Can A Single Person Adopt A Dog? [What To Expect]

Can A Single Person Adopt A Dog

Adopting a dog is one of a kind deed you can do in this life. Then there is this question: can a single person adopt a dog?. Well, there are thousands of opinions regarding the matter.

A single person is able to adopt a dog if the person is dedicated and economically stable. But, it can be challenging with some issues such as time, dog’s behavioral issues, expenses on dog’s needs and wants, dog’s health, training, and so on. If problems are handled, adopting a dog is advantageous.

Well, keep on reading the article, you will encounter what are the challenges of adopting a dog and how can you overcome them while selecting an adopting friendly breed as well.

Can a single person get a dog?

As we all can feel, dogs are an immense source of companionships for us all. We know it very well without any doubt.

It does not matter if you are single; still, you can adopt a dog, and it will be one of the wisest decisions to make in your life.

But there are several conditions that should be considered before adopting an adult dog or a pet.

First and foremost, you should be pro or at least should be able to manage your time. Suppose you are a working person from morning till evening and also you want to get a doggy partner or might be in want of getting a puppy since you are all alone.

There is no issue with the thought, but you should be well aware that a dog needs much love, affection, and good care.

When considering getting a puppy rather than going for the option of adopting an adult dog, sometimes it might be a little bit easier for you since you can give him or her proper training from the beginning.

Sometimes, adopting an adult doggy might cause difficulty as they have been adapted to a specific routine that might be hard to change.

But still, if you have the time and a proper training schedule, you will be able to make him or her accustomed to a new routine which will result positively on them as well.

So, there’s no issue either you go for the option of adopting an adult doggy or getting a puppy; all you have to do is separate a time for them and train them well.

Do not worry; you can handle such a hard situation if you manage your schedule while prioritizing your doggy as well.

Apart from those, below mentioned challenges will be obvious if you decide to adopt an adult dog or get a pup.

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What are the challenges a single person may face in adopting a dog?

As mentioned above as well, if you are a single person, it is true that you will have to face some real challenges if you are adopting a doggy.

But, if you manage to overcome those challenges, you will have more benefits, and trust me, you’ll never regret the decision you took to adopt a furry partner.

Well, let’s see what the challenges a single person may face when adopting a dog are.

1. Time

Time is a real challenge when adopting a dog. No matter if it is a little pup or a grown buddy, they require more time with you, and that’s nature.

If you hope to adopt a puppy, they obviously need continuous guidance and supervision until they become familiar with your household.

In this case, you might feel like you have gone for a poor choice. But, if you are good at managing time, you can make the dream of adopting a puppy work.

2. Money

When adopting a dog, one of the most challenging factors is money. If you are a single person, it might be worse.

Basically, a dog costs a considerable amount per month regarding health, grooming, and food.

As a dog lover, If you decide to adopt a dog, you should be financially stable, even up to a considerable level.

It is not appropriate to adopt a dog if you are unable to treat him or her well while attending to their medical needs and physical needs.

3. Poor health

The health issues of the adopted dogs are comparatively at a higher rate. It is obvious that they are suffering from some physical injuries or issues with mental health since they are not in homes.

So, if you decide to adopt a doggy friend, you should be highly attentive regarding their health status. Do not worry; most of them can be well treated, and there are plenty of options as well.

4. Behavioral problems

Behavioral issues can be considered as one of the most challenging factors when adopting a dog. Since they are not given proper training, they can be a bit playful and bad boys.

Sometimes, they might not react to recalls, do not understand what you are saying to them, and try to wander anywhere they prefer while doing anything they want.

That’s the way with adopted dogs, and remember, they can be changed.

But it is not something to worry about as they can be properly trained and teach them good manners.

5. Not socialized

Well, socializing an adopted dog might be a little difficult because of several reasons. They have fearful and negative past experiences when mingling with people or their surroundings most of the time.

As a result, they may exhibit more introverted characteristics rather than become friendly with outsiders.

This is a sensitive condition to which you should cater with great care and affection.

Adoption is a change happening in their lives, and as a result, they might get unfamiliar and sometimes lost at all of a sudden in your household.

Help them though it is quite challenging.

Well, the above-explained challenges can also be there with purchased doggy fellows as well. They are not specifically limited to adopted dogs.

So, these can be considered even if you hope to purchase a puppy.

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How can a single person overcome those challenges?

Now we have come to the section of answers to most of your questions regarding adopting a doggy fellow.

So, the challenges mentioned above can be effectively overcome if you got the courage and enthusiasm to adopt a dog.

Here is the ‘how to’ part. Keep on reading!

1 . Manage time

Well, time management is a must if you hope to adopt a dog, and it will positively affect you and the dog both.

As you are a single person adopting a doggy fellow will be a great investment since you will not feel any loneliness.

If you have children, the results will be great as they will have benefits such as communication, compassion, and self-esteem.

Anyhow, all you need to do is manage your time well and separate a specific time for training your doggy and to be with them.

You can take him or her with you when you go out for jogging and let them play a little in a park or an accessible area.

Then follow a food schedule and give him or her enough bowl of food until you return home if you are off for work. You can watch him over a camera when you are at work.

So, consider managing your time well, and you can overcome the challenge of time.

2 . Spend to a plan

When adopting a dog, you can plan your expenditures and spend on the necessary stuff. Since adopting a dog might cost a considerable amount for a month, you should limit your unnecessary plans if you are still not economically stable.

Even if you are stable, it is better to stick to a productive money plan since it will result positively.

Do not worry; if you don’t have a high budget, go for low-budget nutritious food schedules and train the adopted dog on your own after watching some recommended YouTube tutorials.

You can save the fees you pay for a dog trainer.

But remember to consult the vet before starting.

3 . Give a proper training

If you have the challenge of training your adopted dog, you can consult a dog trainer or a vet and follow them.

Do not punish them or scold them for not doing what you ask them to do, as they were not properly trained from the beginning.

Patience matters a lot here. First, it is better to observe their behavior, identify what they are lacking, and then gradually cater to it.

Give them time and watch the progress slowly. Trust me, they will be good boys and girls.

4 . Visit the vet

An adopted dog may be subjected to physical and mental health issues. Since you are not completely aware of their health history, it is better to walk them for a checkup.

Then follow the instructions the vet gives and be alert on their tablets, pills, or syrups as they might have the probability of exposing too many allergies.

By the way, read this to understand whether you can take an unregistered dog to the vet.

5 . Socialize

The problem with your adopted dog is not much socialized; you can gradually make them interact with the surroundings and let them identify that being outdoors is not harmful.

You should attend to this matter with much concern as this is a sensitive matter. Be patient and appreciate their every progressive step.

Take them out for a walk and let them play a little, and automatically they will get accustomed.

But, if you can identify any phobias in them, the best thing you can do is consult the vet.

Do not force them and pressure them since they should become socialized by their will, and then only it will become successful.

Apart from the strategies mentioned above, you can take the help if you have any friendly neighbor or a friend. But you should consider a lot if you are leaving your doggy with either of them, and they should be trustworthy.

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What temperaments should a dog have that can be raised by a single person?

It is obvious that losing your heart at an animal shelter and you might feel like taking them all home. It is natural since we humans become sensitive regarding dog stuff.

But, rather than being much emotional, you should consider some other crucial temperaments before choosing a doggy to adopt.

Sometimes things will become completely upside down if you are a single person.

Temperaments may vary based on personal factors such as time, economy, and preference. So, let’s have a closer account of temperaments a doggy should have who can be raised by a single person.

1 . Friendliness

Friendliness is one of the most important temperaments you should consider when adopting a dog. Because once you adopt a doggy friend, you will have to spend more time with them while giving them good training regarding behaviors.

You can check this out at the shelter itself by talking with the dog, and if they seem a bit friendly, give a hand and see whether they respond.

If the doggy is social and friendly, they will come near you and try to rub their body against you and sniff a little, and also will also lick your hand as well.

Thus, it is easy to identify friendly and social dogs, and such a doggy will be a better choice since you will adopt him all alone.

2 . Should not be arousive 

Well, if you are going to adopt a doggy fellow as a single person, one of the most crucial temperaments to consider is the dog’s nature of arousal.

You can test this by making the dog a little aroused and counting the time they take to calm down by themselves.

Go for the one who takes a minimum time to get relaxed and calm, and it is easy for you.

3 . Personality

Of course, you can test the dog’s personality before making a choice.

It is quite visible, and you can have a complete idea up to a considerable level when you look into the dog’s eyes.

But sometimes, there can be doggy friends who need your help to build up a good personality. Maybe they have undergone physical and mental torchers that destroyed their personality.

Consider them as well and go for a good and a kind choice.

4 . Obedience

Obedience is often a good sign to identify that the dog is good to adopt.

This is much more important if you have children at your home.

You can check this by tossing a ball or a toy to them and asking them to return it. Well, some dogs might not respond since you are new to them.

So it is better if you can spend a bit more time in a shelter until the dog gets familiar with you.

5 . Health history

If you are adopting a doggy friend as a single person, you should care a lot about the health history of the dog you are going to adopt.

Because they may be prone to allergies and sometimes bad mental health as well. Such dogs need more time with their owner, and if you can’t be so dedicated, you better not choose such a doggy.

No matter who you may take home, all you should do is create a healthy and friendly environment for the doggy.

So, take a full report regarding their health.

6 . Size

Apart from the above temperaments, you should consider the size of the dog you are going to adopt. If you already have a playpen or a crate, you can imagine the size of the doggy you should adopt.

Do not choose a big size one if you have a small crate or a playpen because they should be comfortable enough in such places.

Best dog breeds for single persons

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Pug
  • Golden Retriever
  • Poodle
  • French Bulldog
  • English Bulldog
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Boston Terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • Doberman
  • Bullmastiff
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Rottweiler
  • Siberian Husky
  • Boxer

Well, no matter what the breed is, all you should have to do is care a lot and give them much-needed love and affection. It may be a street dog, but they also need the same love and care only.

Things to be aware of.

Follow the adopting procedure correctly if you adopt a doggy.

Do not treat them as if they are unfamiliar and as outsiders or newcomers.

Treat them with love and care.

Be patient if they take a long time to get accustomed to the surroundings.

Encourage their development and appreciate their each and every attempt towards good behavior.

Be aware about their vaccination procedure and consult the vet before taking them home with you.


Finally, now you can make a decision whether to adopt a doggy friend or not, considering all the above-mentioned information. On the one hand, adopting a homeless doggy is one of the kindest deeds you can do in this life. But if the emotional part is kept aside, you have to consider the possibility of adopting a dog while fulfilling their needs as much as you can as a single person.

So, try taking on a challenge. Trust me, you will never regret it, as dogs are the best companions that a human can ever have.

Cheers until next time!

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