Why Do Vizslas Whine? [5 Reasons + 3 Tips To Solve]

Why do Vizslas whine?

Many Vizsla lovers are curious to know why Vizslas whine. These dogs can be vocal, cry, or howl due to several reasons. But don’t worry, let’s dig deeper and identify those reasons and possible solutions.

So, why do Hungarian Vizslas whine?

Vizslas tend to whine or cry due to anxiety, fear, hunger, pain, excitement, boredom, lack of exercise, seeking attention, health problems, and more. Basic obedience training, extensive attention, suitable exercises, physical and mental stimulation can all be solutions.

The whining may vary depending on the individual Vizsla and their habits and behaviors can be the main reasons. Therefore, it’s imperative to identify whether their whining is typical or unusual. Then, you can take appropriate steps to solve the problem.

The main reasons why Vizslas whine

The vizslas whine (it can be crying or howling) due to several reasons, and If you don’t know how to stop it, it can be so annoying and frustrating. 

In particular, those causes may be natural or unusual. When it comes to normal reasons, you do need to worry too much, but there are several things you can do to avoid those behaviors.

But in abnormal cases, you need to take immediate action. Because it can be so harmful to your dog.

Let me tell you those reasons.

  1. A method of communication
  2. When they want something
  3. Due to separation anxiety. 
  4. Due to lack of exercises
  5. Due to health problems and pain

1) Vizslas whine or cry as A method of communication

When you need to cuddle your Vizsla or tell him something, you can use human words. But think for a second about how your dog communicates with you. Yeah, it’s a bit difficult for them because they have to use their facial expressions, paws, tail, in order to tell you something.

Sometimes, when he stays peaceful and alone if you suddenly ask “What’s up buddy?”. That might confuse him. So, as a result, your Vizsla can be somewhat vocal and end up whining or crying. To be honest, it is slightly similar to how Weimaraners howl.

So, What I wanna mention here is that Vizslas tend to whine or cry as they need to tell you something. This is a completely normal situation. so don’t punish or blame as they cry or whine. Instead, try to investigate what the matter is and take appropriate measures. 

look at this vizsla’s whine

Vizslas can try to communicate with you by whining and crying in these situations.

  • When they feel hungry.
  • When they need to pee
  • To get your attention
  • When they feel joy

Pay attention to him in these cases, and he would greatly appreciate it. When they need attention, he/she will paws at you and give some hugs and cuddle. 

Most likely, your dog will whine on rainy days and when they need to pee. Because they don’t want to get wet at night.

Read this to understand whether Vizslas are appropriate for apartment living.

2) When they want something

The clearest reason your Vizsla may be whining is that when he needs or want something from you. In most cases, it can be,

  • Food
  • water
  • Need to play
  • When the cat or your other dog is sleeping on his bed.
  • Want to take a walk
  • Maybe his favorite toy is stuck under furniture.

Sometimes Vizslas tend to whine just after being fed him and asking for more food from you. So, you need to understand the amount of food that must be provided to your dog. Take appropriate instructions from a veterinarian, or Pet nutrition specialist.

Even though this trait utterly normal situation, some of your activities could make this behavior even worse. The best example of this is most people used to feed their dog from the dining table. If you give food as they whine, they know exactly what they need to do when they need food.

So that’s your flout. If you did, get rid of that habit here onward. Moreover, if he shows signs that when they wanna go for a walk, take a small walk. Sometimes it can happen as they need to pee or poop.

But If he starts to whine right away as soon as you come to the home, it could be some bad health situation or underline health problems. So, consult a veterinarian and get advice.

3) Vizslas used to whine due to anxiety.

As I mentioned above, Vizslas require loads of attention from their owners If you don’t pay enough attention to him, it can cause him to prone to anxiety.

Not only vizslas but also most dogs suffering from anxiety. 

Mostly separation anxiety can occur when they are so close to their owners and the owners don’t pay enough attention. Due to that, vizslas can be clingy like some Weimaraners do

Furthermore, most owners are very busy and tend to left alone their vizslas for long hours. So they tend to whine or cry continuously. 

The next time you go to dinner or a late-night movie, stay outside for a while without leaving home. But do not let the dog know that you are staying. Then listen carefully. 

If your vizsla suffering from separation anxiety, you will hear some groaning inside the house. If it doesn’t stop for a long time, the situation is a bit more serious.

Here are some suggestions to avoid vizslas’ anxiety.

  • Leave the TV on when he is alone.
  • Turn on smooth, relaxing music when you are away
  • Get another dog
  • If your home somewhat dark, leave the light on

Turning on the TV or dog relaxing music can help to stay calm. In fact, for that reason, they may feel that someone is at home.

Getting another dog will help much to avoid their anxiety. They can take care of each other.

4) Due to lack of exercises

The vizslas are known as high energetic hunting dogs. If you keep a vizsla as a domestic pet, he needs daily strenuous exercises. Because they have a vast amount of energy inside their bodies. Thus they need a way to release their energy. 

vizslas whine

Many people are facing a hard time giving exercise for them. Because people are so busy or most of them are not active. 

If vizslas don’t get the exercise they need, they can feel anxiety, bored, and stress. Due to that, vizslas tend to whine unusually. 

Vizslas need at least two hours of intense exercise every day. As I mentioned above, these exercises are not only for their muscles but also helps to release their energy. 

So when they have the necessary exercise, naturally vizslas’ whine, howling and crying will be reduced.

Let me suggest a few exercises that are appropriate for vizslas.

  • Go for long walks
  • Jogging
  • Cycling.
  • Hiking
  • Take your vizsla into a safe ground and let them roam and run just the way they want it.
  • Take your vizsla to swim.

5) Due to health problems and pain

As I mentioned above, vizslas are a very active breed. So, there is potential for injury. In this situation, vizslas tend to whine and cry abnormally. 

So here is how you can find the injured place, 

  • See if your vizsla limping
  • By their licking
  • Whether he stays one paw raised.

Likewise, check out his whole body. If you cannot identify any physical injured, It looks like some kind of pain. So I recommend consulting a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Other reasons why vizslas whine or cry.

Besides the above, there are several other instances of Vizslas whine. So, let’s find out what they are.

Scared or Stress: Sometimes, Vizslas tend to whine, cry, or become vocal when they have a stressful mind. So, separation anxiety is some kind of stress.

Fear: In some cases, vizslas tend to whine as they feel some fear. Based on my experiences, my dog used to whine when we waiting in the examination room of the veterinarian.  

Frustration: Often, vizslas used to cry or whimper when they feel some disappointment. My dog often used to do this when his favorite toy went off under the couch and if he can’t get it out. 

Excitement: I have been told by many vizsla ​​owners that their dogs often cry when they get excited. As an example, these dogs whine and dance when their owners return home. 

How to avoid vizslas’ whine?

Well, now you have discovered many reasons for that trait. Some of them are normal and others are abnormal.

But most vizslas used to whine frequently. ( The obvious reasons may be one of the above) so the following things may help you to avoid that trait. 

  1. Give basic obedience training
  2. Give proper exercises
  3. Specific mental stimulation

But be mindful these three solutions are not mystic solutions. You need good patience and time.

1) Give basic obedience training.

So it is very effective if you give them basic obedience training since their puppyhood.

But if your vizsla a grown one, it can be somewhat hard to train. Because grown vizslas can be stubborn, and it’s tough to remove a habit that they used to for years. But it’s still possible with your patience and willpower. 

Vizslas are a brilliant breed, and they are easy to train. By giving proper basic obedience training, they can understand how to grab your attention without making any noise such as whining, crying, or whimpering. 

If you noticed that your vizsla understanding things, you could keep it continuously, and their ability to express something without doing annoying things will be sharpened. 

So it’s necessary to give rewards and proper attention to him in these cases. With time, vizslas won’t whine or cry in unnecessary situations. 

Remember: To be honest, It doesn’t matter how much you love him/her, don’t reward him on negative behaviors during basic obedience training. Because it can be somewhat confusing him, and he couldn’t figure out understand what to do and what not.

2) Give proper exercises

As I mentioned above, vizslas are hunting dogs with endless energy. So they require daily strenuous exercises. 

If they don’t receive exercise, they can be stressed, anxious, and bored. I hope you have some ideas about ​​this because we discussed it above.

3) Specific mental stimulation

We discussed their exercise requirements. But actually, they are physical exercise. They need mental exercises too. Then only they will be mentally stimulated.

If your vizsla has mentally stimulated, they are great at everything. Give proper attention and exercises and all other requirements. 

Because everything is affected by it.


Most people love vizslas. But all the vizsla lovers have a common problem. “why do vizslas whine?”. So this article is an in-depth guide that reviews this issue.

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