Does Your Dog Lick You After He Eats? [See Inside Its Mind]

dog licks women's face

Having a dog brings you plenty of joy with weird experiences. Licking you after he eats is one of those strange behaviors.

So, let’s dive into this behavior to check if there is an underlying issue.

Why does your dog lick you after he eats?

Many dog parents (including me) have noticed this behavior from our canine friends. But why do they want to do this?

Well, lemme help you.

1. To show gratitude.

Dogs are one of the gentlest creatures that are humble to show their gratitude to their owners.

Since dogs cannot talk, they use their energy combined with body language and a little bit with localization to express their emotions.

So, they wag their tails, smile, and lick us to show their gratitude toward us. Therefore, if your dog licks you after he eats, that can be another form of saying “Thank you” to you.

2. To check if you have more.

My Bella also does this whenever she feels not full after eating. So, usually, she comes close to me and wags her tail for a while. Then she starts licking my hands.

So, if your dog friend licks you after he eats, that can be an indication that tells you the food is not sufficient.

Also, here are some other signs that will tell you that your dog is still hungry.

  • Yawning loudly.
  • Staring at the food bowl.
  • Staring at the fridge.
  • Whining at you.
  • Counter surfing.
  • Staying near the food bowl.
  • Following around you.
  • Pawing at you.

3. It needs to go outside.

If your dog licks you after eating, he may be forcing you to go out with him. It’s common for dogs to feel emergency after mealtime.

Maybe you used to take the dog out after eating, but now if you’ve been busy with the TV or your phone, the dog will lick you to let you know it’s time to go out.

So, here are some more signs that will tell you that your dog needs to go out.

  • Walking toward the door.
  • Barking
  • Whining.
  • Scratching at the door.
  • Circling.
  • Sniffing around.
  • Restlessness.

If you see these signs from your furry friend after mealtime, you probably need to take him out for his toilet break.

4. Don’t have water.

If your dog licks you after he eats, please go and check his water bowl. Dogs give such hints to indicate to the owner that the water bowl is empty that needs to fill.

5. To get your attention.

If your dog licks you after he eats, another simple reason could be that he seeks your attention and needs some cuddle time.

This also indicates that he is full and satisfied with the meal.

But, what is the difference between this reason and reason number 2? You can easily understand that by examining the signs, I have mentioned under reason number 2.

Your dog may lick you after he eats to show its gratitude, to check if you have more food or to seek more food, to urge you to take him outside for a bathroom break, to show you that there is no water in the water bowl, or to take your attention. But it's better to give attention on the dog here.

What should you do if your dog licks you after eating?

Well, there is nothing to do much about this behavior as it is a very neutral behavior. It doesn’t harm either you or the dog itself. But, a few things you should do.

Lemme show you those things one by one.

1. Provide sufficient amount of food.

As I mentioned earlier, your dog may lick you after he eats to indicate that he needs more food. So, should you offer him more food?

The answer is “It depends”. In some cases, you should offer him some food, but you are not allowed to do that in some other cases.

But why?

If your dog is a completely healthy one, it’s quite normal to feel your dog still hungry after a tiring day or during the winter.

However, when it comes to an unhealthy dog, you may be controlling its diet to control its weight and maintain its health in good conditions.

So, if you’re controlling your dog’s weight, do not offer more food. Instead, try different tactics to make him feel with the right amount of food.

2. Take the dog outside.

Usually, every dog parent should take their dogs out after their every meal. So, why not you?

3. Water.

If your dog comes to you and licks you after he eats, please go and check the water bowl. It would be easier if you could buy a refilling water bowl.

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Things to be aware of.

Here’re some of the vital things you need to be aware of.

Overfeeding: Always make sure not to overfeed your dog. No matter how much food you give your dog, some dogs crave more food.

Give attention: As I mentioned above, dogs would love to go to their owner after eating to show gratitude. So, be kind to accept that. So, don’t forget to cuddle him and give him some belly rubs.

Meet the vet: Even if he is healthy, consider consulting your veterinarian if your dog does this to seek more food. Because you may wanna change its diet, or it can be an indication of a health issue.


Many dog owners are desperate to know why their dogs lick them after they eat. We have discussed the most common reasons through this article. Frankly, there is nothing to worry about this behavior. But you have to consider several things if your dog does this. Hope you found this helpful.

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