Should You Have One Crate Upstairs and One Downstairs? [Full Guide]

Should you have a crate upstairs & downstairs

Hey there, fellow dog lovers! If you’re considering getting a crate for your furry friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to crack all the details and solutions you need to know about having a dog crate for your pup.

One question you may be wondering is whether you should have a crate upstairs and downstairs.

Well, let us tell you – having a dog crate on both floors is a genius decision! Not only does it ensure your pup’s safety, but it also makes it easy to supervise them and decreases the likelihood of aggressive behavior. Plus, having a crate can help limit any potential harm to your belongings and manage space in your home. And let’s not forget how handy it can be for transporting your pup from one floor to another!

However, it’s important to note that adult and senior dogs may not always be able to handle going up and down stairs. In these cases, it may be best to limit their access to one floor or the other.

Of course, there’s more to learn about this perspective than what we’ve covered here. So, we invite you to read the whole article and decide for yourself whether a crate on both floors is the right decision for you and your furry friend. Trust us, it can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your pup happy, healthy, and safe!

Where should you keep a crate? Upstairs or downstairs?

After you assume to bring a dog crate to your home, the next problem you suffer is where you should keep it. That’s so reasonable.

Your responsibility keeps it in a comfortable zone unless your innocent puppy cannot tolerate the situation. For getting off this problem, you need an ethical direction, so here we are to show the guidance.

Let’s move toward for brief answer

To tell in brief, it DEPENDS. After making a decision, you have to consider various aspects. You have to consider your dog’s age, atmosphere, safety, freedom, ability to supervise, and patience.

As I explained, this matter depends on your desires. What is your interpretation of keeping your dog’s crate upstairs?

Usually, people sleep upstairs, and some like to keep their dog crate in the living room or bedroom. They get reasonable satisfaction after doing that.

But some are not going to do it because they admire the freedom. On the other hand, when a dog crates keep upstairs, your dog will make noises throughout the night, and he/she will probably disturb your sleep. 

Under this circumstance, how can we give a direct answer?

Whatever it may be, the crate should keep a place which is always used, people visit most of the time, you can see all the time, can be surrounded by fresh air and sunlight, etc.…

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When it comes to puppies…

But when we turn into puppies, I can give an honest answer that UPSTAIRS are good at keeping the puppy crate. Why? What is the reason behind my opinion? Puppies are fresh and new to your home. They can easily be in danger.

In view of these matters, you have to give personal attention to your puppy. Does it mean that you should keep your eye on your puppy all the time? Yes, of course. Do not let them feel lonely.

It is not suitable for their mental inspiration. The thing you have to do is keep your puppy on your side always. Most probably, if you can keep the crate in your bedrooms, that will be a strength for your puppy.

I warn you NOT TO KEEP YOUR PUPPY ALONE. So the best place for keeping the crate for your puppy is upstairs.

What types of matters should you consider when you try to keep the dog crate upstairs or downstairs?

  • Atmosphere (too hot or cold)
  • Dog’s age (puppy, adult, old)
  • Space
  • Air condition
  • Surroundings
  • Whether you have other pets or not

I think that now you have got enough knowledge about how to keep a dog crate in your house. Is that all? No. Let’s move on to the new chapter.

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Then what about having two crates upstairs and downstairs?

You may be struggling to choose whether to keep two or just one crate.

As we discussed above, keeping a puppy upstairs really makes sense. But, with regards to adults or senior dogs, allowing them to come upstairs can have many disadvantages. (Of course, it also has valuable advantages)

Moreover, There is no doubt that dogs can adapt to two cages.

We need to find out all the pros and cons of keeping a crate upstairs or downstairs. Then you can decide where to keep the crate. (Or even both places.)

So, let’s go ahead and figure them out.

Pros and cons of keeping the crate upstairs

After you decide to bring a dog crate to your house, the next thing you do is find a good place to keep it.

The very following day, you are supposed to keep it upstairs because you love your dog so much, and you want to keep your dog close to you.

Then what? Did you evaluate the consequences of having a dog crate upstairs? Before you do it, try to study this circumstance.

To tell in shorter,

In this context, when you keep the crate upstairs, it will help to confirm your dog’s security, reduce anxiety, spend a pleasant time with your dog, increase the bond between you and your dog, and your guest will be safe.

On the other hand, it will destroy your privacy, threats to your personal space. You should have a proper potty training method and ruin your stuff.

SecurityThreat to your personal space
Reduce anxietyDestroy privacy
Happy momentRuin your stuff
Increase the bondPotty training
Your guest will safe



If you can keep the crate upstairs, your dog will be safe because you can always watch him/her. The risk of being injured is very minimum.

Reduce anxiety

When you leave them away from you, they become very nervous and sad. As a result, they will suffer. Most probably, depression, anxiety, and stress can harm your dog. So when you keep the crate upstairs, dogs can stay with you happily.

Happy moment

You can cuddle, kiss, and sleep with your dog. It will be a fantastic time for both you and your doggy.

Increase the bond

Considering the above point, your dog can stay close to you. Therefore, the companionship of both you and your dog will improve day by day.

Your guest will safe

You may have a kinda dangerous rough breed such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or Dorbaman. In that case, it is risky for the guest who comes to your house. But, thanks to the crate, they will be safe.


Threat to your personal space

Most of the dogs try to sleep with you when their crates are upstairs. If you are single or like to sleep with the dog, that way doesn’t matter. But if you are a person who appreciates freedom or your partner doesn’t like it, this will become a severe problem.

Destroy privacy

The majority of the dogs make noises, go here and there, jump on the bed at night. So because of that, you will not be able to sleep continuously.

Ruin your stuff

It’s a well-known fact that we usually keep our valuable things upstairs. Dogs are playful, so they may harm your stuff.

Potty training

Upstairs not just like downstairs. When your dog wanna poop or pee, they can directly go out when they stay downstairs. So you have to keep a good manner for potty training when the crate keeps upstairs.

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Pros and cons of keeping the crate downstairs

You have taken a kinda idea about the pros and cons when you keep a crate upstairs. So what about downstairs then?

Everything has an option B. If you wanna keep the crate downstairs, what types of benefits you can get and what kinds of cons you can get,

Here brief answers

If you arrange the crate downstairs, you will be able to take medication easily, make limits and personal space, reduce unwanted behavior patterns, help to potty train and confirm safety.

Not only that but also you have to bear these things. Your dog will suffer from loneliness, stress, and anxiety, cannot keep him with a collar or leash, cannot keep a long time inside the crate, and has bladder control issues.

Help to potty trainingThe chance to escape is high when the doors open
Reduce overactiveLoneliness
Confirm safetyCan be violent
You can keep your personal spaceNightmares  


Help to potty training

While you are helping to get used to your puppy staying in a crate, the crate training will be the same as potty training. So keeping a crate upstairs allows going outside easily. Because of that, your dog can learn quickly.

Reduce overactive

Most of the dogs are very hyper, and sometimes even the owner can’t control them. For example, when they go outside, they try to run here and there, dig holes, barking, chewing, etc.

Under these conditions, we are afraid of taking the dog out. But if your dog practices crate training, they will become calm and quiet.

Confirm safety

Do you let your dog go here and there throughout the day?

You know what, that is too risky. Even your house can become a dangerous place for your dog. But after he/she got used to staying in the crate, you don’t wanna be afraid anymore.

You can keep your personal space

The majority of the dogs are very active. As a result, they always try to jump on their owner, play and have trouble with the owner. This is a kinda headache. Everything should have a limit.

But your innocent doggy will not get it. If you can keep him/her crate upstairs, you can take a rest.


  1. It is not a good thing to keep your dog inside a long crate for a time
  2. When the door opens, your dog will escape the training period.
  3. Loneliness- this is happening at night. All the family while sleeping upstairs, your dog has to sleep downstairs alone. The dog is innocent and sensitive under those circumstances. It is a risk of being sick mentally.
  4. It is troublesome while your dog is on a leash or collar.
  5. They can easily escape from home.
  6. If your dog is violent, he/she can directly attack the guests because when he/she is downstairs, it can see the people come to the home.
  7. Nightmares  – when your dog stays alone downstairs, there is a risk of Dreaming. Most probably, they are nightmares, so your doggy may get up and cry at midnight.

Where should you keep the crate in a two-story apartment?

Before you decide, you have to consider your atmosphere and the person you live with.

Are they dog lovers? This is the most important thing because you should not become selfish when you live in a two-story apartment. Ok, let’s ignore others’ interpretations.

Regarding potty works, exercises, and freedom, you can keep the crate in the living room.

Because it is not an empty room. Always people come and go. And it will be good for your dog’s mental stimulation. And also your bedroom is a good place too.

But remember, the main needs should be provided.

This will alter breed to breed and person to person. Because you are the only one who knows your house well. You can keep the crate in the living room or bedroom. Which is your choice?

Things to be aware of

Close the crate door

The famous mistake dog owners are making is to close the crate door. What happens when they close the gate? Suddenly, your dog wanna pee or poop. How does he/she do it if the door of the crate closes?

They will pee themselves or inside the crate. Is that good? No, at all. If they get used to doing it, that will become a serious problem. So you have to keep the door open when it is inside the crate.

Being sympathetic

Your dog is your protector, entertainer, painkiller, and happy maker. So greet them the same. If they refuse to use the crate, be generous and remind them of another way or strategy to make them agree to stay in a crate. Violence can break the bond between you and your dog.

Consider about comfort

Commonly, dogs cannot tolerate too hot and cold weather conditions, so you have to let them stay wealthy regarding that situation.

When you’re upstairs too hot at night, you have to keep the crate elsewhere or turn on AC. On the other hand, while in cold conditions, keep some blankets inside the crate, and then your dog can stay warm.

Use two crates

If your dog is supposed to live both upstairs and downstairs, you must probably carry the crate up and down. That is a kinda fatigue movement. Can you buy another crate too?

It will be a good investment because You don’t wanna carry it here and there anymore. When they are getting old, they will understand how to move the crate from the crate without hesitation


However, some owners get used to punishing their dogs when they do dirty work. What happens after the punishing.? Their mental condition can easily break up because of your vulnerable behavior.

Try to be sympathetic and kind. The dog is your best friend and keeps your best friend happy. In time to come, they will understand how to use a crate. So don’t worry, everything will be fine.


Your dog is your best friend and guardian, so the way you treat it is very important. Having a dog crate is very good for both you and your dog. But, in the beginning, it will be kinda strange for both you and your puppy. And also, you should find a better place to keep the crate.

I have responded to all the matters you deal with and what you have to do is try the above tips. I hope that you will get excellent results.


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