How To Stop a Doberman From Barking [5 Easy Steps]

How to stop a Doberman from barking

Most people who own Doberman puppies have the same problem. “How to stop a Doberman from barking? “. Because they can bark nonstop. Sometimes it’s a big hassle. In the meantime, you’ll be safer with your Doberman puppy.

This guide is not only for Doberman. You can try this for any dog. Anyway, let’s dive into the topic.

How to stop a Doberman from barking? If you want to make stop your Doberman from barking, your dog requires a lot of consistent training.

Why are Dobermans barking incessantly?

There are a few reasons for your Doberman barking incessantly,

  1. When they are bored.
  2. Not getting enough mental exercise.
  3. Not getting enough physical exercise.

So, if you can solve the above matters, certainly he will be calm most of the time. You need to set up training scenarios when you are at home. So that you can communicate with your dog how you want them to behave.

Let’s stop your Doberman from barking.

In this section, we will cover,

  1. Basic training to stop bark
  2. Stop your Doberman from barking when someone knocks at the door
  3. How to stop barking when your dog in his crate
  4. Stop barking when you at work.
  5. Finally, how to teach your dog to stop barking on a walk

1) Basic training to stop bark

The most suitable time to correct unwanted barking is before it occurs. Dogs are excellent at foreshadowing when they are about to bark.

So if you see your Doberman is thinking about barking, get their attention on you, and reward for compliance.  

Understanding why your dog bark is the key. But most types of unwanted barking, you will need to be able to get his attention on you first. Then you can get them quiet.

So, when your dog is about to barking, immediately go next to your dog. But make sure you have puppy treats on your hand. Maybe your Doberman starts barking.

First of all, you need to tell your own word as a command to stop barking. Let’s get it as “Stop.”

Then you need to let him know that you have puppy treats. Meanwhile, you should make eye contact with your dog. Then again, say, “stop.” Wait for a few seconds until he stops barking. Then immediately reward for that behavior.

Then he may start to bark again. So you need to do the same thing as previously. Then gradually increase the time. This means if your Doberman is quiet for 5 seconds, then give a reward. Then 7 seconds. Likewise, increase the time.

IMPORTANT: do not reward while he is barking. Because he should understand, “If I Silent only, I can eat that thing. “. You need to make sure he is looking at your eyes, not at treats. 

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stop doberman from barking

2) Stop barking your dog when someone knocks at the door

If your Doberman is not well trained to stop barking, you may face a hard time when someone knocks on the door. Sometimes he may run to the door, and that guy may be afraid to come inside.

First of all, ask one of you your family members to knock on the door when you and Doberman are inside the house.

So when he barking and running toward the door, try to get his attention by giving the puppy treats. Maybe it’s tough to get his attention to you in this situation.

So, tell your family member to make one knock on the door. When your dog barking and running to the door, give a treat immediately.

So then command your Doberman to sit about 3 feet away from the door and say “look at me” and make eye contact again. And knock back (dog’s full attention should be toward your when knocking), and if he does not bark, give a treat.

So likewise, increase the knocks and continue. So, start small and gradually increase the difficulty. Acknowledge small victories and be prepared to be consistent for several weeks on this. Set up training scenarios. 

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3) How to stop barking when your Doberman in his crate

Well, you can try the same thing ( Basic training to stop bark) here as well.

4) Stop barking when you at work.

Most dogs tend to bark when you go to work or when you are not at home. Sometimes your Doberman as well barking.

If you have a super high-energy dog like Doberman that barks when you are away, you need to exercise your dog first thing in the morning. That thing beneficial you too.

High energy dogs are much more high maintenance that requires a lot more exercise and are not easily satisfied.

If your dog is not a high-energy dog, it’s better to have about 20 minutes walk before you go to walk. Having chew toys that your Doberman really likes will also discourage barking when you are away.

When you go to set up training scenarios as this article and your Doberman,

  • Starts barking but if they are not responsible to the treats, 
  • He keeps barking no matter mow much you try.
  • Very hard to get his attention.

That means you are asking them to do something that they are not yet prepared for. So you need to step back on your training and make those things a little bit easier. Then go ahead gradually.

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stop a doberman from barking

5) Finally, how to teach your Doberman to stop barking on a walk

When you walk with your Doberman along the road, it’s tough to tame him if a distraction comes to him. Sometimes he will stop barking.

It’s better to have puppy treats with you. When he starts to bark, break his attention, and give a treat.

Sometimes, you can’t control him even with treats. At this time, go far away with him. With time you can get his overall control.

Love your dog. He will never break your heart.


A lot of Doberman owners have the same problem. “How to stop a Doberman from barking?” so, this complete guide all about it. But I recommend this for other dog owners as well.

Will you be able to stop your dog from barking by using these methods. Comment below and let us know.

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