Why Do Puppies Whine At Night In The Apartment? [Do This]

Bringing home a cute fluffy ball is one of the most interesting deeds you can do. But what to do if they start whining all night at your apartment? Can you just stay calm hearing those cries?

A puppy may start whining at night for several reasons: the new place, missing their mother & siblings, for attention, potty schedule issues, or a physical illness. Crate training, making a proper potty schedule, evening walks, positive reinforcement, & feeding can prevent your puppy from whining.

Let’s fully account for why they whine at night and what you can do about it.

Why do puppies whine at night in the apartment?

Whether you live in an apartment or your place, you cannot avoid a cute little fluffy ball. You adore their runnings all over your place.

Imagine you are in an apartment. You have to consider their nightly routine and try your best to make them calm without whining since it can be a burden for close-by neighbors.

Before jumping into the solutions, first, we will get to know why pups whine during the night. There can be general and unique reasons which are reasonable enough since they are still little children.

1. New place.

Just think about the day where they stayed before coming to your apartment. They were cuddling with their mother and sisters and brothers. That is the only place they have ever known and are familiar with.

So, a sudden shift is not easy for you either. No matter how much comfort you have in your apartment for them, they still whine for the cuddle of their mother, which is so sad to watch.

But, eventually, they will learn and get accustomed.

2. Missing mother and siblings.

Since they were rolling and sleeping with many other pups, they will easily miss them when you take the pup to your apartment.

As a result, they might start whining at night, searching for their mother’s and siblings’ warmth. I know this is so pathetic to watch but make sure to make them warm and comfortable.

3. Issues with the potty schedule.

There can be several issues with the potty schedule of the puppy, which can make them uncomfortable. Because of that, they might tend to stay awake during the whole night whining.

They might start searching for a place for ‘the job,’ and sometimes it will not work for them.

So be alert to them, and it is better to seek a vet’s advice if you can’t handle or understand their behavior regarding potty issues.

4. For attention.

Sometimes, your little newcomer might start whining at night in your apartment for your attention. Here, you should understand that the pup is new to your place, and you should attend to them very carefully.

It is quite normal since they are just babies. They will want your presence all the time until they get independent with themselves. It means till they get proper training.

5. An illness.

A physical illness can make them whine at night while crawling all over your apartment.

In such cases, you have to make the right decision to take him to the vet.

6. Searching for a place to sleep.

This is a common reason for almost all pups when taken to a new place. They are eager to find a safe and comfortable place to pack their backs for a long sleep.

So, as a result, they might start whining during the night until they find a proper place.

How to get your dog friend to stop whining in an apartment?

Well, this is one of the most common and somewhat hard-to-handle situations. Since you are dealing with a newcomer to this world, you have to be very careful and also remember dogs are a group of sensitive creatures.

To handle this problem without causing any harm to the pup’s mentality and without getting blamed by your neighbors around the apartment, you can follow the below-mentioned methods and find a solution.

1. A proper potty schedule.

You might think that potty training is not probably the cause for them to whine all night, but you are wrong. Potty training and a proper potty schedule are the most crucial deeds you must consider if you want to stop your puppy from whining all night.

Take them out for a toilet break and let them slowly find a place for ‘the job.’ Do not try to be chattery with your pup, and let them understand that they are out for NOT playing.

Do not try to pet them until they do the job. You might feel like this is rude, but it is the way you can help them.

Remember to give a little praise after they do the job, and they will eventually learn that it is a must and will help them have a comfy sleep.

2. Crate train.

A crate train results well in solving the matter of whining. Once you crate train your pup, they will learn that it is the safest place for them to have a good long hour’s sleep.

There are crate training tips and tricks. Search for those and train your pup to sleep in the crate until they get accustomed to your apartment.

3. Evening walks.

You can stop whining your little pooch during the night by taking them for a little evening walk.

Since it will relax their mind and body, it will help them to receive a comfy sleep at night.

Play with them a little, and if you want, you can try some puppy exercises that will be great for their health.

4. Fill the tummies.

Make sure your pup is not hungry and start whining at midnight.

Fill their tummies and remember not to feed above the level, making them more uncomfortable through the night. It is better to feed them easily digestive food since it is nighttime. It will result positively in the mission.

5. Keep a routine.

The main thing is a proper routine will be a good solution for their whining during the night. If you want to stop their crying, you must train them with a proper routine.

When they get accustomed to it, they will automatically know that it is the sleeping time for the day. If all the other needs are fulfilled, they will go to sleep without making a single cry.

Apart from all of the tips mentioned above, remember to stay patient with them since they are so little to learn all of them at once.

There is no issue if you go on with a slow procedure if needed. The most crucial fact is not to harm their mental or physical condition because of the training.

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Should you worry if your puppy whine at night in the apartment?

Generally, it is pretty standard during the first week or two after bringing the pup to your apartment. But you should consider the fact if they continue whining for days and days.

In such instances, you can consult the vet and check whether there’s an issue with their health condition which won’t let them sleep during the night.

Suppose it is just because of loneliness and missing their family. In that case, all you can do is spend more time with them playing and chattering until they get themselves accustomed to the routine.

This is not easy to watch, but remember that they sometimes need their time. But do not let them whine for so long.

What are the possible issues if the puppy continues to whine in the apartment?

Since you live in an apartment, raising a little fluffy ball will not sound easy. Perhaps, you have to go through a hectic situation, and sometimes there maybe one or two complaints from your neighbors.

Let’s see the possible issues that may arise if your pup continues to whine in the apartment.

1. Complaints from the neighbors.

The initial and most important thing you should consider is the neighbors. The whining of your little pooch can make them disturbed.

It is reasonable on their side as well. If your apartment area is quieter and calmer, this will turn very bad.

2. Not suitable for the pup.

Whining is also not good for the pup’s health. Since they are not sleeping, it can lead them to several ill conditions.

Automatically, they will become poor in health.

3. No sleep.

This is critical if it turns into a situation where you cannot have proper sleep after a hectic day.

If your pup continues to whine during the night for days, it will not be suitable for your health, and you will get easily fed up with them.

Things to be aware of.

Make sure to clean and remove the dust from their sleeping place. It could be a pen or crate.

Provide the pup with a nutritious diet and engage them in exercises up to the required level.

Attend to their illness and consult the vet if needed.

Suppose you can keep a good relationship with your neighbors. In that case, you can make them understand the situation and apologize for the inconvenience.

DO NOT blame your pup for whining or throwing them out as they do not understand that it is something wrong to do.

Let them slowly learn and get used to the routine.


Pups are angels on earth. They do not know what is good and what is not to do since they are just babies. You have to train them with a proper schedule and make their sleep comfortable. They need your hand a lot.

So, guess now you know why they are whining at night and what you can do about it. Better to be kind to them and carefully attend to their issue of whining at night.

Cheers until next time!

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