Do Animal Shelters Check Your House? [Complete Guide]

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Many animal shelters will need a house visit to confirm that your new pet will be safe in its new home. It is typically considered an important aspect of the adoption process.

For several reasons, the majority of rescues conduct a home inspection. Let’s see the further facts included in this topic.

Animal shelters usually check people’s homes before they adopt a pet as a mandatory screening process to guarantee that the pet is placed in a home where they will be treasured for the rest of their lives and will receive all the accommodations. This can avoid unsuitable or fraudulent residences.

If you are willing to take a pet from an animal shelter, you have to get ready to face a home visit or a home check from the relevant organization.

So, let’s see why these animal shelters/rescues do home visits after adopting, what the animal shelters expect from us through home visits, and a few other related facts.

Do animal shelters/rescues check your house before adopting a dog?

Animal shelters or animal rescues are for the betterment of needy animals. So, when we are going to adopt a pet dog from an animal shelter, that organization will surely visit your house to see whether it is suitable for the dog or not.

Not every organization does this, but those that do home visits do so to ensure that you are not lying on the application you have provided, as some people do.

Therefore, if we hope to adopt a dog from a rescue home, whether there will be a home check or not, we can get ready to welcome home our new buddy.

Why do animal shelters/rescues do the home visits after adopting?

Most animal shelters will have a home visit to confirm that your new pet will be cared for in a secure environment before adoption.

Visits allow a qualified professional to look around your home and point out any potential issues you might have with a companion animal present so that you can address them before welcoming a pet into your home.

Let’s see what the other reasons are for animal shelters and rescues to do home visits after adopting.

1. To dump inappropriate or fraudulent homes.

Some people pretend to be animal lovers and adopt dogs from these rescue homes.

But sometimes they use these rescued animals for commercial purposes, just like bait.

As rescue organizations are aware of these kinds of businesses, they do home visits to check the condition of the place where the animal is adopted.

2. to assist in the resolution of any concerns that may arise.

Many home visits are done with the idea of finding whether the relevant home is suitable or not for the pet.

If the rescue team notices anything in the home area that could cause an issue with the adopted pet, they will assist in resolving any concerns that arise.

That might be fencing, veterinary service, or any kind of service. Actually, this will be more of a service for us than a home visit.

3. To avoid the return of animals

Unfortunately, animal shelters receive a significant portion of the returns.

People take the animals home, but they simply return the animals rather than attempting to resolve the issue when something goes wrong.

The visit to your home by the animal shelter or the rescue is an attempt to avoid this.

4. to reduce the most horrific cases of animal abuse and neglect.

Although some people take a baby animal so lovingly at the beginning, the attention and caring for the animal will lessen with time.

If there is a previously adapted animal in the home, the watchers of the animal shelter can see the condition of that animal.

As well as through the surroundings, they can get an idea about the people who are going to adopt a new pet.

5. To make sure that the new home is safe and suitable for the health of an animal that is being adopted.

Make sure a new pet is the right fit for you and your family before you adopt it. It is best if the environment of the residence is suitable for the pet you are going to adopt.

The ease of arriving at a vet is also an added benefit. A home visit from the animal shelter will ensure that a home is safe and suitable for the health of an animal that is being adopted.

6. To confirm whether the information on the application is correct or not.

Yeah! This is also a reason. Most animal shelters do home visits to confirm whether you have provided correct information through the application when applying to adopt a pet.

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What does a dog home check involve?

There are so many things that can be included in a dog home check, and it can vary from organization to organization.

Simply be yourself and be truthful. Then you can build trust within the relevant animal shelter and adapt to your favorite pet so easily.

Let’s consider a few important aspects that a dog home check can involve.

  • They want to make sure that you have a place to call home! Then you know that the garden is safe and that the dog has enough space to wander about it.
  • Check the house and garden for anything dangerous to dogs; make sure the fencing and gates are secure and high enough; and make sure they are aware of proper feeding and walking techniques.
  • I will inquire whether we already have a veterinarian who is familiar with worming/fleeing and shots and ascertain if we are aware of insurance and the associated costs.
  • Assess if there are any potential issues with your neighbors, such as barking, etc.
  • Check out what we would be able to handle in terms of behavioral issues and what we wouldn’t. Check to see whether there were any other family members, and if they were all glad to have a dog.
  • Examine the existing animals in the house to see if they’d accept a new canine and their health.
  • Further, fencing is okay.
  • Whether the potential owner works or what hours he or she works
  • Are there any frequent visitors?
  • where the dog is exercised.
  • Whether it is taken for outings
  • Are chemicals placed outside
  • Are there loose dogs or cats in the neighborhood?
  • What are the probable hazards in the neighborhood/community?
  • Where will the dog(adopted animal) stay during the day and night?

There are so many things!

Do all rescues do home checks?

Actually, the answer is “NO!” But most of the pet rescue centers or shelters do home checks as a significant thing when they give a chance for someone to adopt a pet.

Because there’s no way to know for sure whether a potential adoptive will give the ideal home, rescuers make every effort to do so, which means they put in a lot of time and effort into screening their applicants through home visits.

Sometimes, although not every rescue will check references, most of them will, most likely from a friend, neighbor, coworker, or veterinarian too.

So, when you are going to adopt a pet with a home check or without a home check, give the innocent animal the fullest love and care.

Things to be aware of.

So far, we have discussed many things associated with home visits done by animal shelters.

The reasons for those home visits, the purpose, and the things involved in a typical home visit by an animal shelter before adopting a pet.

By the way, there could be things we should be aware of and want to give more concern about this matter. Here, let’s discuss those things.

  • The most important thing is to never provide wrong or fraudulent details to the animal shelter. If they find that you have provided wrong information through the application or whatever, surely they will misspell you from giving you the chance to adopt the pet animal.
  • A majority of animal rescues are fantastic, but a handful are miserable to work with. If nobody responds to you, if the work is odd, or if it seems like qualified applicants are turned away by the rescue, it is better to choose another animal shelter.
  • If the rescue agency turned you down, there was probably a reason for it. It’s possible that you’re dealing with a temporary situation. So, it’s better to solve that before trying again.
  • Before you finish the adoption, every good pet rescue will require you to sign an adoption contract. If a rescue doesn’t do this, you shouldn’t cooperate with them because they aren’t careful enough with their animals.


Before adopting an animal, animal shelters inspect our home. When you adopt a new pet from a shelter, you’re not only giving a home to a pet that deserves it, but you’re also making a living for another animal in need. So far we have discussed: Do all rescues do home checks? Why do animal shelters or rescues do home visits after adopting? and a few other important things connected with these issues. Now you are more than aware of home visits by animal shelters. So, no worries when adapting a pet from such an animal shelter. So let’s meet on another important matter like this.

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