Why do Dobermans Lick So Much? [Owner’s Guide]

Why do Dobermans lick so much

Hey there, Doberman lovers! We all know that when our furry friends start licking us, it’s just about the cutest thing in the world. But what about when the licking becomes excessive? It can be pretty frustrating, right? Well, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

There are actually several reasons why Dobermans may lick excessively. It could be due to boredom, allergies, or as a way to calm down. Maybe it’s just a habit they’ve developed, or they’re enjoying the taste of their food a little too much. And sometimes, excessive licking can be a sign of sickness or discomfort.

When it comes to licking their humans, Dobermans may do it to show affection, express hunger or thirst, seek attention, or even as a way of communicating with us. And let’s not forget about their tendency to lick furniture or clothes – they just find it so darn soothing and relaxing!

But fear not, because there are several solutions you can try to reduce this behavior. It’s important to identify the cause of the excessive licking first, and then take steps to address it. Maybe your pup just needs more stimulation and exercise to combat boredom, or maybe they’re dealing with allergies that need to be treated. And of course, positive reinforcement and training can go a long way in helping your pup learn to behave appropriately.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with your Doberman’s excessive licking, don’t despair! By understanding the causes and trying out a few different solutions, you can help your furry friend kick this habit for good.

Reasons why do some Dobermans lick so much?

The first thing is first. It doesn’t matter whether your Doberman is licking you, furniture, himself, or something else, and it can make you wondered why they do that, and it’s essential to figure out the possible reasons for that.

Your Doberman may be licking things for various reasons, and it’s worth considering the possibilities. So, we gonna understand the reasons under two main categories.

  1. Why do Dobermans lick themselves?
  2. Why do Dobermans lick you or furniture or other things?

So, it’s time to figure out what they are!

Why do Dobermans lick themselves?

Have you ever noticed that they tend to lick themselves quite often? The reasons can be the following.

  • Boredom and cleanliness.
  • Allergies.
  • To calm down.
  • As a habit.
  • Like the taste of food.
  • Sickness.

Due to boredom and cleanliness.

In general, the Dobermans are mean to be neat, incredibly pristine, remarkably clean, gentle creatures. Because of that, there is nothing to wonder that your Doberman may groom themselves by licking throughout his body.

Actually, it’s a normal fact that dogs lick themselves for grooming purposes.

In fact, most dogs habituate licking themselves as they feel bored even if they have cleaned themselves a movement ago.

As we know, Dobermans are hyperactive dogs that always require something to engage in.

So, if your dog is licking himself while lying down on the floor, relaxing on the sofa, you are watching tv, it may be due to they feel some boredom and find something to do.

It’s always better to give other things like chew toys food distributing toys in case when you wanna stop your Doberman from licking or grooming out of boredom.

In fact, letting your Doberman chew on bones could also help.

However, we gonna discuss possible solutions in detail before the end of this article.

Dobermans may click themselves due to allergies.

An allergy is one of the main reasons why this excessive licking problem could occur. In general, there are two main types of allergies, called food allergies and seasonal allergies, that can be encountered due to various reasons.

When it comes to seasonal allergies, you will see some odd behavior from your Doberman during the spring and summer due to the effect of seasonal allergies.

Odd behavior means nothing crazy, but he may soothe its paws quite often or almost every time during these seasons.

You will find so many home remedies from Youtube or just by googling, but the best solution though is to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible as some allergies can be very severe.

In fact, you should be extra careful when creating an appropriate diet for your Doberman, as a bad diet can lead to so many health issues in the long term.

By feeding wrong food, situations like allergies can occur, while some of these allergies can be very severe.

Dobermans may lick their lips to calm down.

This can mainly happen just after a hyper situation like a dog fight, threatened by something, or some aggressive situation where the Doberman lost his mind and start barking and exhibit signs of aggressiveness.

So, you can expect such behavior just after the situation, as mentioned earlier, as they try to calm down. Apart from behavioral issues, this is entirely typical behavior that you don’t wanna worry about too much!

As a habit.

Most Dobermans are used to lick their paws, owners, toys, or any other furniture as a habitual process. Even though this is entirely normal behavior, excessive licking can be developed up to behavioral issues.

So, be aware of that.

Because they like the taste of food.

This is kind of a funny method to make sure whether your Doberman likes the taste of the meal. If he does like it, he gonna lick its lips for at least 30 minutes, and you don’t wanna worry too much about that.

Dobermans may lick themselves due to sickness.

Not only Dobermans, generally all types of dog breeds tend to lick themselves as a result of some kind of a sickness. Obviously, Dogs lick themselves due to several other reasons as we discussed so far,

So, how can you tell exactly this licking is due to some kind of sickness? Well, it’s pretty much straightforward. Observe if your dog exhibits signs of sickness like drooling, bad breath, problems with appetite, unusual sleeping, coughing, excessive panting, sneezing, excessive drinking, attitude change, dry or itchy skin.

If you figured out that your Doberman is licking itself like crazy while exhibiting one or several symptoms mentioned above, chances are your dog is suffering from some kind of illness. So, I urge you to consult a licensed veterinarian in your area regarding this matter.

Why does your is Doberman licking you and other objects?

Another one of the main problems among Doberman owners is their dogs lick them every time. Dobermans are highly loyal to their owners and tempted to make a deep love with the people who lived with them for a long time.

Love is not the only reason why they might lick you or other people. It can happen due to the following causes.

  • Due to hunger and dehydration.
  • As a way of showing love and affection.
  • As a way of communication.
  • Due to attention-seeking.
  • To find soothing and relaxing.

Due to hunger and dehydration.

This is another reason why most Dobermans tend to lick you or your family members excessively without exhibiting symptoms of any illness or behavioral issue, and occasionally, perhaps not every day.

Have you experienced something like that? If so, What’s the reason for that? In most cases, your loving pooch may feel hungry and urge you to provide him food, and you might forget it’s mealtime as you are watching a fascinating movie.

So, think about that.

You know what? Dogs have a very accurate internal clock as a gift from god. That’s why you will see signs of hunger in your Doberman in a case where you forget the mealtime for a little 30 minutes!!

Therefore, don’t forget their mealtimes, obviously not to just avoid this licking, but to keep the dog healthy.

In fact, make sure to have a water bowl filled with clean water throughout the day in an easily accessible place, so you can keep the dog hydrated, and possibly this behavior will wind up as it happened due to temporary reasons.

Your Doberman may lick you as a way of showing love and affection.

As I mentioned earlier, Dobermans are kind of an affectionate dog breed and prefer to have a human companion all over the day. So, they may try to lick your face, hands, legs as a way of showing affection and unconditional love.

Your Doberman will start to give more hugs and kisses while licking you like a response of being affectionate toward them, like cuddling and petting them.

When we think about this from your dog’s point of view, this licking is the sign that he trusts you and you also part of its pack. So, don’t attempt to punish or yell at him to avoid this behavior.

In fact, this also can be due to behavioral issues. If it’s the case, you have to do something to get rid of it from the dog. Don’t worry, I got you. We gonna discuss the possible solution in the following subtitles.

By the way, here is why does your dog lick you after he eats.

As a way of communication.

In general, Dobermans may lick you as a way of communication.

Frankly, they cannot use words to communicate with you. So, they use body language instead of verbal communication to communicate with you.

Usually, they do this to express their feelings. So, as we discussed earlier, this could happen as they feel hungry when they are confused for some reason and the appeasement gesture.

You know what, according to researches done by so many times throughout the years, dogs can feel the sickness situations in humans. If the dog licks your face when you are sick, it may be due to he can feel you, and they just wanna make you feel comfortable.

Dobermans may lick their owners due to attention-seeking problem.

Guys, this is something problematic, and probably you wanna take action and get rid of this behavioral issue.

You know what, these dogs have usually known as overly needy or clingy dogs that require constant attention, and they have some kind of a tendency to be hyper-focused on their owners.

This is the reason why do most first-time Doberman owners fail.

So, if you get your attention away from the dog with an attention-seeking problem, he will start to do loads of things, including licking you just to steal your attention.

Besides licking, your Doberman will show the following behaviors as part of the attention-seeking problem.

  • Whining
  • Your Doberman bark (annoy barking without any other reasons other than seeking attention)
  • Feigning lameness
  • Try to snap at imaginary flies or insects.
  • Unusual physical contours and postures.
  • Give extra attention to shadows and lights and attempt to chase after them.

How to get your Doberman to stop licking?

As we discussed so far, Dobermans may lick you or themselves due to both normal or abnormal reasons. To be honest, this behavior can be a little bit annoying on some occasions.

So, it’s essential to figure out the exact cause for this problem in the first place in order to solve it. After that, the possible remedies can be applied.

How to get a Doberman to stop licking? To get a Doberman to prevent its excessive licking behavior, not giving attention as they seek it, giving toys, meeting their exercise needs, rewarding for not licking, using a bitter spray, using puzzle toys, consulting a veterinarian can be done.

  • Don’t give attention when your Doberman licks you: As they lick to grab your attention, I urge you not to do so and stay patiently and forget about the dog for several movements. After several minutes if he stops this behavior, use that as a cuddling opportunity and reward for their good behavior.
  • The reward for not licking: This is a proper way to eliminate this bad behavior. In fact, it’s pretty much easy to do. So, I recommend watching the video below and follow the guidelines.
  • Meet its exercise requirements: We know that Dobermans have high exercise requirements. By meeting its exercise requirements, Dobermans will stop licking excessively.
  • Give him toys: This excessive licking behavior can be avoided by using toys. In most cases, chewing toys are appropriate for this job. But, this is not a solution for the long run.
  • Use bitter spray: If your Doberman used to lick your belongings, lick shoes, clothes, or even furniture, the bitter spray would help to eliminate that behavior.
  • Give bones to chew on: To be honest, this should be done after huge research. Obviously, this can help to solve this issue. So, I highly recommended you to read this article.


Most Doberman owners have faced the problem of excessive licking in their dogs. This is a kind of wired situation since it can happen due to both normal and abnormal circumstances. So, this article contains why they lick themselves, owners, and other objects like furniture. And later, we discussed the possible solutions for that and related concerns you should be aware of as a responsible dog owner. Hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day.

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