Does Having A Dog Ruin Your Life? [Advice For Beginners]

Does Having A Dog Ruin Your Life

Are you wondering whether getting a dog will ruin your life? Unfortunately, this is not just a rumor. Owning a dog comes with significant responsibilities that can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not a dog person or lack experience. However, there are ways to make dog ownership a positive experience without ruining your life.

Some of the reasons why having a dog may ruin your life include new responsibilities, lack of experience, high costs, and disruption to household routines. But with proper training, using a crate, sticking to a routine, utilizing sound therapy, and seeking advice from professionals, you can keep a dog without letting it take over your life.

However, if you have any of the above issues, it’s important to consider carefully before getting a dog. In our upcoming discussion, we’ll explore other factors to consider when deciding whether to get a dog and provide you with tips for making dog ownership a positive experience for both you and your furry friend. Don’t miss out on this informative conversation!

Why might a dog ruin your life?

This is kind of a famous secret that, if you have a dog, it will ruin the rest of your life. 

You may have seen on social media how people have fun with their dogs. It is not as simple as what you see. All of them are sacrificing many things for their dog’s welfare, such as freedom, money, time, etc.…

If you doubt how a dog ruins life, this article will help you to some extent.

1. You have to bear up lots of responsibilities.

From the day you get a dog until his/her death, you will have to suffer unless you aren’t a patient and responsible person.

The most important thing about having a dog is the same as having a kid. On this occasion, you have to take care of the dog by hand.

It’s important to note that better feed, bathe, and clean him/her on time when you have a dog. Is that all? No. you will have to go for a dog walk, help him/her get exercise, play with the dog.

All duties should be done by you. That’s how a dog ruins your life. This is kind of a stressful rotation.

2. If you are not a dog person.

Can an anti-dog person turn into a dog person? This is a rare condition. Although you are willing to have a dog, you will not be able to do it until your mind gets ready.

We’re just human beings, and we’re changeable. What will you do when you feel unconfident after getting a dog?

Your likes will become a hell. That is why I tell you that having a dog can ruin your life. You might hate the dog’s smell, the way she/he reacts, barking, etc.…

Under this circumstance, you are not strong enough to tolerate this because you are already weak in adopting dogs.

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3. Less experience.

I can remember the day I got a dog for me. It was tough because I was a fresher, and I had never raised a dog before.

I couldn’t do anything during the first week because my little puppy was so energetic and playful. He ran here and there and got in trouble.

The only duty I did was taking care of my puppy. That was a very stressful era of my life, and I became depressed.

I had become so violent at that period because it wasn’t an easy deal. It ruined my life. What I had to do was rehome the dog until I had enough experience and knowledge about adopting dogs.

After rehoming the puppy, I felt very happy, and my mind was relaxed by myself. My advice is: If you don’t have enough experience, do not raise a dog because it will mess up your life.

4. It can blow up your freedom.

What is the most essential thing in your life? The answer is freedom. Your life will become hell if you haven’t enough freedom.

“Having a dog might ruin your dog.”

Actually, What is the relationship between this statement and freedom? Yes, there is a powerful bond. When you own a dog to take care of, you will not be able to

  • Go anywhere when he/she stay alone at home
  • Have fun with your friends at your home because the dog is so aggrieved and troublesome.
  • Invite strangers because your dog gets excited.
  • Stay calm because the dog barks louder continuously especially at night.
  • Get a good sleep
  • Protect your stuff because your dog will bite your vital items.
  • If you’re single person, it’ll be much harder to adopt a dog.

5. Cost

When you adopt a dog, you have to be rich enough.

Because the dog can become sick, not only that but also he/she needs shampoos, vitamins, nutritional foods, medicine, etc.…And also, you have to pay vet bills because you should prevent your dog from getting sick.

What will happen if you get a dog without considering the above issues? You will not be able to maintain your salary. Then what you have to do is rehome your dog.

That is a kinda pathetic situation, and it will break down your mental freedom. 

6. It can ruin a household.

How does your dog ruin your household? Although some dogs are child friendly, there are some dogs such as 

  • Rottweiler
  • German Shepherd
  • American Bulldog
  • Bullmastiff can harm your family.

Kids are fond of playing with dogs, and what happens when something goes wrong? Your wife/husband will get angry with you; not only that but also they will get a divorce.

That incident will mess your household. And also, what happens when you see poops everywhere on the floor in the morning?

Read this to understand why does your wife/girlfriend needs to rehome the dog.

How to keep your dog without ruining your life

Are you afraid of getting a dog after reading the above facts? Do you know, every dark cloud has a silver lining. 

There are various solutions to keep your dog without ruining your life as well. Let’s check it out.

How to keep your dog without ruining your life? There are brief clues for you according to my own experiences.

You can train your dog very well, use a dog crate, allocate a doggy area for your lovely pooch, get advice from your vet or dog behaviorist, make a timetable, use sound therapies, get another dog, give toys and be patient and love, rehome.

1. Train your dog very well.

If your dog isn’t a well-trained one, it is impossible to have an everyday life. Like I said before, teach your dog how to keep good behavior.

The potty train can help you to solve the toilet problem. If you are not able to train your dog correctly, you can hire a dog trainer.

2. Use a dog crate.

If your dog is too aggressive and harmful to strangers, what you have to do is keep him/her in a crate for a while. It can be an hour or more. Keep him/her until it gets calm.

When the dog gets used to staying in a crate, it will be easy to handle everything.

By the way, read this to understand whether you need to have crates upstairs and downstairs.

3. Allocate a doggy area.

Typically, dogs don’t like to stay at the same time every day. They are playful, energetic, and enjoyable.

If you are gonna keep your dog at the same place, he/she will try to trouble you because your pooch cannot tolerate It.

Regarding the above issue, you can fix a dodgy area and let your dog stay free. 

4. Get advice from a vet/ therapist/ dog behaviorist.

What to do when you feel your dog ruins your life? Your dog may be ruining your house, relationship, and important stuff… It will be very stressful for you.

Before you take action, better meet the vet/therapist or a dog behaviorist. Explain your current situation, and they will give solutions.

5. Make timetable.

You will feel pressure when you are with your dog because you have to take care of your puppy all the time. Is that possible?

We cannot cuddle our pets every time, and it is impossible to allocate all day for your puppy. Make a timetable and divide your puppy’s work among your family members.

It will certainly help both you and your puppy too. And do your puppy’s duties on time.

6. Sound therapies.

If your puppy is so aggressive or very uncomfortable with strangers, it will be a black line for your life.

How far can sound therapy help you? Just check it out. When you beg the vet for help, he or she definitely will recommend this.

Music has the power of healing. You can try both herbal and aroma or more. 

7. Get another dog or give toys.

Why should you get another dog while this one is ruining your life already? Lemme explain.

The dog has mental and physical issues, especially if the owner has not been at home for a long time; if the dog doesn’t get enough love, affection, and care from the owner, the owner cares about his/her family more than the dog.

Under this circumstance, your dog tries to grab your attention by doing whatever they want. If you can get another dog, it will help him/her get rid of the above issues. Or give a toy.

And then, your dog’s attention will go to the toys, which is an easy and productive solution for you.

8. Patient and love.

Dogs are not like humans. They cannot read our minds. They get only what we do and the way we treat them.

I know there are some brilliant dogs, but here I am talking about a common situation. Most people want to keep their dogs without ruining their lives, but they don’t think about why dogs behave like that.

That is the problem here. Be patient and kind. Give your care, attention, love, affection, and priority as well.

Love can heal the pain, and love can make the pain. Choose the correct path. Sometimes you are the creator of your problems.

9. Rehome your dog.

Didn’t work on anything I said before. There are some dogs, and they bring trouble from their birth.

Can we change attitudes like that? No, we can’t. If you cannot get a good result doing the above solution, my final advice is to rehome your dog.

I’m not gonna command, warn, or something like that. If you really wanna keep your dog without ruining your life, and if it doesn’t work, either willingly or unwillingly, you have to rehome your dog.

You are free to choose a decision, and I’m not gonna push you to do it.

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What to do if you oscillate between getting a dog or not?

First, consider your home, atmosphere, family members, and your job wealth as well. You know whether you have the strength to have a dog or not.

If your answer is NO, it doesn’t matter. You don’t wanna move forward. But if your answer is yes, secondly, discuss with a vet, adviser, or dog behaviorist.

I’m sure you have a lot of friends who adopt dogs and talk with them. Try to know their ideas and experience. You can find more details using the internet. Finally, you will get a brief idea about whether you should have a dog or not.

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Things to be aware of.

Here are several things you need to be aware of.

  • Do not lock up your dog in a room If he/she troubles you over the limit. Some people do these kinda cheap things.
  • Do not punish
  • Do not revenge
  • Always meet the vet and get updated
  • Let your dog get enough freedom
  • Try to meditate
  • Keep an eye on your dog because when their teeth are coming dogs become so nervous and aggressive. Check their physical differences.
  • There are certain dog breeds that shouldn’t be owned by an average person. Click the link and see what they are.
  • Practice crate training and potty training when they are at the suitable age
  • Be the Alpha and don’t let their crops over the limit

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Here is what I wanted to emphasize to you about this article, the possible reasons for dogs ruining your life, solutions, and the facts you should consider if you wanna get a dog or not. I know you have a dilemma about this issue even from the moment you read this article. That’s why I’m here to help you. I hope you can get something positive from this article.


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