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Large Non-Shedding Dogs

Large non-shedding dogs are often considered hypoallergenic and easier to live with than their heavy-shedding cousins. 

Actually, dog shedding occurs in all dogs, and is the process of getting rid of dead hair so that new growth can occur.  With the so-called "non-shedding dog breeds", the process of shedding actually occurs so slowly that it goes unnoticed.

Usually, these dogs will shed hairs that remain in the coat rather than on your furniture.  Without regular brushing, these dead hairs will begin to mat and cause tangles and pain to the dog.

So, regular brushing and care is very important.

A Portuguese Water Dog in silhouette standing on snowPortuguese Water Dog

Myth:  Non-Shedding Dogs are good for people with allergies:

Truth:  There is some truth to this statement, but people are usually allergic to the dog’s dander, not their hair.  Dander is the dead skin flakes that fall off the dog, travel through the air,  and land on surfaces in the home and you. 

All dogs produce dander and those that shake a lot distribute more dander! Dogs that shed the least produce less of the allergen causing dander so they may be a better match for those with allergies.

While there is no such thing as an entirely non-shedding dog, there are dogs like humans that shed a little hair over time. 

The following list of large non-shedding dogs represent those breeds that shed little to no visible hair.  They may make a good choice for those who prefer not to see dog hair all over themselves and their homes. Be prepared to spend a little more time with grooming these dogs.

One more note:  You will notice that some of the dogs on this page are considered to be medium sized instead of large.  We've added them here.  If you are interested in a smaller non shedding dog, there are many to choose from.

Large Non-Shedding Dogs

Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier is brave and intelligent, also known as "The King of Terriers". They are playful and exuberant. This is the biggest of the Terrier breeds.

Large non-shedding dogs


The Barbet dog breed is from France, and was used as a hunting dog to detect and flush out game birds, and then retrieve them from water. They are very strong swimmers, and enjoy being outdoors playing games in the back yard.

This is a very social breed, and they do best in a family situation, with a lot of human contact. They are good with children. They have a shaggy coat, but do not shed much at all. The coat can be trimmed to 3-5 inches if preferred.


The Bergamasco starts life as a fluffy puppy and turns into a dog with dreadlocks as it grows into an adult. They shed very little hair, but they DO need quite a lot of grooming to keep that coat healthy. They are intelligent, friendly dogs who love a family environment.

Large non-shedding dogs

Bouvier de Flanders

large non-shedding dogsBouvier des Flanders

Also called Belgian Cattle Dog, Flanders Cattle Dog, Vlaamse Koehond.

Giant Schnauzer

large non-shedding dogsGiant Schnauzer

Their size places them in between a large and a giant breed dog, but we've chosen to list them here too. Having been originally developed to be a large drover, there were probably quite a few breeds that went into their creation. 

They are household pets today, although there is still a need for their services as police dogs. Being reserved with strangers, they make great guard dogs. They are a little too boisterous with young children so they may not be the best choice for family pet.


This is a hybrid dog breed, resulting from a cross between a pure-bred Golden Retriever and a pure-bred Poodle. The product is intelligent, affectionate, and also low-shedding and low-dander.

Irish Terrier

large non-shedding dogsIrish Terrier

Origins:  Ireland
Size:  Small to Medium
Grooming:  Average
Training:  Average
Recognition:  FCI:  Group 3AKC:  Terrier,  ANKC:  Terrier,  CKC:  Terrier,  KC:  Terrier,  NZKC:  Terrier,  UKC:  Terrier

Large Non-Shedding Dogs

Irish Water Spaniel

Origins: Ireland
Size:  Large
Grooming:  Average
Training:  Average
Recognition:   FCI:  Group 8,   AKC:  Sporting,  ANKC: Gundog,  CKC:  Sporting,,KC:  Gundog,  NZKC:  Gundog,  UKC:  Gundog


A rare breed from Germany, the Komondor is big, at over 100lbs. With their herding background, they can be overly protective, and do not always get on well with other dogs. Their long, shaggy coat does not shed much, but they need a lot of grooming to keep them healthy.

Large non-shedding dogs

Lagotto Romagnolo

large non-shedding dogsLagotto Romagnolo

Origins: Italy
Size:  Medium
Grooming: Time Consuming
Training: Time Consuming
Recognition:  FCI: Group 8,  AKC: Sporting,  ANKC: Gundogs,  KC: Gundogs,  NZKC:Gundogs,  UKC: Gundogs

Peruvian Inca Orchid

large non-shedding dogsPeruvian Inca Orchid

Origins:  Peru
Size: Medium
Grooming: Easy
Training: Average
Recognition:  FCI: Group,  AKC: Hound (FSS),  UKC: Sighthound & Pariah.

This breed can come in 1 of 2 types - Short Haired or Hairless. An ideal dog if your priority is very little hair shedding!

Large non-shedding dogs

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

large non-shedding dogsPetit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Origins: France
Size: Medium
Grooming: Average
Training: Average
Recognition:,  FCI: Group 6,  AKC: Hound, ANKC:  Hound, CKC:  Hound, KC:  Hound,  NZKC: Hound, UKC:  Scenthound

Portuguese Water Dog

An energetic water dog with a love of being part of a family. They do best when in company, and do not like being alone for long. Their coat is curly, dense and thick, and many owners will cut or trim the hair to reduce the matting that can occur. This makes grooming much easier, and they shed almost no hair.

Large non-shedding dogs

Russian Black Terrier

large non-shedding dogsRussian Black Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This breed has a very fine-haired coat, and does not shed much at all. As a terrier, they are energetic, but the Wheaten Terrier also has a calm side to its nature, and is good with children. They are fairly easy to train, and only need moderate grooming to keep their coat in order.

Large non-shedding dogs

Spanish Water Dog

large non-shedding dogsSpanish Water Dog

Origins: Spain
Size: Medium
Grooming: Time Consuming
Training: Time Consuming
Recognition:  FCI: Group 8,  AKC: Herding,  KC: Herding,  NZKC: Gun Dogs,  UKC: Gun Dogs

Standard Mexican Hairless

large non-shedding dogsStandard Mexican Hairless

As the name suggests, a hairless dog breed originating in Mexico. Actually, they are not completely hairless (ie. bald); but the hairs of their coat are so fine and short that they appear to have no coat. A great option if you want no shedding, but they don't tolerate cold temperatures.

Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is the largest of the 3 poodle sizes. Although they love running and swimming when they are outdoors, they are also low-energy and mellow around the house.

They are very smart, and learn quickly so training is a breeze. Their coat does not shed much, and on top of that many owners will trim the coat to make it shorter and reduce time spent grooming.

Large non-shedding dogs

Standard Schnauzer

large non-shedding dogsStandard Schnauzer

A smaller version of the Giant Schnauzer, it has a short dense coat that sheds little, and only needs moderate grooming.

Large non-shedding dogs

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

large non-shedding dogsWirehaired Pointing Griffon

Other Names:  Korthals Griffon

Origins: The Netherlands
Size: Large
Grooming: Average
Training: Easy
Recognition:  FCI: Group 7,  AKC: Sporting,  CKC: Sporting,  KC: Gundog,  UKC: Gundog

Most of the "doodle" type hybrids

Most of the hybrid dog breeds that are half poodle will inherit the low-shedding nature of the Poodle's coat.  Read more about hybrid dogs here.

Large non shedding dogs

We hope this run-down of large non-shedding dogs has been interesting. Please tell us if you think we have missed a breed out!

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