Can Dobermans Climb Stairs? [Owner’s Guide]

Can Dobermans climb stairs

Are you considering getting a furry friend, but have loads of questions running through your mind? When I brought home my sweet Roxy, a Doberman puppy, I had similar questions. One of the most common questions people have is whether Dobermans can climb stairs with ease. So, let’s dive into this topic and find out!

Can Dobermans really climb stairs?

The answer is yes, they can, as long as they’re in good health. However, it’s important to note that puppies less than a year old shouldn’t be allowed to use stairs frequently to avoid joint problems and hip dysplasia. Additionally, some Dobermans may have a “stair phobia” due to bad experiences with stairs, unfamiliarity, or physical infirmities.

Since Dobermans are a highly energetic breed, most have the endurance to climb stairs. However, using the wrong approach can increase the fear of stairs. As responsible dog owners, it’s crucial to ensure our furry friends feel safe and comfortable using stairs and take appropriate measures to prevent any potential health issues.

Do Dobermans really have the ability to climb stairs?

When it comes to climbing stairs, Dobermans are able to do so pretty much straightforwardly. No wonder Dobermans are athletes. So, climbing stairs for a full-grown Doberman is generally a cinch.

But when we consider younger Dobermans, Especially Doberman puppies whose legs are not yet strong will undoubtedly face some difficulties with navigating up and down in the first place.

Of course, there might have some reasons, like still being a pup or being small, that can stop some Dobermans from being physically able to navigate through stairs.

But the fact of the matter is, it will be extremely easier for a grown Doberman to go up and down through the stairs. It is a not an uncommon fact for a fully grown Doberman to fail to climb stairs.

Let’s consider senior Dobermans.

But, when it comes to senior Dobermans, they need to avoid or minimize up to some extent this habitual because of the stress on their hips. Because Dobermans are kind of a large breed and it may be caused to occur several physical problems. We gonna discuss this before the end of this article.

The one-year rule for Doberman Puppis.

Usually, Doberman pups have infinite energy and are naturally tempted to run, jump, play all over the day. When it comes to puppies around 10 weeks old, they do not only like to climb stairs but also literally fly up and downstairs.

The problem here is though, is while it’s a pleasure to let your Dobe pup be comfortable with the stairs, it’s better to avoid this habit by not letting them do that frequently and regularly until they are about at least 1 year old.

Because these dogs generally take around 1 year to be fully grown. But, the period before that is critical, and you should supervise him not to get any injuries or any other problem.

You know what, constantly climbing up and downstairs isn’t appropriate exercise for any kind of dog. By doing so, Dobermans can develop arthritis and other joint problems.

Supervise your Doberman puppy who is less than a year old to avoid the use of stairs for the prevention of situations like hip dysplasia, possible joint problems, or authorities.

When we think about a lot of dog breeds, not just Dobermans may naturally be tempted to stay top of the stairs in the first place. Because they don’t have a good idea of what to do and mixed with some kind of fear.

We know that Dobermans are intelligent, confident, and fearless. So, they would love to accept any kind of athletic challenge.

Why climbing stairs is good for your Doberman?

The Dobermans are known to be highly energetic dogs. So, they need strenuous exercises on a daily basis. So, walking up and downstairs is an appropriate exercise for your Doberman with high exercise requirements.

In fact, climbing stairs can strengthen up their legs and hinds while developing their confidence. One of the main benefits is the use of stairs can give dogs a proper awareness about heights.

So, here are some reasons why climbing stairs can help your Doberman.

  • It’s a perfect indoor exercise for your canine friend.
  • Since your Doberman thinks and focuses on where to position its feet when going downstairs, it also provides some kind of mental stimulation.
  • Navigating through stairs can improve their coordination and balance of the body.
  • Stair exercises can build the hind end muscles.
  • It can help to solve the problems with your Doberman’s gait.
  • It helps Dobermans get their energy out.

Having a nice stair in your house is extremely beneficial for your dog when it’s too cold or hot outside. Because your Doberman can run and play around with the help of stairs.

Dangers of Dobermans walking on stairs.

In general, Stairs are acceptable for most Dobermans. But, in any case where your dog has knee or hip problems, possibly you have to keep the dog away from the stairs.

As we discussed earlier, you shouldn’t let your dog use stairs often if the dog is old or younger than 12 months.

If you really wanna take the pup upstairs, just carry him up. If your Doberman is not old or less than 12 months, he gonna be just fine. You don’t wanna do anything about that.

But, make sure not to let him be obsessed with the stairs. In fact, by taking several necessary precautions, you can ensure the safety of your loving pooch.

Take a look at the following to make the stairs safe for them.

  • Add some grips to the surface of the stairs, so you can avoid the chances of falling. In this case, I recommend using carpeted stairs instead of hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors.
  • Installing a dog ramp.
  • The stairs should have good lighting. So, the dog can see where the next step should be.
  • Clean the stairs and make sure there are no other objects that could cause to accidentally trip over.

Besides the above methods, if you own a super young or old Doberman and always try to climb the stairs, perhaps the best solution is dog-proofing the stair. So, you can simply use a dog gate and block the access.

If your stairs are made up of hardwood, I recommend using a stair runner. It’s quite a bit longer rug that is designed to run down the whole stair.

If we speak quite frankly, it’s true that it’s challenging to carry a fully grown old Doberman all the way up to the upstairs. So, using a dog lift could exponentially help in such cases.

You know what, the best thing you can do to make the stairs a significantly safer place for your Doberman, give proper training to use stairs. We gonna discuss this before the end of this article.

Why some Dobermans afraid of stairs?

It’s a penny everyone knows that most dogs have stair phobia. So, usually, it can be due to several different reasons. The most important step before training your loving pooch is helping him to overcome the stair phobia.

So, here are the reasons.

  • They might get fear stairs as they are physically unable to.
  • Since they are unfamiliar with stairs.
  • Your Doberman might have incredible experiences with the stairs.

They might get fear stairs as they are physically unable to.

If your loving pooch exhibits some kind of a fear of stairs, check its paws if it is injured. In the case of arthritics, also they tend to show such behaviors. Because it could feel immense torture as going up and down through the stairs.

Just to check that your Doberman has such bad circumstances, put small pressure on its legs while walking and as the dog try to go down. Then focus on how the dog reacts. If he exhibits the signs of pain, perhaps your Doberman suffering from such a problem.

But, it’s better to check with your Vet.

Since they are unfamiliar with stairs.

Unfamiliarity with stairs also could give fear of stairs to your Doberman. This circumstance might occur when you move to a duplex house from a single-story house.

So, you gotta train the dog to get familiar with the stairs. The training part we gonna discuss under the next subtopic.

Your Doberman might have shocking experiences with the stairs.

If your Doberman has tripped and fallen off the stairs or even from a considerable tall height, it can be a reason for stair phobia.

But with proper training, good supervision, and positive reinforcement techniques, you can make them trust the stairs again without any fear whatsoever.

How to train your Doberman to climb stairs?

As we discussed so far, Dobermans are capable of climbing stairs without the help of owners. But, in some cases, like fear of stairs or lack of practice or even due to the first experience, they will be incapable of doing that.

So, providing proper training is sufficient. The best and most efficient method you can try is using treats. You can encourage him to climb one step at a time by simply putting treats on steps above the dog.

Your Doberman will find it difficult to climb a long stair all the way up to the top at once, even with treats. So, to get the maximum results, I recommend starting with several steps and take breaks.

Most importantly, praise the dog with nice words and voices and let him feel that he accomplished something. By doing so, you can make him feel that going up is rewardable and enjoyable.

But make sure to examine its behavior for the prevention of developing a fear of stairs. Check if the Doberman look at the down of the stair exhibits the following signs.

  • Heavy panting.
  • Lip licking.
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Flattened ears
  • Tail tucked between the hind leg
  • Try to avoid eye contact.
  • Raised hair.

If you figure out these signs of fear from your Doberman, you gotta distract him straight away. Praise him with words with a gentle voice. Giving treats are nice ways to do that.

Since most dogs would love to follow the owner’s lead, you can take that as an advantage, and going up and down by calling its name is a quick and nice way to train.

When your Doberman is slightly comfortable with stairs, let the dog stay ground floor, and you should stay upstairs. Then call his name by showing puppy treats and do it wise versa with the ground floor.

By doing so, your dog will come all the way up pretty much straightforwardly. But bear in mind that doesn’t forget to praise him each and every attempt.

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Things to be aware of.

Here are several essential things you need to bear in mind.

  • If the stair floors are hardwood, tile, or linoleum, try to add some grip, as we discussed above. If it takes several days to set up everything, make sure to keep the floor completely dry and clean.
  • If you are going to train a Doberman puppy, it’s always better to consult a vet in the first place to make sure there are no problems with the pup.
  • Don’t try to use the stairs as an exercising method if the outside is comfortable. Because it’s better to avoid the use of stairs as much as can.
  • Don’t use the leash and pull it upwards in case the dog refuses to climb. If you do so, you are only developing your Doberman’s stair phobia. And remember, it’s a useless method.


If you live in a double house or an apartment and love to own a Doberman, it’s quite possible to be a wonder if Dobermans can climb stairs. So, this article is a comprehensive guide dedicated to owners, and it’s addressing the matter possibly you have and other related problems. Hope this helps. Have a nice day!

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