Best Dachshund Breeders in Texas [2024] | List of 7 Local Breeders

Best Dachshund Breeders In Texas

Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds in America. They’re known for their loyalty, affection and even-tempered personalities. Dachshunds can make great pets for people who live in apartments or condos and can’t have a large yard to play in or walk dogs at home. But if you’re considering getting a dachshund, there are some essential things to consider before making any decisions about breeders in Texas.

List of dachshund breeders in Texas

Texas Country DachshundsEast Bernard, Texas(512) 773-4248[email protected]
Select Dachshunds TexasWaskom, Texas(903) 371-8424[email protected]
Red Oak Dachshunds TexasRed Oak, Texas(972) 515-3820[email protected]
Muddy River Dachshunds TexasFloresville, Texas(830) 391-8310[email protected]
Rockin M Kennell Texas DachshundsGeorge West, Texas(361) 449-6111
Clear Fork Dachshunds, TexasAledo, Texas(682) 597-4128[email protected]
Hound House Farm TexasAustin, Texas(254) 434-8776[email protected]

Texas Country Dachshunds

In the heart of Texas, Texas Country Dachshunds is a small-scale breeder. They are dedicated to breeding healthy, well-adjusted miniature Dachshunds for lovers like yourself. The licensed breeder in Texas (#349) produces miniature English Cream Dachshunds in various colors and patterns. They produce and ensure that all of their Dachshund puppies in Texas receive the necessary care and affection. As the puppies mature, they run and play in the fresh country air on their expansive farm.

Location: East Bernard, Texas
Phone: (512) 773-4248
Email: [email protected]

Select Dachshunds Texas

Select Dachshund is a tiny breeder located in Waskom, East Texas. They have created a well-known ability to produce AKC Dachshund puppies who are healthy, mild-mannered, and gorgeous.

The Texas-licensed (#337) breeder produces Dachshund puppies with a wide range of coat patterns and colors, including chocolates, English cream, reds, tans, and dapples. Any of their Dachshund puppies in Texas are covered for 24 months against all hereditary illnesses.

Location: Waskom, Texas
Phone: (903) 371-8424
Email: [email protected]

Red Oak Dachshunds Texas

Red Oak Dachshunds, Just south of Dallas, Texas, is home to a tiny breeder specializing in purebred miniature Dachshunds. The breeder has over ten years of experience caring for and breeding miniature Dachshunds. According to our research, they are one of the oldest Dachshund breeders in Texas.

The AKC-registered breeder adheres to severe safety and health requirements for their dams, sires, and offspring. They breed their Dachshunds to generate the highest quality genes, so you can rest assured that your Dachshund puppy is of superior quality.

In addition, all of their Texas Dachshund puppies come with a 5-year health guarantee that can be extended to the Dachshund’s lifespan provided the dog remains on Nuvet vitamins. This is one of the most extended health guarantees we’ve seen from any dog breeder, indicating that they are highly confident in the health of their puppies. Finally, this Texas Dachshund breeder does not send their puppies. You must personally select your Dachshund puppy.

Location: Red Oak, Texas
Phone: (972) 515-3820
Email: [email protected]

Muddy River Dachshunds Texas

Muddy River Dachshund is an AKC Miniature Dachshund breeder in Floresville, Texas. The family-owned breeder seeks to create attractive, healthy Dachshund puppies with family-friendly dispositions.

This Texas Dachshund breeder produces many litters year and sends them throughout the United States. Their Dachshund puppies are available in various designs and colors, including blue and cream, black and cream, red, and English cream.

They raised the Dachshund puppies as if they were their children and gave them ample space to run. The Dachshund puppies are fed a healthy diet, dewormed, and maintained up-to-date on vaccinations. Additionally, their puppies receive daily socialization, so they will not arrive at your home stressed or anxious.

Shipping is offered throughout Texas and the whole United States. However, the breeder encourages purchasers to pick up their Dachshund puppy from their home.

Location: Floresville, Texas
Phone: (830) 391-8310
Email: [email protected]

Rockin M Kennell Texas Dachshunds

Rockin M Kennel is a Dachshund breeder located 90 miles south of San Antonio in George West, Texas. They hand-select their Dachshunds breeding dogs to improve their breeding program and ensure the success of their offspring.

Through Embark Veterinarian, their AKC dogs undergo thorough genetic health testing to ensure they are disease-free. In addition, their Dachshunds are available in a spectrum of patterns and hues, including black and tan, chocolate and mottled, and English cream. Depending on the color, a Dachshund puppy from this breeder in Texas will cost between $1400 and $1800.

Rockin M Kennels offers shipping services for puppies through ground transport, flight nanny, and air cargo. Depending on the itinerary, ground transportation will cost between $300 and $600, and a flight nanny will cost between $400 and $600.

Whether you are searching for a family pet or a hunting buddy, Rockin M Kennel will assist you every step of the way. In Texas, they are a reputable Dachshund breeder.

Location: George West, Texas
Phone: (361) 449-6111

Clear Fork Dachshunds, Texas

In Aledo, Texas, Clear Fork Dachshunds is a Miniature Dachshund breeder. Most of their puppies have smooth coats. However, there is the occasional long-haired Dachshund.

Their AKC purebred Dachshund puppies are available in the following colors: red and red dapple, chocolate and tan, black and tan, chocolate dapple, and black and red dapple. In addition, their Texas Dachshund puppies have a health guarantee, are dewormed, and have received their initial vaccinations. They raise the puppies in their home with care and socialization with humans and other animals.

Their Dachshund puppies are priced between $1200 to $1800 in Texas. Clear Fork Dachshunds does not transport puppies. They can meet you at the Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) airport so that you can fly with your puppy to the cabin.

Location: Aledo, Texas
Phone: (682) 597-4128
Email: [email protected]

Hound House Farm Texas

In Austin, Texas, Hound House Farm specializes in miniature Dachshunds. They carefully arrange every breeding, taking into account the merits and flaws of each parent to pair them with the ideal spouse.

Hound House Farm produces only high-quality puppies, not large numbers. Their AKC-registered moms and sires are magnificent examples of the Dachshund breed with remarkable pedigrees.

The Texas-licensed breeder (#300) socializes their Dachshund puppies with people, animals, and new situations to make the transfer to your house simpler. Their Dachshund puppies are available in various colors, from the traditional reds and English creams to dapple and piebald with smooth, long coats.

The breeder does not send Dachshund puppies beyond Texas. They invite potential purchasers to fly or drive to their residences to pick up a Dachshund. If you have a lengthy layover, the breeder can either meet you at the airport if you have a speedy return trip or pick you up to visit and take your Dachshund home.

Location: Austin, Texas
Phone: (254) 434-8776
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Dachshund Breeder

When looking for a dachshund breeder, you should ask the following questions:

  • Do they have references? Ask for them!
  • Can you see the parents of the dogs? This will give you an idea of how healthy and well-adjusted they are.
  • What are their breeding practices? This can help determine whether or not your pup will be healthy when it’s born.
  • What health testing do they do on their dogs before breeding them (and what kind)? If a breeder doesn’t test their dogs’ hips and eyes, that’s a red flag—they should know enough about genetics to know what genes might cause problems down the road.

Do Dachshunds Make Good Pets?

Dachshunds are loyal, energetic and love to play. They make good pets for families with kids who enjoy playing with their dogs. The dachshund can also be an excellent watchdog – if you want an alert guard dog that will bark at strangers, this breed is perfect!

Dogs are social animals, and they thrive on having companionship in their lives as well as exercise. Many people who own dachshunds need an active lifestyle to maintain their health and happiness; however, there are some downsides associated with having such a high energy level: A lot of time spent running around may result in injuries which require veterinary care before returning home again safely!

Standard smooth-haired dachshund in the garden
Standard smooth-haired dachshund in the garden


In conclusion, the Dachshund breed is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an intelligent, loyal companion. They are known for their fun personalities and low-maintenance needs! But keep in mind that they have high exercise requirements and short lifespan compared to other breeds, making them perfect for people who live in apartments or tiny houses because it doesn’t require too much space at all times.

List of Dachshund Breeders

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaNorthern CaliforniaOhioOregon
PennsylvaniaSouthern CaliforniaTennesseeTexas
USA based breeders
AlbertaBritish ColumbiaNova ScotiaOntarioOttawa
Canada based breeders
BrisbaneNew South WalesSydneyVictoria
Australia based breeders

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