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Toby the Dachshund

An Interview with a Dachshund Owner

Meet Toby the Dachshund and owner Jenny Bingham.  Jenny took the time to speak to us about her experience of living with her Dachshund, Toby

Toby the Dachshund

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your dog please?

A: Toby is a 7 year old standard short haired dachshund. We got him when he was a puppy, straight from his litter with a private breeder at around 8 weeks.

Q: How easy was Toby to train?

ADachshunds are not the easiest dogs to train, but it is possible with consistency and determination. Essential things such as toilet training, “sit”, “come” were fairly standard but as a breed they can be deaf to some other commands, particularly “stay” if they have somewhere better to be!

The general rule of thumb appears to be that a dachshund will do as you ask them - as and when they’re ready!

Q: How much exercise does Toby need?

A: Toby gets taken out around three times a day. Two short walks morning and night, and a longer on in the middle of the day. At the weekends, we try and get him out to the countryside.

He needs the exercise to keep off the weight that dachshunds are prone to putting on, and also to wear off insatiable energy - but he can be quite lazy and if he decides he’s not going anywhere, it’s very difficult to convince him otherwise.

Q: Does Toby have a particularly "doggy smell" and how is his coat in terms of shedding?

AShort haired dachshunds don’t smell too bad at all.

We do tend to find short black hairs in the most unexpected places but regular grooming helps.

Q: Is your Dachshund an excessive barker?

AUnfortunately dachshunds are quite barky dogs as they like to communicate with their humans, but lots of attention helps with this.

Toby takes his duty of protecting his home very seriously. The upside of this is people on the other side of the door are left with the impression you have a much larger, fiercer dog guarding your property than you actually do!

Q: Does Toby have good recall off-leash?

ANot at all!

We never let Toby off the leash due his hunting nature and tendency to ignore commands. Once a dachshund gets a scent, they will ignore you and chase that scent, so keeping them leashed in wooded areas is very important.

We have a super long lead that we use for longer walks, which gives him enough freedom to run about without disappearing down a badger set.

Q: What is Toby like around other dogs?

A: Generally very good. He was socialized as a young puppy, and enjoys meeting other dogs on his walks.

Q: What is Toby like around children?

A: Children tend to be very curious with dachshunds due to their funny shape, and Toby doesn't always appreciated being approached very suddenly, so we always pay close attention but he’s always been very gentle with children.

I wouldn't say dachshunds are the first breed to consider with small children, however.

Toby the Dachshund

Q: Would you class Toby as high maintenance or a fussy eater?

AToby will eat anything, which means we have to be careful what we leave lying around.

The only high maintenance thing about his diet is that we have to watch it and ensure he doesn't put on any weight as he will never be full.

Toby the Dachshund

Q: Can Toby do any tricks or has he any funny quirks?

A: Toby has a huge personality and a lot of funny quirks. He’s not great at learning tricks per se, but he’ll high five you when he feels like it.

His most obvious quirk is his insistence on being a part of everything we do. If we’re sat around talking, he must be sat with us and won’t leave us alone until we’ve allowed him into the group.

Helping unwrap presents at birthdays is one of his favorite activities - he thinks that anything wrapped is automatically for him!

Big thank you to Jenny for a little insight into life with the lovely Toby! :)

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