Are Shelties Diggers? [10 Reasons + 6 Solutions]

Are shelties diggers

Most people suffer from this matter, including me. If you have an idea to take care of a sheltie or if you have a sheltie already, digging is a common problem you are facing every day.

So, why do shelties dig?

Shelties dig for several reasons including burying something, cool off, get minerals lacking from their diet, escape, look for prey when they get bored, stress, get attention. This behavior can be avoided with special training, relieving their stress, providing toys. keeping a good companionship.

Having a digger is a kinda headache. If your Sheltie has got used to digging everywhere, what do you do? I’mma clarifies the reasons, solutions, and recommendations throughout the article. Stay with me.

Why make shelties dig so much?

Are you upset because of this matter? Don’t worry about that, buddy. Not only shelties but also every dog likes to dig too.  This is about a genetic issue and not a kinda sick condition.

Every dog is fond of digging around the yard or anywhere else. On the other hand, we cannot exactly point out a reason for Sheltie’s digging. There are plenty of reasons for the digging problem

  1. When they try to escape
  2. Stress
  3. When they get bored
  4. Eating soil
  5. For hunting
  6. When they being alone
  7. Taking attention
  8. Taking exercise
  9. Avoid bad weather
  10. Familiar smell

1. When they try to escape

Have you seen your dog digging by the fence? Haha, you know what that little troublemaker is planning to escape from their Palace.  Shelties don’t do anything without a proper reason.

There is a great program running around their mind. What will be the reason for their escape? It can be to meet new friends, hear familiar sounds, play with other dogs or get bored of the place he/she is living in already. Be careful when Shelties are digging by the fence. It means you have to make security.

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2. Stress

Working dogs like shelties need plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Why do shelties become stressed so much?

If they don’t have good exercises, proper attention, a good background, and a better companionship with the owner, they get stressed. As a result of it, shelties try to dig everywhere to release their pain.

3. When they get bored.

You engage with your daily business, don’t you? You see, that’s why your Sheltie gets bored. When you cannot pay attention to your Sheltie on time, they get stabbed.

Now then, your Sheltie finds out their pleasure themselves. Digging is a perfect solution for your loving Sheltie. Keep an eye on them.

4. Eating soil

Ugh. I have a ton of experiences with this weird matter. In my opinion, this one is also a genetic problem. A minority of shelties dig the soil for eating roots, sand, and soil.

But don’t take it easy. It is can be very harmful to your dog’s health. Do not let them do this in a bad manner.

5. For hunting

You don’t want to wonder about this issue. Shelties are good at hunting. Hunting is a typical attitude among every dog. When they see rats, snakes, bugs… shelties start digging and searching them everywhere.

6. When they being alone

Emotional and sensitive breeds like shelties enable them to stay without their owner for a long time. When you have an 8-5 shift job, this problem becomes much worse.

You have to find an immediate solution unless you are not able to stop your Sheltie’s digging. Don’t worry, I have suggested some solutions, keep reading.

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7. Taking attention

Most probably that weirdo dig in front of you for showing off their abilities. Actually, why do Shelties dig near you? Because you have ignored your dog all the time. They are seeking your attention at that time. They don’t care how busy you are. Do your duties as a responsible owner. Allocate a few hours to play with your Sheltie buddy.

8. Taking exercise

As an active and playful breed like Sheltie, physical fitness is necessary. If you fail to keep a workout schedule for your Sheltie, they will become sick. At that moment, Sheltie’s body gives a signal to do some sufficient activities for your dog.

As a result, your sheltie buddy gets used to digging your yard or inside the house. Because of it, they get enough exercise for their physical stimulation.

9. Avoid lousy weather

Regarding some reasons, shelties cannot adapt to hot and cold weather. They dig a corner of your yard and make a comfortable zone. If you are a Garden lover, it will be very horrible.

To tell you in brief, they love to cool off during hot weather.

10. Familiar smells

Dogs are fond of smelling and searching for things that they relate to their life. If the things like that are burning under your yard, definitely shelties gonna dig them.

Under this circumstance, you will not be able to stop your pooch. But don’t worry, here I am with more solutions in the next part.

When taking all of these common, pregnant dogs will sometimes dig to keep their delivery area comfortable. Some of the shelties dig the yard to bury their vital things, such as edible things, favorite toys, food, etc.

How to stop your Sheltie from digging?

When a puppy digs, it can be annoying and even destructive. But the right combinations of prevention, bad habits, and training methods will be able to control your Sheltie from digging habits.

This is a very normal condition among the majority of breeds. So if you want to know how to stop your Sheltie from digging, keep reading this and grab the correct instructions.

1. Provide training

Well-trained dogs never do anything beyond your commands. This is the time to practice basic commands.

  • No digging
  • Stop digging

Keep playtime with your dog and pay attention to your sheltie buddy. Because of that, your Sheltie will not try to dig everywhere. If you haven’t any idea about training, you can hire a dog trainer.

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2. Provide toys

If you want to keep Sheltie’s attention away from digging, give him/her a favorite toy, and then your dog will play with that toy. When we consider why shelties try to dig everywhere, loneliness is a possible reason.

When you become engaged with your work, paying attention to the Sheltie is very hard. Giving favorite toys makes your Sheltie calm and quiet.

3. Keep a good companionship

Shelties are growing under your direction because you have to keep a sustainable mutual understanding and companionship with your digger. When they take plenty of affection and attention from their owner, they will live for you.

Kindness can kill very bad habits, and it will release your dog’s pain. The above things increase your dog’s mental and physical stimulation.

4. Don’t keep them alone in the gardening and house.

Most probably, shelties dogs refuse to stay alone when their owners are not at home. It is a risk to keep them inside the yard alone because they do whatever they want.

If you keep an eye on your Sheltie, you will be able to stop digging at the very first moment.

5. Release stress

How can you release your Sheltie’s stress to prevent digging? They get stress because of boredom and loneliness. Basically, you can divide some time from your worklist and play some games with your Sheltie. Do physical activities reducing boredom.

Walking with your dog is a good solution because both can keep a good championship and fun time during the time. There are a lot of dog sports. Take your Sheltie to do dog sport. On the other hand, try to interact with the other dogs in the dog park.

6. Keep them more comfortable

Shelties dig to find a more relaxed, warmer, or find a more comfortable place to lay. To stop this type of sogging behavior, make sure that your puppy has assessed the shade or cover area, such as the dog home.

If the weather is more relaxed, you can cover your Sheltie using a blanket or keep the door closed. During warmer weather, provide more water and set an air conditioning system. If you want to keep your Sheltie more comfortable, offer clothes and a dog bed.

Why is your Sheltie digging at his bed or carpet?

I’mma clarifies several of the reasons for shelties digging at bed and carpet. Digging their sleep area is a very formal condition among dogs because it has come from their genetics.

In ancient times dogs dug the place they were gonna sleep in to keep it comfortable. As a result, current shelties also do it as a habit.

The next one is entertainment. When they want to spend a playful and funny time, shelties start to dig their bed and carpet. The run here and there, bite the bed and carpet, jump on it are the main signs of their entertainment.

How about an insect attack? Shelties are not familiar with little insects like ants. They might own Sheltie’s sleeping area. It is not suitable for your sheltie buddy.

When insects live around your dog’s area shelties, dig carpets and beds. Keep an eye on the palace sheltie sleep and clean it on time.

Temperature is another reason. Observe, your Sheltie is very different during warmer and cooler conditions. There is no more explanation for this matter. I already have mentioned this as the above point.

Familiar smells are another reason. If your dog takes some food on his/her bed, the smell of the food will stay there a long time.

In time to come, shelties try to dig the bed or the carpet because of that incident. What you have to do is cleaning up the bed and carpet on time.

Things to be aware of

  • Being violence

It’s a well-known fact that ruining your garden or carpet is a very terrible incident. Although they damage them, you have to be sympathetic because your dog is more vital than the others.

As humans, we always know how to treat our pet even if he/she does curious things. Your bad behavior can harm your dog. If you want to be loyal, obey dog sympathy is very needed. Sheltie is not the only breed that digs everywhere.

  • Punishment

Some people are fond of punishing when their dog makes mistakes. Because of it, your Sheltie will become more complicated. Punishment is not suitable for both mental and physical stimulation.

  • Make a digging zone

I have mentioned before this is not a serious cause, and this digging depends on Sheltie’s age, height, size, and activeness. We cannot lock them up at all.

Find a place in the backyard and fix a digging zone for your Sheltie. They will really enjoy


When you deal with emotional dogs breeds like shelties, you have to be careful with every moment you spend with them.  Here the problem I clarify was how to stop shelties from digging. In general, this problem cannot be avoided. As dog owners, we learn new things and move on because of our lovely hounds. Keep respect and affection can strengthen both your and your Sheltie’s bond. I hope that you will get something from this. Let’s wind today.