper?

Well, there are many reasons we can find for this problem. Here are some common reasons.

  • Not getting enough exercise.
  • Not having basic obedience training
  • Due to separation anxiety.

Not getting enough exercise.

The Weimaraners are such an active dog breed, and they require loads of exercise on a daily basis. And most owners ignore this part due to busyness or laziness.

So those Weimaraners cannot stay calm even for one minute. So they tend to run here and there or running it circles continuously and many more dumb things.

To be honest, the problem is not associated with the dogs. You have to provide them strenuous exercise on a daily basis. We know that Weimaraners calm down automatically as they mature. But can you wait until they are mature?

To be honest, it’s way challenging to adopt Weimaraners and calm them down. Unless you do that, obviously, you have faced many many difficulties.

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  • If you do not provide them basic obedience training, you will face many difficulties in daily life. I mean, we cannot even think about calm Weimaraners.
  • The Weimaraners tend to be extremely hyper due to separation anxiety unless they calm them down. As discussed above, many people find it difficult to spend some time with their Weimaraners because of their busy schedules. So, their Weimaraners are easily prone to separation anxiety.

How to calm Weimaraners down?

As we know, Weimaraners are good family dogs. So, if you can calm down your Weimaraners, this breed will be the best-suited dog. So don’t think something like when do Weimaraners calm down, Instead, let’s take action.

So I’m gonna give you some of the proven tips and tricks based on my experiences.

  • Give them daily strenuous exercises.
  • Give them basic obedience training. 
  • Think about their diet. 
  • Buy another high energy dog ​​and build a reliable fence or wall around the house.
  • Spend time with your Weimaraner

Give them daily strenuous exercises.

You have to give them exercise in a daily routine. To be honest, a 30-minute walk will not be sufficient in order to release their energy.

If you want to own a Weimaraner, both you and your family must be very active. Otherwise, probably you have mistaken when selecting a suitable breed for you.

Weimaraners calm down

The main problem is that even if they walk all day, the Weimaraners will not get tired and calm. So it’s necessary to provide them strenuous exercises such as

  • Running with him
  • Jogging with him
  • Long walks
  • Hiking
  • Cycling with him

But you may be so much busy and not have enough time to give them strenuous exercises on a daily basis. What you can do here is set a schedule for the week and try to do such exercises at least 3 days a week.

On other days you can give small walks. So these things will make them mentally stimulated. 

Then they will not do any dumb things every time. As an example, Weimaraners tend to howl continuously. Proper exercise can help them get rid of such bad behaviors as well.

When you provide them strenuous exercises by sticking with a suitable weekly schedule, you will see that Weimaraners would calm down over time. I mean, you will see much difference over time.

Give them basic obedience training to calm Weimaraners.

So in order to calm down Weimaraners, we need to give them proper basic obedience training. This is the reason why many rescued Weimaraners are not easily calm down.

Find an excellent trainer and give them proper basic obedience training. If you don’t have any experience with such a high-energy dog, follow whatever instructions that your trainer recommends.

Moreover, you will receive some basic obedience training instructions to apply with your Weimaraner in day-to-day life. Let’s say you gonna train him to sit down, probably you will use puppy treats to encourage them.

But do not reward them when they are not following your commands correctly. Because it can make them confused. I mean, if you reward them only on occasion that he is following your instructions correctly, the Weimaraners can realize that what he should do in order to get rewards from you.

Be consistent with basic obedience training. Then we can see some level of calm down from Weimaraners.

Think about their diet. 

Most Weimaraners with a high-carb diet have proven to be hyper, hyperactive, and challenging to train. Due to the Weimaraners’ diet, it can be complicated to get them to calm down. 

So what can you do is add some canned fish or meat to his diet. Furthermore, try to find foods with 3 or more protein sources. But I strongly advise you to get advice from dog specialists or veterinarians from your area before changing the diet.

Buy another high energy dog ​​and build a good fence or wall around the house.

If you want to give them exercise without spending too much time with them, the chances are you can buy another high-energy dog. If that dog is another Weimaraner, it will be better.

Then they can run and play in the backyard throughout the day. Moreover, they will not be prone to separation anxiety or any kind of other mental problems.

By doing this, the Weimaraners will be automatically calm down. Because they can run and play throughout all day as much as they want. Then automatically they will receive good exercise. As Weimaraners receiving good exercise, it’s straightforward to calm them down.  

But be mindful of making a proper fence around the yard. Because Weimaraners are excellent jumpers and they will escape and wander everywhere throughout the neighborhood.

Important: Weimaraners can jump more than 4 feet. So it’s better to make your wall or fence up to 6 feet.

Spend time with your Weimaraner in order to calm them down.

We know that Weimaraners can get excited when they see someone after a while and see a stranger they have never seen before. It can be an animal too. So, it’s so crucial to teach your Weimaraner to stay calm in such situations.

You can easily do it by spending some time with your Weimaraner. Play with him in the backyard. Go for long walks with them. Then your Weimaraner will realize that you will always be there and help them eliminate bad habits.


Most people love Weimaraners. As they are high energic hunting dogs, They are not usually calm dogs. So it’s fair to have a problem like “When do Weimaraners calm down?”. This article is an in-depth review and will address that issue. So you can see a little overview of this article below.

  • Introduction
  • The will calm down as they mature.
  • How to calm down Weimaraners.

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