When To Stop Giving Puppy Treats For Potty Training

Puppies are treat machines, and they seem to need treats from morning till night, even during potty times. Since potty training is crucial to their behavior, using treats as a technique is more effective.

However, you should know the perfect time to stop giving your pup treats for potty training.

You can stop giving your pup treats for potty training from the 8th week. But, if the puppy is well-grown and healthy, it’s better to stop treats after the 1st week. Stop giving treats if they have become accustomed to it as a habit and are not responding to your commands. It’s important to stop treating quickly to avoid tummy issues.

If you want to stop giving your puppy treats for potty training, don’t worry – we have solutions. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

When should you stop giving puppy treats for potty training?

Treats can make your little puppy ball happy and mischievous at the same time. This matters if they are really small, and in behavioral training such as potty training, treats play a significant role.

It does not bother until your puppy enjoys having treats while obeying your commands. Potty training should be fun and should never be trained by force.

Generally, if your pup is still too young, you can continue giving him treats for potty training until his 8th week. But you can start weaning off treats if he is a little older and well-grown after his first four weeks.

You should consider some extra instances where your puppy needs to stop giving treats despite age. See whether your little pup shows one of the behaviors below.

If yes, you should stop giving him treats under the below circumstances.

1. Having only treats.

Some pups used to have only treats while skipping meals. This will not do any good to their health and potty training.

On the one hand, it reduces their nutrition level, which is crucial in their growth at the pup age.

Thus, treats should be stopped for potty training when your puppy starts to depend only on treats.

2. Becomes a habit.

Suppose you notice that your pup has started to expect treats for each good deed. In that case, you should immediately stop giving them treats, including potty training.

They will not listen to you after some time if they get used to this as a habit. Do not spoil your little rascal.

3. Tummy issues.

Sometimes, treats can make your little puppy’s tummy upset. It is displayed by changing the potty color from brown to black majorly.

So. You should stop giving him treats in such instances, and it is better to see the vet.

4. Done with the training.

Apart from all the above facts, you can stop giving your pup treats when they complete their potty training with flying colors.

But, notice whether they have properly understood and followed what you trained. 

Remember, you should stop giving treats to your puppy for potty training when he is used to the command, and it is better to find out some other ways to praise and reward him when the job is done.

For example, you can clap and some, ‘well-done bro!’ Phrases can be used or any other comfortable and communicative methods which make your puppy really happy.

Once your pup understands that the treats were given just to train them on a proper potty schedule, they will automatically show that they are not much interested in treats for the job. You are lucky if you got such a little obedient fur ball!.

If your puppy is tiny, treats can make him contented. You can keep giving treats for up to seven to eight weeks for small pups. But if your puppy is grown, you can start weaning your puppy off treats after four weeks.

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Is it necessary to reward your puppy during potty training?

As you know by now, treats have become inevitable from puppy training. The correct manner of using treats helps your little pup comprehend right and wrong. Then eventually, they will learn the good habits to continue and what to drop.

So, treats are one of the best tips to make your little pup understand your instructions.

Rewarding your puppy for every good deed they engage in is critical. It is pretty natural with the human atmosphere as well. Admiration and reward motivate any living being to engage in the right behavior.

So, obviously, the answer to whether you need to reward your little pup during potty training is YES. First, you can start rewarding them with their favorite but healthy treats. Then gradually, you can go for some other rewarding methods once they get used to doing the job well.

Rewarding your pup with treats helps in some manners as well. You can keep them busy while working at home without letting them disturb you.

But, keep in mind that you do not need to make them do the job with a treat all the time. If they go out to potty without any reluctance, just let them go.

Do not ever let them feel that they are getting treats for each and every potty picnic. Because if they continue it as a habit, it won’t be easy for you to contact them rid of it, and it will negatively affect their health.

So, rewarding your little nugget pup in potty training is essential, but you should know the limits. Once it needs to stop, you should gradually train them without treats.

But, do not completely stop giving them treats because they are just little kiddos who need your love and attention. Just give them some once they did a fantastic job as a good little pup.

Let them know that you still admire their good behavior and treats are one of the best methods.

What will happen if you give treats to your puppy every time she goes outside?

Well, this is the hard part. You might tend to pour your little pup with whatever treats they prefer, considering they are just tiny fellows.

But, as mentioned earlier, if they get used to the treats and continue it as a habit each and every time they go outside, the problem will arise.

Giving them more treats every time they go out for a pee or for the ‘big job’ they will not obey your commands and instructions.

Too many treats will only make them;

1. Stubborn.

You are the person responsible for the excellent behavior of your puppy. You can ruin it or build it.

Do not give them treats all the time, supposing that they are just Lil kiddos, and do not think that they will get upset and sad if you reject their greedy request for treats.

Let them learn some lessons calmly and do not scold or punish them.

2. Skip meals.

More treats might tend to skip their main meals with nutrition, and if they get addicted to pleasures, they might become ill soon.

3. Upset stomach.

Continue giving them treats every time they go outside for a potty interval. They might easily get upset stomachs.

What to do if your dog goes to the potty due to food motivation?

Now, this is very bad. Going for potty jest because of food motivation does not train them to have a proper potty training time.

By any chance, if they fail to understand why the treats are given, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and change their mindset.

1. Reduce treats.

Reducing treatment gradually is the best solution to the problem. Let them understand that they have to go for potty breaks not just because of threats but as an excellent behavioral habit.

Reduce the treats and use other methods to reward them for going out for the potty.

2. Treat them with toys.

Once they become obedient and do the potty job well, you can treat them with some colorful toys.

You can spend some playtime with them as a reward for going out for the potty.

3. Verbal commands.

You can try some verbal commands and make them responsible towards those when you need your little pup to go for a potty break.

4. Praise them.

By phrasing them, you can stop their habit of going for potty breaks because of food motivation. Show them that you love them, and a kiss or two will be extremely good to convey that you are happy with their behavior.

Scolds or making them pressured or punished are not solutions. Slowly, get them rid of food’s motivation for potty training.

Things to be aware of.

Do not ever attempt to hit them or scold them with pressure when showing more interest in treats since it is their nature, like little kiddos.

Be kind and be patient, treating them as if they are just little puppy balls who need your love at its best.

Be careful selecting treats and always prioritize the nutrition levels.


Treats given during potty training should be gradually stopped and never rushed. It should be very careful when dealing with puppy matters as human behavior directly affects the mentality of the puppies. This is the way of giving treats. Let’s try this!

Cheers until next time!

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