Does Your Dog Express Anal Glands When Sleeping? [Do This]

Ah, the joys of being a dog parent! I know you feel disgusted whenever your furry friend expresses glands while sleeping. But, don’t worry, my friend, we’re here to guide you through it all! So, let’s dive into this topic and explore everything there is to know.

Dogs express anal glands when sleeping due to stress, fear, anxiety, obesity, excitement, and genetic conditions. Some dogs express their glands as they want to defecate. Infection of anal glands is also a reason for this condition. But, with a good dietary plan, you can resolve this issue and keep your furry friend happy and healthy!

So, my friend, let’s explore this topic comprehensively. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about your furry friend’s expression of glands. With proper care and attention, your furry friend will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep without any gland-related surprises! Let’s go deep into this subject together!

Why does your dog express its gland when sleeping/ relaxing?

Many dog owners have this problem in their minds. Today you are going to know all the possible reasons for the expression of glands.

1. Stress and fear.

Have you ever noticed dogs defecate because of fear? You will probably say yes. You are correct. They defecate when they are fearful of something or someone.

My next-door neighbor’s dog is afraid of big walking boots. Whenever he sees someone wearing big boots, he defecates. Is he defecating willingly?

You will probably say no. The dog defecated just because he felt afraid, not because he wanted to. Imagine he felt fear while sleeping. What will happen? He will probably express his anal gland.

2. Anxiety

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a complicated feeling. It is a mix of fear and loneliness. Maybe your dog stays at home all alone until you come back.

In such a situation, dogs can have anxiety. What is the connection between anxiety and glands? Let me explain. When he feels anxiety, he defecates.

But the dog defecates unwillingly. Due to that, emptying of glands will not happen. This is something common.

But you need to know the exact reason for the expression of anal glands. Then you can give him proper treatments for the condition.

3. Obesity.

What is obesity? Yes, it is a disease. Simply, we can interpret it as overweight. Both humans and dogs suffer due to this condition.

Ok, let’s see the connection between obesity and glands. Fat dogs’ anal glands locate much more internally than normal dogs.

So overweight dogs can’t empty it properly. So, they are more likely to have gland-related disorders than other dogs.

4. Problems related to bowls.

When your dog defecates, he empties his anal gland. He can do it easily as the muscles contract due to the defecation. What will happen when your dog has a digestive problem?

Imagine your dog is suffering from diarrhea. He will defecate without any muscle contraction. Then it will be difficult for your dog to empty the anal glands.

So, digestion problems can be a reason for the dogs’ expression of the anal gland. If you don’t treat your dog’s digestive problem, it can become a gland-related disorder.

5. Genetic conditions

How do genes become a dominant reason? Let me explain. You know that genes are a deciding factor. When it comes to humans, genes decide the skin color, nature of hair, the color of eyes, and many other features.

Similarly, dogs’ physical features are designed by genes. Some dogs have their anal glands much more inside their bodies. Some dogs have them close to the external opening.

So the dogs who have anal glands close to the anus can empty their gland more quickly than the other dogs.

What to do if your dog expresses its gland when sleeping?

This is a common question asked by a lot of dog owners. Let’s find solutions.

1. Antibiotics.

You can’t do this alone. You need to get the help of your veterinarian right now. He will give some antibiotics to your dog. This is the easiest way to solve the problem of glands.

You can see the fast result by treating your dog with suitable antibiotics. So immediately go and get advice from your veterinarian.

2. Diet plane.

Are you surprised? Yes, you can have a healthy diet plan for your dog. What are the things you should include in that diet plan? Let me share some precious information with you.

Add more fish oil to your dog’s diet. Increasing dietary fibers will also help you maintain the well-being of your dog. Apart from that, pumpkin-based food can cure the infections of glands.

What kind of pumpkin-based foods? Pumpkin seeds, cooked and canned pumpkins can minimize gland infections.

3. Empty the anal glands.

This may sound a bit awkward. But that is alright. Every dog owner can try this under proper guidance, or you can get the help of a veterinarian. The process is simple.

You have to squeeze the back of your dog using a cotton cloth. Make sure you use a pair of gloves. But keep this in mind.

Don’t do this without proper guidance. On the other hand, this can’t fully empty the anal glands.

4. Maintain the weight of the dog.

It is very important to maintain the weight of the dog. Why do I say so? Can you remember I told you that obesity is the main reason for the expression of the gland?

Yes, that’s why I remind you to maintain the BMI of your dog. So, you need to be careful about the food you provide to your dog. Give him healthy food according to a timetable.

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5. Be careful about the immediate environment of the dog.

Anal gland infections occur due to germs and bacteria in the immediate surroundings. So, you need to be careful about the immediate surroundings of your dog.

Keep him away from dirty places. Make sure that he is in a safe place.

How to get rid of the dog’s gland smell?

Yes, I know you suffer due to the smell. Let me help you.

1. Use deodorizing shampoos.

These shampoos have very pleasant smells. So, use this when you wash your dog. I know this is not the immediate solution to the issue.

But this can reduce the smell when your dog expresses the anal gland. There are wide ranges of deodorizing shampoos from different fragrances. Choose a mild shampoo by reading the ingredient list.

2. Use an air freshener.

You can use any kind of fragrance for this. You can add that liquid into a spray bottle. Now you are ready. You can spray this whenever you want.

Once your dog expresses the anal gland, you can spread this to immediately get rid of the smell. This isn’t a permanent solution, but this can help you to an extent.

3. Washing the dog with vinegar.

It doesn’t mean that you will pour a bottle of vinegar on your dog. You have to mix it with water. Mix one cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water. That would be more than enough.

Things to be aware of.

Read ingredients before buying deodorizing shampoos.

There is nothing called natural. If someone guarantees you that the shampoos are all-natural. That person is fake. Chemicals are essential for the removal of dirt. It is ok to use chemicals.

But be careful about the concentrations. So read the ingredient list before buying cosmetics for your dog.

You can’t use any antibiotic without the permission of the veterinarian.

If you are planning on some kind of antibiotic for gland issues, ensure that you get permission from the veterinarian. It is a must. Do you give medicine to your kid without a prescription?

You will say no. Similarly, you can’t give your dog medicines without a prescription.

Wear gloves when you are dealing with a gland problem.

When you empty your dog’s anal gland, you should wear a pair of gloves. It can keep you away from germs. Maybe you didn’t care about this. But be careful from today onwards.

Be patient with your dog.

When the dog expresses glands, fluid can keep stains on your furniture. Bear with your dog. He doesn’t know how much you spent on the furniture.

So don’t get angry with your dog. If you get angry with your dog, the relationship between you and the dog will be damaged. Try to be nice to your dog as much as possible.

Don’t ignore the glad infections.

Most people just ignore this condition. But you should not ignore this, as this can be a big health issue. As I have already said, go and meet a veterinarian as soon as possible.

He will help you to treat the dog. Why should we not ignore gland infections? Gland infections are very painful, and also it will take time to cure them.

If your dog wipe is back on the floor, he may have a gland infection. Observe the behavior of the dog. Observation brings solutions.


Have you clarified your doubts? You are almost done. You decided to raise a dog. So, you should be ready to bear with him. Maybe he is smelly due to the expression of glands. But that’s all ok. Now you can deal with it successfully.

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