Best Dachshund Breeders in New Jersey [2024] | List of 7 Local Breeders

Best Dachshund Breeders In New Jersey

Dachshunds are loyal, fun-loving dogs who make excellent family companions. They’re also known for their small and short stature, which makes them perfect for apartment living. If you’re looking for a dachshund breeder in New Jersey, here are some of our favourites:

List of Dachshund Breeders in New Jersey

Furrylicious Puppy BoutiqueWhitehouse Station, New Jersey(908) 747-4417[email protected]
The Village Pet Shop NJWilliamstown, New Jersey(856) 262-9090[email protected]
Shake A Paw New JerseyWest Union, New Jersey(908) 402-0520[email protected]
Harlequin DachshundsSouth Jersey, New JerseyN/A[email protected]
Bark Avenue Puppies NJRed Bank, New Jersey(732) 741-4175  N/A
Pet Center Old BridgeThe Shoppes at Old Bridge, New Jersey(732) 702-6302
Silver Nickel PuppiesEnglewood Ave, New Jersey(201) 871-2040[email protected]

Furrylicious Puppy Boutique

Furrylicious is a beautiful and welcoming boutique for puppies. At their puppy nursery, you can have a wonderful time with puppies. There are purebred and mixed-breed puppies available, including Dachshunds. They specialize in toy and petite breeds in an intimate and relaxing environment. It is a tiny boutique-style puppy store where the puppies receive complete care, playtime, and socialization. Their puppies are fed high-quality food, treated, and have full health assurances and medical records. Additionally, they feature a massive selection of pet gear, accessories, and food manufactured by well-known manufacturers.

Location: Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
Phone: (908) 747-4417
Email: [email protected]

The Village Pet Shop, NJ

Are you looking for exposure to pups before adoption? The Village Pet Shop allows you to spend time with their puppies to socialize with them and choose your favorite. Their objective is to deliver puppies as affordable family pets. Every single one of their puppies is appropriately vaccinated and dewormed. All of them have been examined by a veterinarian and come with a certificate listing the breeder’s name, address, vaccination regimen, and health guarantee. The local pet store contains everything you need to transport your dog, including carriers, bowls, toys, snacks, and more.

Location: Williamstown, New Jersey
Phone: (856) 262-9090
Email: [email protected]

Shake A Paw New Jersey

Shake a Paw is the largest and most recognized pet supply business in New Jersey. They consistently invest in cutting-edge technology to provide you with the healthiest puppies. Their showrooms are equipped with ventilation and UV air purification devices to protect their puppies from pathogens and unpleasant odors. They have bred almost 200 distinct dog breeds, including Dachshunds. Appointment service has facilitated a safer and more convenient shopping experience in the Covid era. You may easily book an appointment based on your needs, and you will be greeted in a clean and private location by a dedicated sales specialist. You can confidently select your new family member with the assistance of the breeder from Shake a Paw.

Location: West Union, New Jersey
Phone: (908) 402-0520
Email: [email protected]

Harlequin Dachshunds

Are they looking for miniature Dachshunds with long hair? Harlequin Dachshunds have been exclusively bred for over twenty years. Their dogs are friends since they have been socialized in a home atmosphere since they were puppies. They try to develop dogs of the highest health, intelligence, conformation, and temperament standards. Their canines have also excelled in competitions such as agility and obedience. Harlequin Dachshunds desires you to become acquainted with the puppies and their extended families so that you may observe how they mature and develop into healthy, gorgeous dogs. Their website aims to provide information and education about Dachshunds to facilitate adoption. This is one of your best options if you are seeking an individual Dachshund breeder in New Jersey.

Location: South Jersey,New Jersey
Email: [email protected]

Bark Avenue Puppies NJ

Bark Avenue Puppies is not your average dog store. Their puppies reside in condos rather than in cages or crates. This flooring is rubberized to protect the paws of puppies. They also have a negative air pressure system that pumps clean air around the puppies 24 hours daily to prevent contamination. Their puppies socialize and enjoy playing in the specially designed-play area, receiving affection from the caretakers. You will only find pups bred at Bark Avenue according to strict USDA standards. Bark Avenue is the most excellent place to go if you are seeking something special: a puppy that begins life in your home and does not come with any baggage.

Location: Red Bank, New Jersey
Phone: (732) 741-4175

Pet Center Old Bridge

Pet Center Old Bridge is one of the most devoted and well-known breeders of puppies, including Dachshunds and other species. Their staff receives extensive training to make them knowledgeable pet counsellors for the animals and the adopters. Pet Center’s excellent reputation is attributable to its high-quality products, healthy animals, various breeds, pet advisors, and genuine affection for animals. The primary objective of pet counsellors is to educate individuals on pets and how to improve their quality of life. Their puppy receives extensive veterinary treatment and vaccines before being placed in your care. They give high-quality food, regular exercise, and extensive socialization with adults and children with their puppies. If you like to contact them, you may fill out a consultation form on their website.

Location: The Shoppes at Old Bridge, New Jersey
Phone: (732) 702-6302

Silver Nickel Puppies

In their store, Silver Nickel Puppies offers some of the finest puppies. Their puppy nurseries and showrooms are disinfected and cleaned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using clean air ventilation and purification equipment to live in an atmosphere free of pathogens. All puppies have their blankets, bowls, toys, and other items, and they are kept in a cosy environment with calming music playing continuously. The puppy sitters have extensive training and expertise in caring for puppies with extreme care and devotion. Their puppies only originate from USDA-licensed breeders with impeccable reputations and expertise. When you purchase a puppy from them, they will supply you with the pet’s medical record, breed certificate, microchip registration, etc., so that you can bring your new family member home without complications. If you are eager to contact them, their puppy consultants are always there to guide you through their website.

Location: Englewood Ave, New Jersey
Phone: (201) 871-2040
Email: [email protected]

Short History of the Dachshund Breed

The Dachshund is a dog breed of the hound type, not a terrier. It was developed to hunt badgers and other burrow-based animals in Germany, which is still used today.

The Dachshund’s popularity has increased over time due to its unique characteristics, which include short legs, floppy ears and a long body with a short coat. This makes them ideal for owners who want an affectionate pet they can carry around on walks or in the car; however, they may be small enough for smaller homes!

dachshund dog run and jump
A healthy Dachshund loves to run and jump!

How Much Does a Dachshund Cost?

When you’re looking to buy a dachshund, it’s essential to know how much it costs. The price depends on the sex, color and bloodline of your new friend.

The average price for a dachshund is $500-$1,000, but some can be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you buy them. You will find that rescue dogs are less costly than dogs from breeders who have been breeding for generations!


Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They were initially bred to hunt badgers and other small animals and were used for that purpose for centuries. Nowadays, you can find them as pets all over the country. If you want to take care of one yourself or want to learn more about them before getting one, these are some great resources!

List of Dachshund Breeders

MissouriNevadaNew JerseyNew York
North CarolinaNorthern CaliforniaOhioOregon
PennsylvaniaSouthern CaliforniaTennesseeTexas
USA based breeders
AlbertaBritish ColumbiaNova ScotiaOntarioOttawa
Canada based breeders
BrisbaneNew South WalesSydneyVictoria
Australia based breeders

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