Does Coconut Oil Help a Dog’s Hair Grow Back? [Full Guide]

Who doesn’t wanna grow their dog’s hair? I’m sure no one will raise their hand. Long hair helps your dog to build up his/her appearance. Not only for dogs but also you will love it.

To tell you in brief, yes, you can use coconut oil for your dog’s hair. It helps your dog’s hair to grow and shine. The happiest news is that coconut oil isn’t toxic and easy to find as a home remedy. Using lime juice, aloe vera, and supplements are some other alternatives that you can try.

Although you got an answer, don’t think that this is easy as pie. Because you have more to consider, please continue reading if you want to catch all the important things in detail.

Can coconut oil help dogs to grow their hair back?

As I said before, coconut oil is a great home remedy and can be used without any suspicion. Specifically, people use virgin coconut oil to get quick and good results. So how can it become toxic for dogs?

Let your hair down because we are here to help with any issues.

Coconut oil for dog hair! Eww, how could we do that? It may keep my little dog uncomfortable. Who knows the consequences?

Have you ever thought like that? Yes, you may be in a pickle but lemme explain how vital coconut oil is. It contains fatty acids, vitamin E, and Laurie acid. It helps your dog’s hair shine and gets rid of dryness.

The main reasons for hair falling are dryness, itchiness, and infection of the dog’s skin. Believe it or not, coconut oil has healing power. So yes, coconut oil can help dogs to grow their hair back.

What are the pros of using coconut oil for your dog’s hair

  • it’s not toxic. It can be used both inside and outside of your dog’s body.
  • It is a piece of cake that find contact oil.
  • It may improve your dog’s appearance
  • It can be used for itchy skin, wounds, and for their pain.

Although coconut oil is a good home remedy, you have to ask your vet whether it is good or not for your dog’s skin. Yes, you are his/her, but you do not have enough experience and practice in a dog’s things as a veterinarian.

I think it is better to ask your vet before applying coconut oil to your dog’s skin. Your dog may have allergies to coconut oil. Not for the majority of dogs; I’m talking about the minority of them.

Otherwise, applying coconut oil to your dog’s skin is okay. You already know the benefits of using coconut oil. Don’t forget to use virgin coconut oil. VCO is more effective.

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Can you put coconut oil on your dog’s bald spot?

When the bald spots increase, the hair is trying to fall. You know what? Bald spots can ruin your dog’s appearance, so you have to take action ASAP.

The most dangerous situation is they can spread all over the body. I know that’s extremely painful for both you and your dog. So how can coconut oil be used to overcome this issue?

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil helps to maintain good skin for your dog. Can you put coconut oil on your dog’s bald spot under your vet’s recommendation? I’m sure the result will frighten you.

Virgin coconut oil is a very good home remedy for your little pooch. It can help with your dog’s itchiness and dryness. Moreover, your dog will have shiny hair. If you can control the dryness and itchiness of the dog, it will help your dog to prevent hair loss.

Although virgin coconut oil is good for your dog’s bald spots, we cannot keep using it without proper treatment. It doesn’t mean that VCO is useless anymore.

Like I always say. First, you have to meet your vet. Sometimes it will happen because of kidney and blood disease. First, go to your vet and get a blood test for your innocent dog.

Although coconut oil can keep your dog’s skin healthy, we must consider it deeply. If you can confirm whether your dog has another problem or not, we can do any home remedy for your dog’s fitness.

We cannot take our dog’s problems easy. You know there is a quotation that health is wealth. It is not only for humans. It is for every kind of animal.

I know a lot of dogs who have taken advantage of coconut oil treatment. On the other hand, some of them couldn’t get it effectively. You see, most of the time, it depends.

If you want or doubt, you can change the meal, try new vitamins and shampoos instead of applying coconut oil. Most probably it will be useful.

One of my friends had a very loyal dog whose skin was infected. So he changed his diet, gave vitamins, used new soaps and shampoos, and used home remedies.

After all these treatments, he visited his dog’s vet and found out the little pooch had a kidney problem. So I don’t wanna go on it to your dog. So keep an eye on your dog well.

What are some alternative ways to grow your dog’s hair back?

Strong hair is a sign of an active and healthy dog. It can build up your dog’s appearance. So it is a very responsible duty to protect and maintain your dog’s hair.

Unfortunately, it can damage, scratch and fall. It directly affects your dog’s image. Before knowing the alternative ways to grow your dog’s hair back, let’s learn why it is damaged.

  • climate changes
  • Some allergies
  • Fungal infections
  • Bacterial infections
  • Less of nutrients
  • stress
  • Age
  • Problems of water

Have you noticed any of the above facts that disturb your dog? Although some of them are visible, a few of them are invisible. So you have to be alert to your dog’s current behavior.

Giving a good meal is not enough for your dog. He needs to be strong mentally as well as physically. Both affect your dog’s hair problems. So my advice is don’t take it easy.

The above reasons lead to damage to your innocent dog’s hair. If you want to get rid of this pathetic situation, use these simple and easy methods. Let’s see what they are.

1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains citric acid, and it can fight against fungal infections. What you have to do is, take some lemon juice and apply them with a small sponge or something like that.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also a good home remedy for the itchiness of your dog’s skin. It can fight against bacterial infections on your dog’s skin.

3. Try some health supplements

  • omega 3
  • Omega 6

4. Try some essential oil

You can use any essential oil to grow your dog’s hair, but you have to ask your vet before you use it. Like I said before, safety must be the priority of everything.

5. Apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar has acetic acid, which can destroy fungus infections. Apple cider vinegar can boost the immune system. Look how powerful it is. You can get advice from your dog’s veterinarian if you doubt using it.

6. Brush your dog every day.

Do you brush your hair every day to keep it healthy? I know the answer will be ‘yes.’ you can brush your dog’s hair too because brushing helps your dog’s hair to stay strong and healthy.

And also, it is suitable for your dog’s scalp. It will reduce your dog’s stress and allergies. So don’t forget to brush your dog’s hair every day.

7. Provide a healthy meal and keep your dog clean.

Foods your dogs take are very important to maintain their body. Because the hair is also a part of the body, it wants an excellent nutritional supplement.

If you provide a balanced meal to your dog, it will help to grow your dog’s hair well. And also, a dirty body never keeps good things. Ass results in your dog’s hair may fall.

What you have to do is bathe your dog at least five times a week. If you can bathe him every day, that’s great.

Things to be aware of.

  1. This treatment is for your dog; therefore, don’t forget to consider its quality. Like I said if you can find Virgin coconut oil, that will be great. The quality of the oil is very significant.
  2. When you are going to apply coconut oil, keep your dog’s body clear and dry. Don’t use warm oil. It can burn your dog’s skin.
  3. Your dog will lick the places that have applied coconut oil. You shouldn’t be worried, it’s not harmful at all.
  4. Ask your vet’s idea before you try any home remedy. The doctor’s recommendation is never to get useless. It will help you to improve your confidence. We should not make all decisions without asking our dog’s doctor.
  5. This isn’t the time to do experiments with your dog.
  6. The other thing is most probably your dog licks the areas you have applied coconut oil. If you do this daily, these things can happen. What are they? Coconut oil can increase cholesterol levels. And also it helps to gain weight. As a result, your dog may become addicted to coconut oil. So you see, everything has a bad side. You have to consider it too. Otherwise, it will become unstoppable. (just a reminder)
  7.  When applying coconut oil to your dog, consider the amount you use. A large amount of oil may keep your dog in discomfort. I’m sure you will catch the right amount.


We all know coconut oil is a great home remedy for most problems. Especially when we mess up with our hair. You know what? Virgin coconut oil is a good medication for our hair and skin.

Can we use VCO for growing your dog’s hair? It was the main theme we talked about in this episode. We could figure out whether we can use it for dogs’ hair or not.

If ‘yes,’ how can we do it, the consequences of applying coconut oil, and other options except for coconut oil? So I hope you get a clear and vital aspect from here. If you have a doubt, don’t worry. We are here to help you. Have an incredible journey with your loving dog.


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