Why Are Big Dogs So Gentle? [3 Main Reasons]

One beautiful morning as I was walking along the path to have a sip of coffee from a renowned coffee shop near my sweet home, I noticed something really concerning to me. “Are big dogs gentler than the little ones, and if so, why are the big dogs gentler than the little ones?”

So are big dogs more gentle than little ones? Not all breeds are, but most large dogs are gentler than the small ones. Big dogs are comparatively more obedient, less aggressive, and less afraid. Some big gentle dogs are Labrador Retriever, Great Dane, and German Shepherd. Use positive reinforcement to make the dog gentle.

Moving ahead will get through stuff in regard to whether the big dogs are more gentle .what breeds are more gentle, and so on.

Are big dogs more gentle?

Probably yes, yet it can be dependent on various factors such as age, how he was brought up, the mental state of the dog, and so on. However, we can analyze the gentleness of our dogs according to the following factors.

1. Dog Obedience

The research found that big dogs have responded easily to commands such as “come, sit, lay, stay” much more easily than smaller ones.

2. Aggression and excitability

When it was time to see who would fight another dog in aggression and who would react to a doorbell ring, it was found that smaller dogs reacted much more excitedly and pretty aggressively than the large dogs.

3. Anxiety and fearfulness

At this point, the large dogs win for being less afraid and feeling less anxiety compared to the smaller dogs.

So along with this, we can see that big dogs are much gentler than small pooches.

Are all big dogs gentle?

Almost all dogs are gentle, but it can always depend on how aggressive theta are and how you train them not to be aggressive during their training period.

Further, some big dogs tend to be obsessed with small dogs. In such a case, they are not gentle at all!

What are the friendliest large dogs?

Most of us would be pretty deceived by the stature of the dogs if they are large breed dogs. Yet, I would tell you not to because some large dogs can be the friendliest and most great companions to you, your toddler, or your family.

They can almost be your guardian angel and will protect you with life by spreading their happiness throughout.

So let me tell you about 7 of the friendliest large dogs.

1. Labrador Retriever

Height22.5-24.5 inches21.5-23.5 inches
Weight65-80 pounds55-70 pounds
Life expectancy10-12 years10-12 years

I would call him the “love of America” since he has taken the hearts of many and is popular among many dog lovers around the globe. Labrador retrievers are indeed adorable, friendly, and outgoing fur creatures.

They will know how to make his whole family fall in love with him due to his gentle nature.

Moreover, his easy-going personality should not be confused with the skills he is an athlete and provides happiness to his home while being a great playmate for your toddler.

2. The Great Dane

Height30-32 inches28-30 inches
Weight140-174 pounds110-140 pounds
Life expectancy7-10 years7-10 years

The Great Dane, known as the “Apollo of dogs, ” has an elegant yet commanding presence with his personality. He is easygoing, and I would say he would give you a pretty joyful life.

However, these Great Danes are like our toddlers; they crave love and attention, and their mood might depend on the time and care they receive from you.

They might not be friendly as Labrador retrievers, but they easily make friends and will guard you throughout!

3. German Shepherd

Height24-26 inches22-24 inches
Weight65-90 pounds50-70 pounds
Life expectancy7-10 years7-10 years

I would say German Shepherds are one of my personal favorites. German shepherds are highly intelligent among dog breeds, not just their looks and intelligence.

He has many other optimistic facts, like his ability to be loyal, courageous, and confident. The fun fact is he is considered royalty because of his special character.

He is quite easy to be trained, and he would be that best friend of a human who would risk his life to save yours!

4. Bullmastiff

Height25-27 inches24-26 inches
Weight110-130 pounds100-120 pounds
Life expectancy7-9  years7-9  years

This fur creature, short with a pretty large body comparatively with a wrinkled face, is also considered one of the gentle big dog breeds.

They are outgoing with children and family members, yet he is the one to suspect each one who steps into his house.

Moreover, as he is an independent thinker, the dog parent might have a hard time training them, but no worries, hopefully, he would be a good student.

5. Old English Sheepdog

Height22 inches21 inches
Weight110-130 pounds60-100 pounds
Life expectancy10-12  years10-12  years

The Old English Sheepdog can be quite the funny guy out of the dog breeds, with his hair falling into his adorable eyes. As we can directly witness, these breeds are quite famous for their intelligence, courage, watchfulness, and adorable nature.

They will have a good time with your children and will add up joy to the whole family with his sweetness and the loud ringing kind of bark.

6. Saint Bernard

Height28-30 inches26-28 inches
Weight140-180 pounds120-140 pounds
Life expectancy8-10  years8-10  years

Moving on to a tiny piece of history about this pooch, he has been used to aid people who have been injured and has been a guard to many back in the day.

Now, this pooch has become family to most people, and they are indeed versatile and will be a good companion for your family.

7. Newfoundland

Height28 inches26 inches
Weight130-150 pounds100-120 pounds
Life expectancy9-10   years8-10  years

The Newfoundland is a dog who is good at work and not quite that lazy guy you might think by looking at him. However, if you want a babysitter around your house, he might also be a good nanny to your toddler. He would be a sweet companion.

How to make a big dog gentle

Making your big pooch gentle begins from the day when you adopt him as your family. If you are a new dog parent of a pooch or have not begun early training, this short guide is just for you.

1. Use the “vocal command” method

First, begin with about general five commands like,” come, sit, stay, down, heel” this will be the first step to training your blossom buddy to be a gently doggy.

Then when your blossom buddy reaches adulthood, he will be able to remember about 150 to 250 words. Yes, you can use this ability of your pooch to be gentler. Make sure your voice is kind and does not intimidate or frighten him.

2. Use of positive reinforcement

With the inclusion of your vocal commands, he tries out by giving something he would love each time he obeys you and be much gentler than before.

It can be getting his favorite toy or meal or even would be a part on his head and some praising. This way, he would train himself just as you want your doggy to be.

3. “The walks and friends”

A morning walk or an evening walk when the sun is about to set would be great for a walk with your blossom buddy. This will give him play time and exercise, and your pooch will get to socialize with new peers.

This will also aid in bringing up the gentleness of your pooch as you have always wanted to.

These are a few ways to make your pooch gentle.

Things to be aware of

One thing which is vital to consider is the way you treat your canine when you are training your “big pooch” to be gentle. Make sure that you do not punish and be harsh on your blossom buddy in any way.

Yes, he might be big in stature, like he is scared for nothing and hurt for nothing. Still, if you try to punish him while in his learning process, he might not quite get it and might even be traumatized throughout the rest of his life.


In conclusion, I hope you were able to enhance your knowledge of big dogs being gentle and how to make them more gentle and more.

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