Best Dachshund Breeders in British Columbia [2024] | List of 5 Local Breeders

Best Dachshund Breeders In British Columbia

Dachshunds are a great breed to own. They’re fun, playful and brilliant dogs. If you’re looking for a dachshund breeder in British Columbia, here are some of the best:

List of Dachshund Breeders in British Columbia

BarkervilleSouth Surrey/White Rock, British Columbia(604) 538-8512[email protected]  
Couture Miniature DachshundsSouth Langley, British Columbia(778) 388-1057[email protected]  
Joskip DachshundsParkway Drive Surrey, British Columbia(604) 542-2770[email protected]
Matsutake KennelsVernon, British Columbia(250) 549-0732[email protected]  
Prairiedox Mini DachshundsQuesnel, British Columbia(250) 255-5944[email protected]


Barkerville is a small kennel that breeds Standard Smooth and Longhaired dogs. Our mission is to “create a better Dachshund” by applying the breed standard of perfection as a basis for imagining the ideal Dachshund and working to improve conformation while preserving breed type and temperament.

Our dogs are raised and socialized in our home, not in a kennel. All puppies are nurtured with care in a bustling cooking environment. Non-show and non-breeding puppies are available to approved pet homes on a spay/neuter contract. All puppies come with a satisfaction and health guarantee.

Location: South Surrey/White Rock, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 538-8512
Email: [email protected]

Couture Miniature Dachshunds

Couture Miniature Dachshunds is committed to creating only miniature dachshunds with smooth and longhair coats of the most excellent quality. Selecting dogs for our breeding program requires extensive planning to ensure that we produce only the best. All Dachshunds chose for our breeding program undergo all applicable health tests.

We breed and exhibit dachshunds and occasionally have puppies available throughout the year. In addition to health, temperament, and conformation, we strive to produce confident, well-socialized puppies for family homes.

Our adult puppies come in various colors and patterns and typically weigh 7 to 11 pounds. Each puppy is microchipped, Canadian Kennel Club-registered, with a written health guarantee, initial vaccines, and deworming.

Location: South Langley, British Columbia
Phone: (778) 388-1057
Email: [email protected]

Joskip Dachshunds

Joskip Dachshunds is located in South Surrey, part of the Lower Mainland. We are the breeders of the first homebred Canadian Piebald Champion, who won his title at nine months. Since 2004, Piper’s full sister Joskips Speckled Pie MSP, has also become a champion. We breed red, black-and-tan, and piebald smooths.

Our litters are planned and modest in number. The puppies do not leave until they are at least 12 weeks old, are well-socialized, and are typically in the process of being housetrained. They are given their initial immunizations and dewormed twice.

We are breeders who adhere to moral standards. We are always available to our puppy purchasers and will accept a puppy back at any moment if the owner cannot maintain it. Our dogs are sold with stringent spay/neuter agreements. We only provide stud services to qualified women who match our criteria.

Location: Surrey, British Columbia
(604) 542-2770
Email: [email protected]

Matsutake Kennels 

My kennel name was registered as Matsutake Kennels almost thirty years ago. A few years later, it was permanently registered when CKC regulations required the owner to have bred a particular number of Canadian Champion dogs. We don’t count the number of Champions we’ve bred or owned, and because we want to watch the lives of the dogs who leave our house, we’ve never sent dogs overseas, despite requests.

Location: Vernon, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 549-0732
[email protected]

Prairiedox Mini Dachshunds

We are a small, in-home breeder of CKC-registered miniature dachshunds relocating from the lovely grasslands of Saskatchewan to an area just outside the beautiful city of Quesnel, British Columbia. Our dogs are members of our family and are raised and reside in our home. We maintain a modest number of dogs and only produce a handful of litters annually. Our priority is to provide healthy, well-rounded puppies with the finest possible start in life.

Location: Quesnel, British Columbia
Phone: (250) 255-5944
Facebook Page:
Email: [email protected]

Tips When Choosing a Dachshund Breeder

  • Make sure the breeder is a member of the Canadian Kennel Club. This is an important step that can help you identify reputable breeders and ensure your puppy will receive proper care.
  • Check their credentials and references, and look at their website to see if they have photos of previous litters. If you’re concerned about any issues, ask for references from other people who have purchased puppies from them before.
  • Look at reviews online; it’s a good idea to read reviews written by other customers before purchasing any animal product or service (including the dog). You should also check out any videos posted online by other customers who have purchased dogs from this particular breeder – this way; you can get an idea about how they treat their animals while also learning whether they’re good trainers!
  • Ask your local area if there are any local breeders who sell dogs often enough so that people know where they come from; then ask those people if they could recommend someone else!

How Much Does a Dachshund Cost?

The price of a dachshund puppy depends on the breeder you choose. The average cost for an adult dog is between $500 and $1,000. If you want to purchase your pet from a reputable breeder that has been breeding dogs for many years, then this price will be higher than if you were to buy one at a local pet store.

When it comes time to feed your new pup all of its meals, several factors determine how much food will cost: the breed itself (some breeds require more food than others), whether or not they have special needs like health issues or dietary restrictions (such as allergies), and their age when they come into your life! In general, though.

Portrait of a red-haired purebred Dachshund sitting and posing on a Park bench with an autumn red maple leaf.
Portrait of a red-haired purebred Dachshund sitting and posing on a Park bench with an autumn red maple leaf.

Do Dachshunds Make Good Pets?

Dachshunds are affectionate, loyal dogs who make good pets for families. They’re intelligent and trainable, so you can teach them new tricks or improve their behavior using positive reinforcement training methods. Dachshunds also tend to protect the people they loveā€”bark if someone comes near the door without knocking first!

Dachshunds are playful and energetic at heart, which makes them great companions when your schedule is crazy busy, or you need an outlet for your energy after a long day at work (or both). Dachshunds have been known to get into mischief while playing with children as young as three years old!


We hope this guide has helped you make the right choice when choosing a dachshund breeder in British Columbia. We strongly recommend you visit their website or contact them directly if you want to adopt one of their dogs. This will allow you to ask all your questions and get a better idea of what it would be like living with a dog that is part of their family.

List of Dachshund Breeders

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