Should You Pet Your Dog With Your Feet? [Dos & Don’ts]

petting the dog with feet

Petting your dog is one of the ways in which you can show your affection towards him or her.

Mostly you pet him with your hand and sometimes with your feet too. But, have you given a deep thought about petting him with your feet?

Petting your dog with feet is not considered as ‘a not doing’ unless your dog shows any dislikes. Reasons such as sharing affection can lead to creating a likeness within your dog towards feet petting. Also, dogs prefer to be petted by human feet to learn about us, & when they need a rough massage.

Well, let’s have a quick reading in detail regarding today’s topic.

Is it okay to pet your dog on your feet?

Well, you might be wondering and doubting about these kinds of small issues as a dedicated dog parent.

Yes, you should. Because dogs are exposed to extremely sensitive thoughts and feelings. You should be well aware of their behaviors and reactions towards changes you make for their physical and mental protection.

We’ll come to the question now. Is it okay to pet your dog on your feet?

Yes, it will be fine and soothing with your pooch unless they have been faced with bad experiences like getting kicked by the foot.

Some of the nightmares kind of incidents like above can create a drastic dislike within them towards petting by feet as your doggy is so sensitive.

Another pinpointing reason you have to consider when petting your doggy with your feet is the cleanliness of your feet.

Always make sure to keep your feet well washed and clean if you tend to pet your doggy with feet most of the time.

This is because unclean feet can cause your doggy rashes, and it is not good for their coat as well.

So, regarding the above-highlighted question, all you have to do is consider the likeness and dislikes of your doggy about petting them with feet and if they get upset with it, then don’t.

Do dogs like being petted with feet?

First, you must know that dogs are super weirdos, and their likes and dislikes may vary from each other.

Basically, dogs love human feet, and according to the studies, they try to learn more about you through your feet.

The sweat and oiliness in your feet can give them a lot of information about you, and they prefer licking them or biting them.

So, it can be assumed that the same kind of phenomenon is going on with being petted by the feet. As I highlighted above, unless your doggy has faced a bad experience with feet, they might show a likeness to be petted with your feet.

Sometimes, the complete vice versa might happen with your doggy. He or she might refuse to be petted with your feet.

In such instances, they might tend to walk away from you or sit or sleep in another place.

Such doggies prefer hand petting more than petting with your feet. That’s why I mentioned that it is dependable on your doggy and his or her attitude regarding patting with the feet.

So, be careful and identify what they really need and cater to it.

Why does your dog like to be pet by feet?

Well, there might be several reasons for your doggy to accept petting with feet and to love the procedure.

1 . To learn about you

As pinpointed earlier as well, some dogs bear a positive attitude about human feet as they can learn a lot about you through sweat and oiliness in your feet.

(Now you can guess why they really like to chew your socks and shoes!).

 Basically, they love to sit on your feet and touch your feet on them.

It is a sign that they bear a positive attitude towards your feet and have no issue in petting him or her with your feet. They accept it without any negative thoughts.

2 . To feel protective

Sometimes your doggy might feel not safe or not completely protective within your own house as well.

In such a situation, he or she might prefer the touch of your feet on them or sitting on your feet. 

3. When in need of rough massage

Now, this is a common situation with almost all dogs. Suppose your doggy woke up from a good sleep or has returned home after a long walk.

In such instances, they might need a good feet massage, and they feel it as the affection you have towards him or her.

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Can dogs feel the difference between hand petting and foot petting?

Generally, it can be assumed that dogs can feel the difference between hand petting and feet petting since they are not dumb or insensitive.

Dogs can identify the difference, and they even go away from you when you are petting him or her with your hand when they really need your feet.

Another point is that they can easily identify the difference between the smell of your hand and feet. So, obviously, they know when you are petting them with your hand and when it is with your feet.

Anyway, no matter from the feet or hands, all they crave are affection and love.

So, it is better to consider your dog’s needs first and try to identify them before catering to them.¬†

Then what should you do now?

Well, the best possible thing you can do is, identify when your doggy prefers hand petting and when he or she craves petting with your feet.

Prioritizing their needs is much more important before considering your easiness or laziness. It is normal to have some instances where they prefer getting petted with feet no matter how much they love hand petting.

So you should be able to figure out those by observing their behaviors and then decide what you really want to do.

Remember, it is not a problem or a severe issue your dog refuses to be petted with feet or hands. And also, at the same time, do not worry if your doggy really shows a likeness to being petted with feet as it is a normal condition.

It is mostly because they love the feel of your feet on their coat or skin since feet petting helps to scratch the places where your doggy can’t easily reach.

Remember to get rid of that habit of petting your doggy with your feet if they refuse it badly. Do not ever do a thing which they do not like you to do.

If you can’t give them a hand petting when they request you to, do not use your feet as an option. Just let him or her know that they will soon have your hands on them after finishing the rock you are engaged in.

This is the simple theory you can do about hand petting and feet petting.

Things to be aware of.

If you pet your doggy with your feet, make sure to keep them clean always.

Do not rub hard their sensitive areas if you are feet petting your doggy.

Listen to them carefully and identify what they really need.

Do not push them hard if you are petting him or her with your feet because they can tend to have problems with their joints and muscles.


Suppose now you have a complete idea about petting your doggy with your feet, and you can decide what they really crave and attend to it when they want. It does not matter how you pet your pooch, and the only thing you have to consider is their need and do it with love and affection.

Cheers until next time!

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