When Your Dog Is Whining To Get On Top of The Bed [Do These 7 Things]

Dog Is Whining To Get On The Bed

If you are a doggy parent you might have faced circumstances where your dog whines for certain things, isn’t it?

Now, has your dog ever been whining to get on your bed and sleep with you always? If it is a “Yes”, you might have a little bit of turbulence with your everyday routine.

Saying no to these sweet creatures with their innocent faces is quite a hard task that all of us, dog parents, have to go through.

Dogs may whine to get on the bed due to separation anxiety, stress, attention-seeking issue, fear, jealousy, physical health issues, uncomfortable doggy beddings, and to express sorry. This can be avoided with positive reinforcement, mental stimulation, obedience training, and consulting a vet.

Knowing the reasons why your dog whines to get into the bed is extremely vital.

Let me explain this to you in-depth.

Why does your dog whine to get on your bed?

I’m gonna walk you through a few reasons why your dog might be whining to get on your bed.

1. Psychological issues

Under this topic, there are a variety of reasons. They are as follows.

Separation anxiety

Was your doggy with someone else before you adopted it? Is your sweet home a new place for the sweet fur creature? If so, be vigilant in this case.

Separation anxiety occurs when your dog is overly attached to the person or people they love the most.

If your answer is “Yes” to the previous questions, then it might be struggling from separation anxiety.

Moreover, your companion might be showing signs of restlessness, not taking food, shivering, becoming quiet, and so on.

Furthermore, this can also occur when the owner of the dog is departing for work, not only due to being rehomed.

At the moment the owner leaves the house a difference in the behavior of the dog might be seen, and when the owner arrives back, the blossom buddy is back to getting excited.

This “separation anxiety” might be a reason for your doggy to whine to get onto your bed.


Stress is not just for us humans. A dog can be subjected to stress too. The causes of stress for these blossom buddies are numerous.

Your dog whining to get on the bed may be a part of this. If your doggy is stressed, you might be wondering what symptoms it might have, isn’t it?

Constant yawning, licking, shaking, dilated pupils, change in body posture, panting excessively without any exercise, hiding behind you often are a few symptoms of stress which can be seen in dogs. Have you seen any of these in your canine friend too?

2. Attention seeking issues

Dogs are simply like toddlers. They seek attention too. If they feel like you don’t give them much attention, they’ll surely give you a bit of trouble.

A little trouble is alright, isn’t it? But what if he always does it? Whining with that sweet little face to get on your bed may be a little tricky part of it. Be cautious not to get in the trap!

3. The poor little one is scared!

If the doggy is whining to come up to your bed, it might also be because the poor little one is scared of something!

Sometimes dogs are even scared of lightning if they haven’t been properly trained as a puppy. There are times huge noises scare them too.

Is it a celebration eve that your dog is trying to get up on your bed while whining? Oh, then it might be crackers! Poor one! Better keep an eye on this.

4. Jealousy

Are you newly married or having a partner? Did you give birth to a toddler? Woah! Then here you go.

Maybe your dog is missing the extra cuddles and affection he once had and whining to come up to your bed. Yes, you guessed it right. He’s a bit jealous of the new family members!

5. Physical health issues

Other than psychological problems, the doggy might be struggling inside with something. He might be having joint pains because of arthritis or any other physical pain.

Were you able to observe that the doggy feels hard to jump on your bed or climb the stairs of your house? Then better check on it!

6. “Your bed is comfier than mine”

Has your dog let this out through his actions or maybe expressions? Then definitely might be having a hard time due to his “uncomfortable” sleeping area.

Better check on that to get rid of the blossom buddy trying to whine and get on your bed.

7. “I’m so sorry”

Does he have this innocent look after you scolded him and then whines while trying to get on your bed?

Your friend might be trying to apologize for chewing out your slippers or just playing around and tipping off something.

These are just a few reasons that your dog might be whining to get in the bed!

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What can you do if your dog whines to get on the bed?

Now, let’s check up upon what we can do if our dog whines!

1. A good schedule!

If your canine friend is undergoing stress or separation anxiety, a good schedule would be a good start! The dog needs to be calm with what he is going through, doesn’t he?

So, start with a basic light schedule, as in with adequate exercising, proper meal plan, napping time, and playtime.

Exercise and playing will aid in stimulating mental activity, while napping will give the dog the adequate rest it needs after a bit of hard work.

Make sure you don’t rush him to anything, though!

2. Positive reinforcement

Training your dog while rewarding him will be a long time benefit. To give a start, at every instance, the doggy tries to whine and get on your bed instead of saying” No” and breaking his heart.

Try giving a treat and tell him emphatically that if he doesn’t get on the bed, he will get a little treat.

That will be something that will surely make him happy! You may use chew toys or kong toys for this!

3. “Sit! Lay! “Commands

Other than positive reinforcement, training the dog fr simple commands is vital. It’s much better if you have begun this during his puppy stage.

If not, just begin with simple commands like “sit”, “lay” which will in return help you to prevent the dog whining and his attempt to get on your bed without hurting his feelings.

4. “Woah, it’s my cozy place’

Make sure you give him a comfortable sleeping area with good bedding arrangements. Just try this and see the ecstatic face of the canine friend!

If it’s possible, include a dog pen by the side too! Moreover, to make it more relaxing, you can use aromatherapy candles, an owner’s piece of clothing with the owner’s scent in it so that the dog will feel the presence of the owner in case the owner departs for work.

5. Proper socialization

The dog must be trained with proper socialization skills. Take your doggy into playdates and play parks and let him have the time of his life!

This will aid in proper adherence to commands and better listening skills, which will indeed help you and the doggy in return.

6. Dog behaviorist

If you are not someone who doesn’t have the proper knowledge on how to train your dog and it still keeps whining, try taking him to a dog behaviorist!

7. Veterinarian

Last but not least, if any of these doesn’t work out, take your blossom buddy to a veteran immediately.

Listen to its whinings and the struggle to get to your bed. He might be needing help on something you never know.

Why shouldn’t you let the dog get on the bed and sleep with you?

Let me answer this question for you with a bit of explanation.

1. Half asleep nights and an exhausting morning

Just to begin with, ask yourself whether you had a good sleep last night with your dog by your side?

With its growling, you might have not, isn’t it? A night of good sleep is indeed vital for us to do everything with vigor the next morning.

But what if you couldn’t have a good sleep? Yes, it might be a problem for both your physical and mental health. So, make sure this won’t happen.

2. Annoying “allergies”

You might think, “okay, I am not allergic to dogs, so I have no problem with this”. If you are thinking so, it might quite be a hassle.

Most dogs usually play and run almost everywhere they can, don’t they? Who knows what type of allergens they might be bringing?

Even though you might give him a good bath, it’s not that all allergens are wiped away from your body, isn’t it?

3. The trouble-bubble in relationships

Even though, as a dog parent, you might not have issues with the dog sleeping on your bed, your partner or the kids may be having issues with the dog sleeping on your bed. It may be health issues or any other issue to be concerned about.

Why should you let the dog get on the bed and sleep with you?

The reasons why you should let your furry friend get on the bed and sleep with you might intrigue you. Let’s dive into it!

1. Remedy for minimizing anxiety

Co-sleeping with your blossom buddy will tend to ease the anxiety which you are going through and make you comfortable.

The peace you get when you sleep with your dog, in this case, will definitely be a different experience.

It will optimistically act on us and will help us to cope with loneliness and depression as well.

2. Doggy cuddles

No matter how much it’s cold around, this canine friend of yours will aid in giving you a warm and extravagant cozy sleep at night.

This will definitely be a good option to keep you warm if you are single.

3. Treatment for sleeping disorders

If you have a ‘trained service dog,” he might be able to help you out with sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea narcolepsy.

Things to be aware of.

After all, as dog parents, there are specific things we must be really concerned about.

1. Punishment is “NOT” an option

If your dog is whining and trying to get on your bed, just don’t scream at it! Punishing him will definitely not help you out.

The only option is being kind and empathetic and training him the right way. Just think of him as a toddler who knows nothing about. It would be much easier then.

2. Patience

While training your fur creature, it is really vital to be patient. If you feel like you lack it, then begin it while you are training the dog.

3. Treats being given to the dog

It’s really important t drag your attention into this as well. Chewable bones are said to be giving nutrients to the dog, but yes, it’s somewhat controversial.

Yet, if you are going to try this as a treat for your dog, just remember not to give chunks of it as it might lead to blockage.


In conclusion, I hope you got a good idea of why your dog whine to get into your bed, what should you be doing on that, and every other thing related to your trouble bubble.

Stay connected with us to know more about your canine friend and expand your knowledge to give a better lifestyle for him.

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