Do Weimaraners Get Along With Other Dogs? [Owner’s Guide]

Do Weimaraners get along with other dogs?

Every Weimaraner owner knows that these dogs have many unique characteristics. Therefore, you may be curious about whether Weimaraners get along with other dogs. Don’t worry; this article is just for you!

Do Weimaraners get along with other dogs? Yes, Weimaraners can get along with any breed of dog, including small dogs. They do better in pairs, which contributes to their physical and mental well-being. However, proper introduction, socialization, and close supervision are necessary.

Since Weimaraners have many unique traits, there are several things you need to be aware of before introducing another dog.

Weimaraners and their behavior with other dogs.

To be honest, the general idea is that any dog could associate with other dogs. Because it doesn’t primarily depend on the breed. It actually depends on the individual dog and his/her personality.

But the fact of the matter is it can somewhat be different when we come to some specific dog breeds. So, when we think about the Weimaraners, the outstanding personalities are,

  • Intelligent
  • Powerful
  • Stubborn
  • Energetic
  • Alert
  • Fast
  • Steady
  • Aloof
  • Energetic

When I discuss with a couple of Weimaraner’s owners, I realized many strange traits associated with this dog breed. Let me show you some of them,

Because of the strange characteristics of this breed, people are stuck with a blind idea. So, in most cases, Weimaraners’ pack doesn’t have another dog.

Weimaraner and Labrador friends

Even though Weimaraners are excellent hunting dogs with high prey drive, they would like to associate with other dogs too.

If you are a Weimaraner owner and he is a single dog, it’s so hard to fulfill all the requirements. Because you have to reserve time for strenuous exercises, cuddling, and many more.

If you cannot fulfill all the requirements, it can be prone to anxiety problems. Therefore, it is better to have another dog with your Weimaraner and it would be so much beneficial for both of you.

But as I mentioned above the introduction should be in a perfect manner.

If you have an adequately fenced backyard, you don’t wanna worry too much about their exercises. Because they can run and play here and there throughout the day. It would be so beneficial in loads of ways.

But before buying another dog, you need to consider loads of things such as your financial situation, your home space, The time you can dedicate to them, etc.

Do Weimaraners get along with small dogs?

Yes, Weimaraners could make perfect companions with small dogs. Most people know that Weimaraners are good family dogs But they are kind of a little jealous dob breed. I mean, they don’t wanna lose your attention on them.

I have personal experience with my friend Cristy’ about his Weimaraner. He has a cute Pomeranian about 10 months old. His Weimaraner is 2.5 years old. Actually, What I want to tell here is my friend tends to cuddle that Pomeranian most of the time.

But his Weimaraner doesn’t like that, he is trying to get his attention by pawing at him, sitting on his leg, and howling. But who doesn’t wanna cuddle a cute Pomeranian? Even though Christy didn’t lessen his concern for Weimaraner, this dog starts to show signs of aggression over time.

The point that I wanna share with you is if you are going to introduce a small dog to your Weimaraner, don’t reduce the attention toward him. I know, obviously, you need to cuddle him. But do that by giving some extra attention toward the Weimaraner as well. Give daily exercises as previously. Don’t forget to cuddle both of them.

Weimaraners are one of the excellent hunting dog breeds. Since they have high prey drive, people fear introducing a small dog to Weimaraners. Because the Weimaraners tend to hunt anything that moves.

But that’s not the case, If you introduce them perfectly, no worries anymore. 

Furthermore, as Weimaraners are big and high-energy level dogs, It can get a little rough when they play. So, there is a chance occur accidental damage to the small dog. Therefore, supervision is required when they play. 

If Weimaraners were socialized at an early age, they know how to behave with small dogs.

Are the Weimaraners better in pairs?

Yes, the Weimaraners are better in pairs. But we need to understand what is the best partner for a Weimaraner. That partner must be,

  • Large
  • High energetic
  • Active

Because Weimaraners have endless energy and they need to play even all day in order to unleash their energy. So you have to give them daily strenuous exercises. But if you introduce another dog to your Weimaraner, and if you have a well-fenced yard, you don’t wanna worry about their exercises.

When Weimaraners get along with other dogs, they can get a lot of benefits. It’s a good solution for anxiety. It is so helpful both mentally and physically.

But there are downsides too. Weimaraners need a lot of attention from their owners. But If you ignore your Weimaraner’s friend after bringing in the new member, what can you expect? It is mostly a sign of trouble. Often they will become so destructive. Alternatively, it can lead to utter depression.

If you like, Buying another Weimaraner dog will be a good partner for your current Weimaraner. Because both dogs have the same abilities. But it’s better to have a male and female companion.

How we can introduce new dogs to your Weimaraner?

Have you ever seen two canines take an instant dislike to each other? But Weimaraners could react differently when their first impression with other dogs. If your Weimaraner isn’t great at making a first impression with other dogs, it could be a huge problem.

So Let’s understand how to introduce another dog to your Weimaraner for the first time to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Many dogs, especially male dogs, will want to assert dominance over another dog they don’t know. It’s a common behavior of all dogs, but it can also lead to confrontation.

This is exacerbated when we introduce a new dog into a family with a Weimaraner already present. Sometimes the first meetings will go somewhat smoothly on their own and especially if both dogs are even-tempered.

Other dogs will need a little help to ensure they know how to behave. Introducing a new dog to your Weimaraner as part of a dog socialization and training process, both vital aspects of their education.

We shouldn’t let your Weimaraner and the new dog meet for the first time unattended. Especially if you are unsure how your Weimaraner and the new dog will react.

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Go for a walk with your Weimaraner and the new dog

So when they meet the first time, don’t let them meet head-on, instead of doing that, keep them on a leash. Then try to go for a walk with them. This walk should take about 10 minutes, but keep them separated from each other.

Important: This procedure is a proven technique and if you follow the process, you will see how easily Weimaraners can get along with other dogs.

They may touch a little, but you haven’t let them meet adequately. If your Weimaraner or other dog tries to dominate or lunge it, the other uses the leash to bring them back in line, then they will focus again on the walk.

Don’t scold them for jerking them away, Instead, use positive reinforcement to encourage them when they are behaving correctly. Now they have spent a little time near each other. So we can take it to the next step.

Don’t scold to jerk them away, Instead, use positive reinforcement to encourage them when they are behaving properly.

Dog Breeds Experts

Keep them both on the leash gently, but choose a wonder stand while the other is led around the back. Dogs have anal glands that secrete a unique individual smell by sniffing the gland a dog understands a lot of information about another.

It will also use the smell to remember them in the future. Let the dog behind sniff the one in front. Reward them with the treatment or some other form of positive reinforcement before making them stay.

Bring the other dog behind your Weimaraner and repeat. If you want your Weimaraner and another dog to get along, they can’t be on the leash forever.

If at any point during the iteration, so far they have tried to dominate, you need to restrain them. So they know it won’t be accepted. Don’t scold or punish them, but gently use the leash to hold them back.

Let the Weimaraner and the new dog walk off-leash.

Once they are able to be together and behave, you can let them off the leash and interact. They may start to test their limits, but it’s important to remember they should always be monitored.

If they are going to fight, then you have to intervene and put their leash back on until they behave correctly. If you follow this procedure correctly, you will see that Weimaraners can easily get along with other dogs.

Tips for introducing new dogs to Weimaraners.

While this method will help make your Weimaraner’s and the new dog’s first introduction go smoothly, there are some other things too you have to consider when they meet.

  • Puppies and adult dogs are different. Puppies will be in a period where they are learning about the world and socializing is an ongoing process. Adult dogs have an established character so we need to know what this is before we introduce them to others.
  • Dogs need to be trained individually first. K9 education is very important for your Weimaraner’s development. For this reason, your Weimaraner will need to at least be taught the basics before they start interacting with unknown dogs. Teach them basic commands. Commands such as sit, heel, and stay will help you better control the dogs while being introduced to each other.
  • When introducing your Weimaraner and another dog, which will spend a lot of time together, ensure you do it on neutral ground. This way, they are on an even playing field, and one won’t have to feel defensive over their territory.
  • If the first meeting doesn’t go well, you should take them away separately and try to reinforce their training. Once they are better on their own, you can try again. Suppose your Weimaraner and the new dog are still unable to be together without being aggressive or dominant. In that case, you should contact a canine ethologist or behaviorist to resolve the problem.

So remember all of these tips, and you will understand how easily can Weimaraners get along with other dogs.

Which dogs are better with Weimaraners?

The Weimaraners can get along with many other dog breeds. But when we consider “bull” type dogs, often they are not suitable for Weimaraners. Furthermore, Weimaraners are not well socialized with Akita and Chow Chow breeds.


Most people love Weimaraner’s dogs. But there is a fair problem among Weimaraner lovers. That is, “Do Weimaraners get along with other dogs?”. Well, this article is all about it. You can see a little overview below.

  • Introduction
  • Do Weimaraners get along with small dogs?
  • Do Weimaraners do better in pairs?       
  • How we can introduce new dogs to your Weimaraner?     
  • Tips for introducing new dogs to Weimaraners.                                     
  • Which dogs are better with Weimaraners?

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