Can You Use Whitening Shampoo On Black/Multi-Color Dogs?

Can You Use Whitening Shampoo On Black/Multi-Color Dogs?

Are you thinking about using whitening shampoo on your black or multi-colored dog? Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! This article is going to guide you through the process.

First things first, although a black or multi-colored dog can use whitening shampoo, it won’t magically turn their fur white. However, it can be used to enhance the color of white fur and remove stains on black or multi-colored dogs. But, it’s important to be aware of the potential adverse effects of these shampoos.

Whitening shampoo can remove discolorations from fur, but some are designed specifically for white dogs. So, it’s important to be a little careful when choosing a whitening shampoo for your black or multi-colored dog. With proper care and attention, your furry friend will look and feel their best!

Can you apply whitening shampoo on a black/multi-color dog?

Yes, you can. Whitening shampoos do not change the color of fur. So, your black or multi-color dog will not turn white after using whitening shampoo.

So there’s nothing to worry about.  If you are going to use whitening shampoo, you should have a proper understanding of it.

You can’t use random whitening shampoo on your dog. Specifically, most of the whitening shampoos brighten white fur. So those shampoos will not help your black/ multi-color dog.

Here are some types of whitening shampoos.

  1. Bluing shampoos
  2. Clarifying shampoos
  3. Enzymatic shampoos
  4. Bleaching and dying shampoos

All these shampoos are different from each other.

1. Bluing shampoos.

You can use bluing shampoos to make your dog’s color more vibrant and bright. To be honest, these shampoos can’t remove stains.

But very effective in enhancing color. This variant can make your dog’s fur shiny. Bluing uses blue and purple pigments to reduce the yellowish color of your white dog.

So these pigments work well on white fur, and also, this can add an extra shine to black coats. So give it a try.

2. Clarifying shampoos.

Clarifying shampoos are very harsh. But it can remove strong stains well. You can use this category on black/ white/ multi-color coats to remove dirt.

PH values of clarifying shampoos are high. So it is harsh on sensitive skin. Due to this high PH value, it can open hair cuticles and remove dirt. Let’s consider a practical example.

Do you use clarifying shampoos after dying your hair? You will say no. If you apply a clarifying shampoo after dying your hair, your hair will lose color.

The hairdresser will ask you to stop using clarifying shampoo after dying. This simple example shows the power of clarifying shampoos. So you can apply them to the black/ multi-color dog. But be careful.

3. Enzymatic shampoos.

These shampoos can remove blood and urine stains. Enzymatic shampoos dissolve proteins in blood stains and urine stains.

There is no need to mix this with water when using it. Just apply this on stains and keep it for a few minutes. After that, you can rinse it with water.

This is not a miracle. So you need to apply this two-three times for maximum results.

4. Bleaching shampoos

Bleaching shampoos are not effective on black multi-color dogs. These shampoos are ideal for a dog with a white coat.

Bleaching shampoos can whiten white fur. If you use this on a black puppy, a white cast will appear on his coat. So this alternative is perfect for a white puppy.

Bleaching shampoo is a harsh kind of shampoo. So you need to conditioner the coat after using this.

The PH value of shampoo is between 8 and 10. Therefore the shampoo can open hair cuticles.

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Do dog whitening shampoo work?

Yes, they work well. What you have to do is very simple. Read this and select a good shampoo. The best shampoo is always the shampoo, which matches your dog’s color and skin.

You can easily decide what is good by reading the above paragraph. If your whitening shampoo doesn’t work, it is not going with your dog’s color and skin.

‘’Quality is more important than quantity.’’ You have to be careful about your dog’s whitening shampoo quality. The quality of the shampoo will decide whether it is going to work or not.

So always try to buy quality products. Quality products are indeed so expensive. But remember this. Your wrong choice can affect your dog a lot.

Before purchasing the product, read all the instructions to make sure it is good for your dog.

The efficiency of whitening shampoos depends on the color of the coat. Black dogs can’t use shampoos designed for white dogs.

White color dogs can’t use shampoos designed for black/ multi-color dogs. This is the logic behind choosing whitening shampoos.

Here is why do dogs sleep after a bath.

Pros of using whitening shampoo on black/multi-color dogs.

1. Whitening shampoos help to keep the skin of black/ multi-color dogs smooth and healthy.

These shampoos can clean your dog’s fur well by dissolving bacteria and pollutants. So, it makes your dog’s skin healthy. Fur becomes smoother to touch.

That’s why most people like to use these whitening shampoos.

2. It removes the dullness of coats.

The dogs love to spend their time out of the house. So, their color changes due to dust and other environmental factors.

So you need something effective to reduce discolorations. This is an ideal shampoo for it.

3. Some shampoos have optical brighteners in their formulas.

Some stains are very strong, and therefore you can’t remove them. At that moment, you will need an optical brightener to save you.

What does an optical brightener do? They absorb the light and reflect it to hide stains from the naked eye. Even though you can’t remove the stains, still you can hide them effectively. 

Bluing shampoos have optical brighteners in their formula, and they can enhance the coat’s appearance.

Cons of applying whitening shampoo on black/ multi-colored dogs.

1. Skin irritations.

I have already mentioned that these shampoos are very harsh. So they are likely to cause skin irritations. Some dogs’ skin turns red after using whitening shampoos.

Appearing blood vessels on the skin is a common symptom of skin irritations. If your dog’s skin is sensitive, don’t use whitening shampoos.

2. The aroma is very strong.

These shampoos are made up of harsh chemicals. So the manufacturers add strong perfumes to diminish the smell of harsh chemicals.

That’s why these shampoos have a strong aroma. Some dogs cannot withstand strong smells. They feel uncomfortable and try to hide their noses.

3. Harsh ingredients.

Almost all the whitening shampoos are made of harsh chemicals.

There cannot be 100% natural whitening shampoos. Propylene glycol, sodium sulfate, phthalates, parabens, methylparaben, formaldehyde, Cocamidopropyl betaine, and Isopropyl alcohol are common ingredients in shampoos.

4. Losing fur.

The above chemicals can dissolve the keratin layer of the hair. Keratin is an really essential protein that strengthens the hair. Losing keratin makes a dog’s fur weak. This makes hair-thin.

Things to be aware of.

1. Don’t use human shampoo to clean your dog.

Human shampoos contain essential oils. Some of these essential oils show allergy reactions to dogs.

As an example, tea tree oil irritates the skin of dogs. Some human shampoos remove the natural oils in the skin. Some are acting as powerful agents that remove dandruff.

You have to select a shampoo that balances the PH value of the dog’s skin. The PH value of human skin is between 5.5 and 5.6, which is a bit into the acidic side.

On the flip side, the PH value of a dog’s skin is much more neutral. So human shampoo is not a good idea.

2. Avoid sensitive areas when shampooing.rong.

All these shampoos are chemical-based. When you apply shampoo, avoid eye areas, mouth, and furless areas.

If you accidentally apply shampoo on the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with water. So you should be very careful when you are applying chemicals to your dog.

3. Don’t apply random chemicals to your dog.

What do you do when you are shifting to a new skincare routine? Do you apply random skincare products directly? No, you won’t.

First, you will do a patch test to see whether the product matches your skin. If there’s no irritation, you will give it a try.

Are you doing a patch test on your dog before trying shampoo? No, you won’t. So, start it. Do a patch test. Don’t depend on the ingredient list and feedback.

4. Dog’s skin type is important.

If you don’t know your dog’s skin type, get the help of a veterinarian to find it. Skin type matters a lot when it comes to choosing shampoo.

Don’t go for these harsh whitening shampoos if your dog has sensitive skin. Follow up with a conditioner if your dog’s skin is dry after shampooing.

Oily skin types can use these harsh shampoos. But you should be very careful.

5. Don’t shampoo daily.

Don’t shampoo your dog with whitening shampoos daily. If you shampoo him daily, his skin will be so sensitive.

Don’t take risks. You can use a whitening shampoo once a week. Not more than that. Be a responsible parent for your dog. 


It is ok to use whitening shampoos for your black/ multi-color dog. But you need to know the above facts before trying it. This article will help you have a general idea about various types of whitening shampoos and their uses. Be careful when trying new things. Normally, sellers exaggerate the uses of these shampoos. But don’t depend on their fancy words. Research, research, and research before buying new chemicals.

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