Can You Take An Unregistered Dog To The Vet? [Vet Advice]

Can You Take An Unregistered Dog To The Vet

It’s common for someone to feel uncertain when attempting to take their unregistered dog to the vet. However, are you allowed to do so? Let’s explore this topic in-depth in this article.

In some countries and situations, dog registration is mandatory and a legal requirement. Every dog needs to be registered after a certain period of time. However, this will not affect veterinary treatment for a sick dog. Nevertheless, there are several benefits to registering a dog before seeking veterinary care.

However, the rules and regulations may vary depending on the circumstances, country, and state in which you reside. Therefore, in this article, I will explain everything you need to know.

Are you allowed to take an unregistered dog to the vet?

Who is an unregistered dog? What is the difference between an unregistered dog and a registered dog? What is a dog license? Firstly let us find about this.

According to my personal experience, when I took my dog to the veterinarian the first time, they never asked me about a dog license or whether my dog was registered or unregistered.

Just asked his breed, her name, and medical reports. Also asked clinical symptoms that he suffered from.

If the dog gets sick or injured, are you allowed to take your unregistered dog to the vet without a dog license? 

That's a big yes! You are allowed to take him to the vet. Your vet doesn't care if your pup/dog has "papers" (as in AKC registration, ACA, etc.)

If your pet is registered, put the rabies tag on your dog’s collar and keep your vet records together before taking him to the vet.

Most breeds are very subtle to handle at first-time vet visits. If you have a large or a very energetic breed like American terriers, rottweilers boxers, you may have to consider wearing a muzzle before entering the vet hospital.  

A problem may arise at subsequent visits if the dog gets distressed to the new place. In such a case, take one more person along with you to handle the dog easily.

Otherwise, there is no major trouble in unregistered dogs who do not have a dog license.

Here are some purebred Clubs and Registries that you can register your dog.

  • American Kennel Club (AKC)
  • American Canine Association Inc. ( ACA)
  • American Canine Registry (ACR)
  • America’s Pet Registry, Inc. ( APRI)
  • American Purebred Canine Association (APCA)
  • American Purebred Registry (APR)
  • Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC)
  • Canadian Canine Registry (CCR)

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What will happen if you take an unregistered dog to the vet?

Do you worry about facing trouble if you take an unregistered dog to the vet without a license? NO…YOU WILL NOT GET TOLD OFF OR BE IN TROUBLE.

But in some countries and statuses, dog registration is a must, is a legal requirement. Every dog needs to be registered after a certain time period. But it will not affect the veterinary treatment for a sick dog.

At a Veterinary hospital, firstly, they will ask about dog vaccination details and the clinical history of your doggy. If you have the rabies vaccination card with you, don’t worry.

But this may vary according to the country or states you live. Actually, a professional, humane veterinarian never refuses to treat a dog without a dog’s license.

The vet will treat the patient well whether the dog is registered or unregistered.

A puppy without any registration papers is like an orphan without a birth certificate. A dogs’ license is like an identity card that has all the information about the dog.

If your doggy is unregistered he can not attend any purebred competitions in dogs’ shows. Registration of pets is a legal requirement under the Domestic Animals Act, 1996.

Dr. Vindy

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Are there any benefits of registering your dog before seeing a veterinarian?

To be a good dog owner you should have all his responsibilities.  One of that is to register your dog with your city government and get him licensed.

Here are some special benefits to registering your dog before seeing a veterinarian.

1. Additional concern from the vetveterinarian  to your dog

If your dog has been registered there may be special attention from the veterinarian and he will be more careful about your pet.

You can take him to the vet easily for routine health care and in some emergency cases.

2. Good for dog breeders

Registering the dog is advantageous to dog breeders before seeing a veterinarian.  

They can easily get information from the veterinarian about a particular dog’s pedigree and vaccination records for breeding.

It’s quite straightforward to find a mate for your registered dog. Because vets have some records of their patients (like breed, owner details).

3. Licensing Proves Your Dog is Safe

It’s obvious that A dog cannot be licensed if it is not properly vaccinated. For getting the license, he should be vaccinated properly.

Then the veterinarian can treat the dog confidently and control the dog properly without any fear because the vet knows that he can handle the dog well and will never get rabies from the dog.

4. To find a missing dog more easily

Sometimes in veterinary hospitals, dogs are missed if you are out of your attention for a while or you off him the leash for a while.

Then how could you find your doggy? If he has a license tag on the neck it helps find him quickly and get your lovely pooch and get him back to you safely.

If someone finds your dog, he will inform you definitely which will help her get home safe and If your dog is found roaming the streets, a rescue organization or any person can easily track your dog through its license identification number.

5. Prevent Spread of Rabies..

To obtain a dog license, you should provide a rabies vaccination card to prove that your dog has been fully vaccinated against rabies.

As a responsible pet parent, it’s really important to keep your dog up to date on all vaccinations.

Registering your dog not only keeps your pooch safe, but it is also safe for the veterinarian.

Unfortunately, if the dog bites the vet while doing treatment vet will not be affected by rabies because the dog has been properly vaccinated against rabies.

Restraining the dog will help to eradicate rabies and other transmissible diseases from your area.

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Is there any benefit to registering your dog before seeing a veterinarian?

Here are some of the essential benefits.

1. If your registered dog bites another dog or a person, you will not be penalized.  However, if your dog is not registered’s you will be fined.

2. Eradicate transmission diseases. one step to eradicate diseases in the dog community. Etc: parvovirus

3. Oftentimes, the licensing fee you pay helps local animal control programs and services provide care for other animals.  Money that earns from dog licenses funds to animals who don’t have an owner.  Animal services in your area can help to take care of them from that money.

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What is the procedure to make a registered dog.

Do you know about AKC? An American Kennel Club (AKC) Registered Dog is a dog whose owner has submitted an application and received a registration certificate from the American Kennel Club.

First, Getting a License…

Now that you know why getting a license is so important, How do you get one for your dog? Frankly, getting a dog license is really simple!

Just be aware that it is mandatory to register your dog with local authorities. Some laws may be different according to your country or state.

What is the information required for registration for your dog?

The following details are some of the essential details required for the registration of the dog.

Application form

  1.  Owners’ details (Name, Address , Occupation etc)
  2. Pets’ details – date of birth, dog parent’s information (are they registered or not registered ) to register your dog its parents must had been registered, breed, vaccination details.
  3. Its parent’s information – are they registered or not registered ( to register your dog its parents must had been registered)
  4. A certificate from veterinarian if the dog is desexed.
  5. Microchip number if the dog already have a microchip

A Rabies Vaccination Is Most Needed, It is a must.

Usually in most times to license your dog, you must have a proof/ vaccination card.

What are the disadvantages of meeting your veterinarian with an unregistered dog?

1. Your dog might have Rabies

Unregistered dogs do have not proper vaccination details, unlike registered dogs. They would not have vaccines against rabies.  

Without knowing if you get an unregistered dog who suffers from rabies (but you don’t know about that) to the veterinarian, there will be a serious situation.

The situation may be more dangerous if the dog bites the veterinarian. Then you will definitely be punished.

2. Transmission of disease

Parvovirus can be transmitted easily in vet hospitals among dogs who have not been vaccinated against parvovirus.

3. Prosecution of the owner

If your lovely pooch has bitten someone or behaved aggressively in the Veterinary hospital, it can have more adverse effects.

You could actually be charged or punished for violating state laws, and face fines.

Things to be aware of

You may find about the local laws about the dogs’ welfare according to the country you lived in.

When you bring your lovely pooch to the vet, make sure that you have the vaccination card of the doggy. (rabies, parvo)

Most vets are firstly asking about vaccination rather than dog registration.

If your dog is unregistered, please be more concerned when bringing him to the veterinarian. Make sure to wear a muzzle to his mouth.


In my opinion, you don’t need to worry about taking your unregistered dog to the vet. When an injured dog is presented to a veterinarian, he won’t care whether the animal is registered or not. His job is to treat the dog as soon as possible.

But if you are able to register him under a dogs’ canine club it will be really impressive and valuable. Therefore, as a responsible dog parent who is willing to provide the best care for your lovely pooch, you must register your pet with local authorities. You and your dog are the important ones here, you bring your dog to the veterinarian to help you. I mentioned above that what are the benefits of taking a registered dog to the vet. So likewise expect professionalism and good treatment to your dog.

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