Best Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania [2024] | List of 10 Local Breeders

Best Dachshund Breeders In Pennsylvania

Dachshunds are a dog known for their large size and short legs. They are also known for their tiny ears, which make them look like miniature foxes or weasels when they sit down. If you’re considering getting a dachshund, it’s essential to know where your new friend came from! Here I’ll explain how to find the best dachshund breeders in Pennsylvania so that you can find the perfect pup for your home.

List of Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania

Cook’s WienersDunbar, Pennsylvania(724) 277-8778[email protected]    
EJ’s Miniature DachshundsBeaver Falls, Pennsylvania(724) 846-6745[email protected]
Kim’s Lovable DoxiesFort Littleton, Pennsylvania(717) 860-2988[email protected]
Little Weiner DogsPennsylvania(570) 430-0612
Vom Weberschloesschen German Mini Longhair DachshundsEphrata, PennsylvaniaN/A
Pine Grove DoxiesWattsburg, Pennsylvania(814) 882-2322
Mayder Falk DachshundsNazareth, Pennsylvania  (484) 541-4994
Home on the Farm Dachshund PuppiesAndreas, Pennsylvania(484) 294-1553
Beaver Valley DoxiesBloomsburg, Pennsylvania(570) 784-7902
Shade Mountain KennelBeaver Springs, Pennsylvania(570) 765-3653

Cook’s Wieners

Cook’s Wieners is a well-known kennel in the mountains near Dunbar, Pennsylvania, and one of the most excellent Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania, with thirty years of expertise producing dachshunds.

Alice Cook and her husband are responsible for rearing puppies in an environment identical to yours. The couple’s primary purpose is to breed Dachshund puppies with early socialization, which is essential for a dog with a friendly disposition.

The dogs have access to around 4 acres of land to play and run. There is never any confinement of the puppies, and they are all house-trained in an open setting. The kennel is annually inspected by American Kennel Club (AKC). The kennel takes every precaution to ensure the happiness and tranquility of the puppies. Cook’s Wieners is therefore regarded as one of the most excellent Dachshund breeders in Pennsylvania, where all puppies are happy and courageous.

Location: Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Phone: (724) 277-8778
Email: [email protected]

EJ’s Miniature Dachshunds

EJ’s Miniature Dachshunds is a well-known kennel that socializes Dachshund puppies for your family and breeds Dachshund puppies with exceptional temperaments. All the dogs here are in excellent health and enjoy playing and having fun. Dachshund puppies are socialized and trained to fit into any family.

Location: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Phone: (724) 846-6745
Email: [email protected]

Kim’s Lovable Doxies

Kim’s Lovable Doxies is the only kennel where all the Dachshunds are treated as members of the same family. Providing a health guarantee for each puppy, they breed and raise great pets with love and care.

Every puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and is inspected twice yearly. The nursery chambers are explicitly designed for the safe birth of pups, ensuring that the animal has a healthy and secure environment from day one.

The kennel owners are in charge of the entire breeding process. Thus there is no risk of an accident because the matings are planned and not forced.

Location: Fort Littleton, Pennsylvania
Phone: (717) 860-2988
Email: [email protected]

Little Weiner Dogs

Little Weiner Dogs, located in the northeast of Pennsylvania, is one of the most excellent Dachshund breeders in the state. Each puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and nurtured in a family environment.

Not only are all puppies socialized with other puppies, but also with children and adults. Consequently, kids are made happy and healthy in a tranquil setting. The puppies spend time together playing and gradually acclimate to their new house with their new family as they spend time with their new owner.

Location: Pennsylvania
Phone: (570) 430-0612

Vom Weberschloesschen German Mini Longhair Dachshunds

By adhering to the strict criteria of the Deutsche Teckel Klub, Vom Weberschloesschen German micro longhair Dachshunds produce Dachshund puppies with a stable temperament and good health. Before heading to their new owners’ homes, all puppies here have been health-checked and immunized. The puppies are nurtured in a family environment and, when adopted, behave like family members. Dachshund pups are raised with great care and affection, so they are well-mannered and adorable.

Location: Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Pine Grove Doxies

The primary goal of Pine Grove Doxies is to produce a happy puppy that can integrate into its new home like a member. With more than or equal to twenty years of experience, they give the puppy a magnificent environment to flourish and be happy.

In Wattsburg, a little community, they breed puppies with an excellent dispositions. All the animals receive adequate care and affection, making them happy and content daily. The owners deeply affectionate the animals, regarding them as divine gifts. They treat every animal as if they were their children.

Location: Wattsburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: (814) 882-2322

Mayder Falk Dachshunds

All the dogs at Mayder Falk Dachshunds are exceptional in socialization with other canines. Additionally, each puppy is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Dachshunds are not raised in puppy mills or on farms. Instead, Mayder Falk Dachshunds are tiny, home-based breeders who offer their pups the amenities they find in a home.

The breeder prioritizes the health and wellness of each puppy, and they try their utmost to ensure that each puppy remains in good condition. The priority of a reputable breeder should be the animal’s health. Mayder Falk Dachshunds offers health and vaccination documentation. In addition, they have a method for selecting owners for their adorable tiny puppies. Those who do not meet the requirements have no right to own the puppy. Therefore, they are regarded as Pennsylvania’s most dependable and one of the top Dachshund breeders.

Location: Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Phone: (484) 541-4994

Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies

Home on the Farm Dachshund Puppies, a second-generation purebred Dachshund breeder, grows the puppies in a farm atmosphere to foster good temperament and socialization. As a result of prudent breeding procedures, genetically induced disorders and birth abnormalities are minimized. Moreover, the puppies are AKC-registered and advocate spaying and neutering. Loving, adorable, and healthy pets are bred and adopted by dependable clients. Due to their socialization training and good temperament, all dogs find it simpler to adjust to their new family.

Location: Andreas, Pennsylvania
Phone: (484) 294-1553

Beaver Valley Doxies

Beaver Valley Doxies is based in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, and is licensed and inspected by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Pennsylvania dog warden twice a year.

All the puppies at this kennel, which has seventeen years of experience, are microchipped and come with a gift bag containing Purina Pro Plan Puppy food, vitamins, and toys scented with the kennel’s scent. The most crucial consideration when acquiring a puppy is the dog’s health, and Beaver Valley Doxies provides a health record forum to the owner. The dogs have access to 106 acres of farmland for play and enjoyment.

Location: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
Phone: (570) 784-7902

Shade Mountain Kennel

With health certification, Shade Mountain Kennel delivers puppies with exceptional temperaments. With seventeen years of breeding expertise, they are skilled and knowledgeable breeders. All breeds are screened for health, and all precautions are taken to prevent genetic problems in puppies. The kennel focuses on the quality of the breeds rather than the quantity; as a result, only a small number of animals are available for adoption each year, but all available animals are adoptable and well-adjusted.
Location: Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania
Phone: (570) 765-3653

Do Dachshunds Make Good Pets?

Dachshunds are an excellent choice for families, and they can make your life easier when packing up the car for a long trip. They’re also suitable for people with allergies or small apartments because they don’t mind sharing their space with other dogs and cats.

Dachshunds are also suitable for those who often travel since they don’t tend to be destructive like some other breeds might be if left alone in their cage at home. On top of all this, dachshunds are generally low maintenance as far as grooming goes—they only require minor grooming once every few weeks or so (if you’re dedicated). And if you live in an apartment building that doesn’t have much yard space (like mine), this may not matter since dachshunds enjoy being outdoors anyway!

Happy black and brown dachshund running
Happy black and brown dachshund running


Dachshunds are a wonderful breed. They make great pets, and they’re super fun to play with. If you’re looking for a new dog, look no further than a Dachshund!

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