How To Identify A Purebred Doberman [Complete Guide]

How to identify a purebred Doberman

Hey there! Are you thinking about getting a Doberman puppy but not sure how to identify a purebred one? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this article.

So, how can you identify an original purebred Doberman puppy?

Well, there are several key factors to look for, including their coat, nose, tail, muzzle, ears, height, weight, behavior, and specific tan color that is mostly unique to purebred Dobermans.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new purebred Doberman puppy or a grown one, it’s important to know what to look for. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you’re getting a purebred Doberman puppy that will be a loyal and loving companion for years to come.

By examining the various physical and behavioral traits of a Doberman puppy, you can determine whether or not it is a purebred. With a little bit of knowledge and some careful observation, you can ensure that you’re getting a healthy and happy Doberman puppy that will make a great addition to your family.

So, let’s dive in and learn how to identify a purebredl Doberman puppy, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect furry friend for you!

Let’s identify the original Doberman puppy.

 The lifespan of this dog is between 10 to 14 years. They have a very thin coat. Especially it is very shining. We can see about five color variations through this dog breed.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black
  • Fawn

Doberman pinscher is an excellent family dog. Especially thing he is a good guard dog. The good thing about this dog breed is that they let us know anything small that is happening around us.

Funny Doberman video

Use Nose color to identify the original Doberman puppy

So, in order to find the purity of this dog breed, we should consider his coat color and nose color. I will put that information below.

Breed color Nose color.
White DobermanPink
Black DobermanBlack
Red DobermanDark tan
Fawn DobermanDark brown
Blue DobermanDark gray
Dog color and Nose color

Nose color and tail color

Therefore, it is best to take care of these colors before bringing in the new Doberman. The next important thing is the color of their,

  •  nose, and the color of the nails is equal.
nail color
nose color

Use tan color to identify the original Doberman puppy.

We can see the tan color in several parts of his body. Let’s consider black Doberman. Tan color we can see in these places,

identify original Doberman puppy
see tan color
  • Forearms of front legs
  • two patches near shoulders 
  • The front part of back legs
  • Two patches above eyes
  • On the sides of the nose

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Temperament of tail of the original Doberman puppy

Next, we should consider their tails,

  • The tail should be flat and straight. 
  • It should not be curved.

The temperament of the muzzle of a purebred Doberman

Next, we should consider their muzzle.

  • Front part flat
  • On the sides of the muzzle are flat
identify original Doberman puppy

Temperament of ears

After, this we can consider their ears,

  • Ears should be V shape
  • Flat
  • Both ears are hanging

But you may have seen some grown dog’s ears are flat and straight. Which means their ears have cropped. People used to crop their ears because of,

  • Beautiful
  • he can hear for long distances.

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How to identify original grown Doberman

Well, in order to identify a grown Doberman, you need to consider all the above factors. But most dogs have cropped their ears and tail.

In this dog breed, we can see medium to large sizes. Mainly they are muscular and elegant. They have dark eyes.

Female height 63cm – 68cm
Male height 68cm – 72cm
Female weight 32kg – 35kg
Male weight 40kg – 45kg

Further more about Doberman Pinscher.

The Doberman is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. They are friendly and peaceful and very dependent on their family.

So they are not suitable for you if you spend most of the day out of home and cannot provide the care they need.

Despite being a friendly dog, the Doberman is somewhat suspicious of strangers. So it is advisable to thoroughly socialize them from puppyhood.

Remember that this district of people does not automatically make them dangerous dogs. It isn’t day-to-day life when we can really be surprised by the character of the Doberman.

They can live in harmony with their family. They are sweet, affectionate, and sensitive dogs. Although they need plenty of exercises, these dogs can adapt to living in an apartment if they receive long daily walks and practice enough exercise that helps them burn off energy.  

Despite this, they are still better suited to gardens where they can run free and have fun. This dog also has a low ability to withstand cold.

They need an adequate amount of sleep and a comfy place to rest. On the other hand, physical stimulation is not enough.

You need to mentally stimulate them to relieve stress and energy that can accumulate. The difference in intelligence games will help us work in that aspect. 

well, I think now you have enough knowledge to identify the original Doberman puppy.

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Original Doberman puppy pros and cones.


(i) They are friendly and affectionate dogs, just like any other typical family dog breed.

(ii) This dog is very loyal to the owner and family, and they are great guards. They might not look cuddly like French bulldogs. But they are very close to family members.

(iii) High intelligence and high trainable ability. These are other significant advantages. You can start training as soon as you got your new puppy. Even at eight weeks, they are capable of learning how to respond to their name or how to sit.

At the age of one year, these dogs can be trying to be well-behaved and obedient. But they do need a strong leader. The leader must be you.

(iv) They are fast, strong, loyal, and trainable. These are all essential characteristics for guard dogs and protectors. Furthermore, there is no escape for a burglar if there is a Doberman in your garden.

(v) High endurance. They are prominent athletes. These dogs can go running or cycling with you for hours, and they will still be ready for more.

Dobermans are tough dogs, and they love exercising. So if you are an active person, this might be the best dog for you.

These are the advantages we can identify by having an original Doberman puppy.


(I) Even this dog, the excellent family dog, there is a problem. If your child plays with this dog, there can happen some injuries to your child.

Because this dog can play a little bit rough. Because they do not realize how strong and significant they are.

So, they can harm children without even realizing it. If there is a Doberman and a small baby in the same room, you should be very careful.

(ii) I have mentioned above their athleticism as an advantage. But it can be a disadvantage as well. Because if you are an active person who is exercising with Doberman on a daily, you will have a suitable dog in your home.

But there is a problem. If you don’t give them enough exercise, this dog will suffer. They will feel bored and maybe even destructive. If the Doberman can’t run, they can’t be happy.

(iii)  They are pretty expensive to buy and maintain. Dobermans are big dogs. Because they need more foods, treats, space, toys than a little dog like a Pomeranian. But its cost is similar to other big dog breeds.

(iv) We discussed above they are a very intelligent dog. But having a dog if the memory of Doberman can be a disadvantage as well.

Because if you fail training or if you teach something terrible or if you hurt them, this dog can remember it probably forever.   

(v) This dog can spook easily. That sound might be a little bit funny because these dogs are big and tough, but they can spook easily. Even they are excellent guard dogs, but you can often see shy or stressed Doberman.

These are the disadvantages we can identify by having an original Doberman puppy.

Love your dog, he will never break your heart.


If you hope to buy a Doberman puppy, there might always be a problem. “How to identify original Doberman puppy?”. Well, in this article, I have discussed how we can identify purebred Doberman and furthermore about him and the pros and cons of owning this dog breed.

So, tell me in the comments section, which one do you most like male or female Doberman?

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